That 55 point no invuln save humie isn't the most resilient thing in the world, even in Terminator Armor he's still T3 with a 5++ at best. Assuming a standard three detachment limit, it is possible to field. - It's clear GW intend the inquisition as a soup faction in 8th, sustained only by the Index and now the November 2019 issue of White Dwarf. A unit of 8 With an Eviscerator Priest with plasma and 3 Power armor plasma acolytes can provide a very strong unit. Has a choice of warlord trait but is the weakest named inquisitor - take a basic inquisitor instead. 4-6 are different depending on which Ordo your Inquisitor is a part of. However, that misses the point of playing them- their role is to act as a secondary Allied detachment that can cover whatever bases that the main army (and their big allied detachment) can't cover for. Changes to force org rules now mean Inquisitors actually get this the easiest, since they can be shifted in for free. For me she’s only ever in melee if the wheels fall off of the bus or if an enemy character that triggers her abilities comes within striking distance for some reason. Another good use is in Guard armies, where it frees you up to use different orders for buffs. The wielder can summon automated Tarantula Turrets from the dropship in orbit and wreak terrible havoc upon the enemy. This powerful ability can be used for offensive and defensive purposes alike. Meltas and Plasma are a good option, as most armies lack ways of putting more then one in a squad without making the cost skyrocket. For your Inquisitorial Air Force, you can take a generic Inquisitor, or better yet Hector Rex (for that extra unit of henchmen). Very useful doctrine. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart! The Taurox Missile Launcher, firing 2d6 Frag or 2 Krak Missiles, is also viable, though it raises the cost significantly. The Inquisition has a long history of being a low tier, unloved (by GW) army of Warhammer 40K. Being able to shut down some of the movement of key enemy units in the psychic phase can be incredibly powerful. Does obscene damage, especially with the Demolition Armour. Movement is a key part of 40k, especially when the mission is based on objectives or maelstrom points. Subscribe to the Frontline Gaming email list! For nearly a decade, Inquisition players had to rely on outdated Witch/Daemonhunter Codices; then Grey Knights released, then many small codices published for Inquisitors, and GW began to separate them from Sisters of Battle and Grey Knights. A solo NOFOS inquisitor in an imperium army (So actually playable awesome + fluffy one inquisitor in a requisitioned army) Also due to GW wording correctly for a change doesn't block SM doctrines, Admech canticles, or Adepta Sororitas Sacred Rites. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed4c69f5880cec8 Her psychic power can also be pretty potent if you can cast it, and could be potentially game winning in the right circumstances. In addition, all of their Badab War Characters count as their respective type for formations. With high crit, this skill acts as a mini-Eradicative Protocols. Step Two: Grab an Inquisitor model and some Tempestus Scions. This option also means taking a lot of small characters so if your playing with kill points or kill more this is a weaker option but if your not this option got a lot more effective now all your models are likely characters. The Inquisition still have access to the Telethesia discipline. Inquisitor Greyfax is a decent character that provides some nice anti-psyker abilities in an army and has a potentially great psychic power that can shut down the mobility of the enemy army. As most Imperial Knights in the game now are Characters, this power’s found new life. Roll this against something that has a fuckton of attacks and high WS (Ork Boyz, Daemonettes, Wulfen, Genestealers), and watch the opponent rage harder than the Angry Marines. +5% Damage Bonus for each debuff effects on the target. They're your Inquisitor's band of ragtag misfits; think of them as the Inglourious Basterds IN SPACE! Not to mention, if your enemy wants to lessen the likelihood of their non-vehicles shooting each other, they'll need to spread them out, hopefully out of weapons range. For this detachment, you need at least two of the armies listed. Multiple armies. You think getting that Zealot is cheap? Currently you can take an Imperial Guard detachment alongside Space Marines easier and with no negatives but get penalized for a single assassin. In all, I have found her to be invaluable in my Guard army and I am sure you could make great use of her in other Imperial Armies too, particularly those that are looking for some solid answers to enemy psykers and/or need some morale support. Because you want an army that nobody expects, with surprise and fear as your chief weapons, good ol' signature ranged weapon of Grey Knights, There's nothing in the codex that says you can't, Imagine going up against 3 S6 AP2 attacks from a FNP Eternal Warrior inquisitor that can instant death in a duel, you can't really blame the Tau player for enjoying, due to GW giving him melee weapons that hit with their stats, rather than ranged weapons that hit in melee,,000/Tactics/Inquisition(7E)&oldid=437658. 2 - All your attacks auto-hit. Not a good trade. Restrictions. Lok - a slightly better armor save for no psychic powers or relic? NOFOS His problem is, like many 1 shot weapons, every miss is felt. Thunder Hammer (probably the most powerful melee Sader weapon), more crit = higher chance of dealing 400% damage, Champion and Elite enemies have a +15% chance to drop a Supply Charge, missile launcher is by far one of the best weapons in the game, it also benefits from the 3-shot doctrine, synergizes brilliantly with the 3-shot doctrine and Demolition Armour. This rare Power Armour variant was tailored specifically to the need of Inquisitorial retinues in need of fire support in desolate, isolated environments. Because you want an army that nobody expects, with surprise and fear as your chief weapons. Naturally, this means that you'll have to get creative with your wargear to make the most of your army. However, I don’t think she is as good as a generic Inquisitor with Servo Skulls, and at 150 points, she is pretty pricey for what she brings to the table. The units listed here fill Imperial "factions" which don't have full blown army lists of their own but offer relatively cheap ways to fill in some of the holes in your other lists while remaining Battle-Forged. Normally, you wouldn't do this derptarded tactic because you'd be: Just by sticking our grenade happy Xenos Inquisitor in there, suddenly you're: Suddenly you've got a much greater chance of surviving. If Elucia Vhane is your army's Warlord, you gain access to the Explorator Fleetmaster Warlord Trait. Greyfax - Hector Rex is a better denier if you're prepared to pay a premium. By Turns 2-3 I had plowed through most infantry and the Knights had to reposition to do anything so the defense was limited. Once you get a good idea of what you're going to ally into, you can start off. 5 wounds is a solid amount and a 3+ in cover goes to a 2+ which means you have reasonable defense against Oathbreaker Missiles, the Vindicare, etc. It also means you can attain board control by forcing your opponent to stay away or risk losing a key model or power, allowing you to play very aggressively which some armies may struggle with otherwise. Now, 8th edition has happened. This is a suite of powers known only to the Inquisition that allows them to manipulate and dominate their enemies. wounding on 6's (true you'd be re-rolling, but no thanks). This dataslate allows for any Imperial Army to utilize Assassins as a separate FOC. Though looks like a few folks have been doing ok with similar builds based on BCP/BoK, despite it being a skew list. Also note that while the recent changes to arriving from reserves prevent you from making full use of Polymorphine on the first turn, her Reign of Confusion ability works just fine because the rules don't say the model has to be on the table for it to work. Sadly, since it's a 4-psalm-code doctrine, it reduces the efficiency of some builds. The thing is, Inquisition can roll on Pyromancy, Telekinesis, oh, yeah, and Divination- and that's on top Daemonology (Sanctic). Tabletop Gaming News, Tactics and Discounted Supplies. Be careful, because a Priest will nullify it with Hatred. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. I recently brought Inquisitor Greyfax in my Major event winning Tallarn army. Stunned enemies explode on Kill, dealing area damage equivalent to % of the killing blow's damage. Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Critical Hits dealing Physical Damage adds a Physical Vulnerability stack to the target. When using Dominate, remember that having any other models from the army within 1″ (other than members of their own unit) will prevent it from being able to shoot, though of course in those cases it can make a single attack. More time for beers. I am leaning Greyfax now just because that is one model to build and in 4 weeks paint rather than 4 lol. All DH in the same unit get the result applied to them: 1 - Reknit Host Form: Feel No Pain. For weaponry on these guys, I'd recommend grabbing the Special Weapon guys. As a result of the unique FOC and Inquisitorial Detachment rules, this section will focus more on how you can be a more effective ally to a main detachment than how well the other factions can act as your allies. Run her as a full Vanguard with 3 or more acolytes. 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