Spicyonion.com's 1900 English movie list includes complete details of 43 English movies in 1900 along with Cast, Crew details, Box Office Collection, Review, Gallery & Videos. Of course, compliments to the artistic sharpness of the film also extend to visual style, because as surely as Morricone was one heck of an Italian score composer for his time, Vittorio Storaro was one heck of an Italian cinematographer of this time, as he firmly reminds you in this film, not just with a stylishly airtight taste in shot staging and scope that is both grand enough to capture the scope of the sweeping subject matter's broader areas, and intimate enough to draw you into the more human depths of the film's visuals, but with a pronounced taste in color and haunting lighting that often leaves the film to almost resemble a painting. DeNiro, today the most famous of the actors who worked in this film, delivers one of his typically good performances, but he doesn't reinvent himself like in Taxi Driver or Raging Bull. The actors are also excellent here, especially the veterans Burt Lancaster (who plays Alfredo's grandfather, also named Alfredo) and Sterling Hayden, who plays Leo, the patriarch of the Dalco family. Two children are born, Alfredo and Olmo, the first the heir of the Berlinghieri estate and fortune, the second the bastard offspring of Alfredo's father and a peasant woman from the Dalco clan. , | Rating: 2.5/5 Copyright © Fandango. Don't have an account? 3/5 - Good. Megan Edwards The Communists are all depicted as earnest do-gooders, and the Fascists are depicted as those who rape and kill schoolboys and then arrest peasants for these crimes. Finally Alfredo simply doesn't care, pursuing self-gratification and allowing Attila to gain power and impose a reign of terror in his lands, with the help of Alfredo's cousin, Regina (Laura Betti). A dreadful little politically charged film without any factual evidence to back up the story, it is not only long but the acting and story were both ludicrous, definitely avoid if possible. Keeping itself occupied with plenty of intriguing and atmospherically flavored up material, this film is, like I said, generally pretty entertaining, which is good, considering the final product's overwhelming length, and yet, considering this length, the film, as you can imagine, perhaps has more opportunities for atmospheric meditativeness than it needs, so it's only a matter of time before all of the thoughtful steadiness in atmospheric pacing stops soaking up intrigue and starts to really limp out, blanding things up a bit, and occasionally even dulling things down. Don't get me wrong, I like and watch long movies, but the only downfall of this film was it's length. His son Giovanni brings technology and consequently unemployment to his lands as well as the violent Attila to keep the workers in order, and also ends many of the ancestral rights the workers had. Free movies. Alfredo Berlinghieri (Robert De Niro) and Olmo Dalcò (Gérard Depardieu) grow up as close companions despite their class differences. Novecento (1900) Ressortie 2019 Bande-annonce VO (2019) Robert De Niro, Gérard Depardieu Donald Sutherland has always had a gift for playing villains but he set a bar too high even for himself to surpass when he played Attila, the sadistic Black Shirt who crushes kittens to make philosophical points about communism, molests children and kills helpless old people. Still, what the final product ultimately is is worthy enough to bypass its shortcomings as thoroughly engaging, as well as artistically sharp. | Rating: A+ What can truly make or break this film is its storytelling, which must be inspired in order to do justice to subject matter this immense and layered, and is, even on paper, because no matter how bloated and heavy-handed Franco Arcalli's and Bernardo and Giuseppe Bertolucci's script is, it often compensates for questionable areas in characterization with unapologetically exhaustive expository depth that fleshes out memorable and compelling, if sometimes hard to buy characters, brought to life by strong performances. Fans of Sutherland who wish to see him at his darkest and most intimidating mustn't miss this film. Bernardo Bertolucci, as director, is, of course, startlingly ambitious, and such passion not only emphasizes the areas in which the film falls short, but inspires questionable storytelling moves that further hold the promising effort back, yet at the same time, the heart the Bertolucci backs his meditative storytelling with soaks up the value of this story every bit as much as it soaks up the flaws in storytelling, and let me tell you, there is much value to this imperfectly told story. Novecento is effectively about the organisation of the labour rights movement in Italy and its clashes with Fascism.

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