35) Om Amritayai Namah । – Nectar ஓம் ஶாம்தாயை னமஃ 96) Om Mangala Devyai Namah । – Most Auspicious ஓம் ஹரிண்யை னமஃ 79) Om Vararohayai Namah । – Ready to Offer Boons ஓம் ஆஹ்லோதஜனன்யை னமஃ 63) Om Indushitalayai Namah । – Cool like the Moon 15) Om Sudhayai Namah । – Nectar ஓம் ப்ரஹ்ம விஷ்ணு ஶிவாத்மிகாயை னமஃ 69) Om Vimalayai Namah । – Pure ஓம் ரமாயை னமஃ ஓம் மஹாகாள்யை னமஃ 19. 108 Names of Hindu Goddess Maha Lakshmi with Sanskrit name, Meaning, and Mantra. ஓம் ஜயாயை னமஃ Padmanaabhapriyaayai – Beloved of Padmanabha, 49. ಓಂ ವಿಕೃತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ 73) Om Pritipushkarinyai Namah । – One with Pleasing Eyes 39) Om Karunayai Namah । – Compassionate ಓಂ ಹರಿಣ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ 78. 1. 6) Om Vibhutyai Namah । – Wealth 25) Om Vasudharinyai Namah । – Bearing the the Burden of Earth ಓಂ ಪ್ರಸಾದಾಭಿಮುಖ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ Chandravadana – Moon-Faced ಓಂ ಸುಪ್ರಸನ್ನಾಯೈ ನಮಃ ஓம் ஶுச்யை னமஃ 12) Om Shuchaye Namah । – Embodiment of Purity Find out the history of Indian painting Know more, Find the list of National Symbols of India Know more, Statistical information of India Know more, Tourism information and packages for your holiday Know more, Offers resourceful information for people new to America Know more, In this channel you will find immigration information in the USA Know more, Overseas travel insurance offered by Indian companies Know more, International travel insurance offered by American companies Know more, Indian fables, Jataka tales, Hitopadesha, Panchatantra Know more, It has resourceful information for people who are planning to return to India Know more. Vasudha – Earth 57) Om Chandravadanayai Namah । – Moon-Faced 75) Om Shuklamalyambarayai Namah । – Wearer of White Garland and Attire ಓಂ ವಿಭೂತ್ಯೈ ನಮಃ 5. ஓம் அம்றுதாயை னமஃ Shubhapradaayai – Granter of Auspicious Things, 89. Vishnu yantras. 8) Om Paramatmikayai Namah । – Omnipresence 83) Om Harinyai Namah । – Deer-Like ಓಂ ಪದ್ಮನಾಭಪ್ರಿಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ Padmaalayaayai – Residing On The Lotus, 13. Shraddha – Devoted 6. ஓம் தேவ்யை னமஃ Sudha – Nectar 15. 1997 © Copyright NRI Online Pvt. 68. 29) Om Kshirodhasambhavam Namah । Namaste stu mahamaye Why Cows Are Worshiped In Hindu Religion? 52. Shuchi – Embodiment of Purity ஓம் விஶ்வஜனன்யை னமஃ (70), ஓம் துஷ்ட்யை னமஃ 34) Om Ashokayai Namah । – Dispeller of Sorrows There are eight secondary manifestations of Goddess Maha Lakshmi and they are Adi Lakshmi, Dhanya Lakshmi, Dhairya Lakshmi, Gaja Lakshmi, Sanyana Lakshmi, Vijaya Laksmi, Vidya Lakshmi and Dhana Lakshmi. Chandra – Cool Like the moon ಓಂ ವಿದ್ಯಾಯೈ ನಮಃ 75. 77) Om Bhaskaryai Namah । – Radiant like the Sun Satya – All Truth 44) Om Padmasundaryai Namah । – Beautiful Like the Lotus 42) Om Padmahastayai Namah । – Having Lotus-Like Hands 44) Om Padmasundaryai Namah । – Beautiful Like the Lotus 84) Om Hemamalinyai Namah । – Having Golden Garlands ஓம் ப்ரீதிபுஷ்கரிண்யை னமஃ ஓம் ஸுரப்யை னமஃ 73. ஓம் புஷ்ட்யை னமஃ 104) Om Navadurgayai Namah । – All Nine Forms of Durga Indira – Radiant like the Sun ஓம் பாஸ்கர்யை னமஃ Read These Facts, Proofs & Reasons, Quick & Easy Tour To 20 Famous Hindu Temples In America With Us, Nataraja, The Lord Of The Dance, Is The Most Famous Avtar Of Lord Shiva, What are the Similarities and Differences between Sanatan Dharma and Hinduism, 40 The Most Popular Women of Nepal You’ll Ever Know, Happy Dashain Wishes For Boyfriend With Name in Nepali Greeting Card, Bhai Dooj Countdown 2020 Live Online | How Many Days Untill Bhai Dooj Festival, Happy Dashain Wishes For Girlfriend With Name in Nepali Greeting Card, Happy Diwali Countdown 2020 Live – How Many Days Untill Deepavali Festival. ஓம் தன்யாயை னமஃ Tushti – Possessor of All Wealth ஓம் வரலக்ஷ்ம்யை னமஃ (90), ஓம் வஸுப்ரதாயை னமஃ 49) Om Padmamaladharayai Namah । – Wearer of Lotus Garland

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