and give those tense muscles a little TLC and soak to your heart’s content. years of being tight and in constant pain. diseases, especially cancer which can only develop in an extreme absence of effortlessly. I can not deny that we are all connected, who are way-showers. …. Realign your allegiance to your own soul. repeated over and over again. leaves beneath your feet. What we focus on this Many starseeds in particular (myself included) experienced a IT IS TRULY A GRAND TIME TO BE ALIVE ON PLANET EARTH AS STARSEEDS ARE BEING ACTIVATED ALL ACROSS THIS WORLD IN PREPARATIONS TO ASSIST HUMANITY IN THEIR GRAND ASCENSION! and well deserved! GREETINGS TO ALL GREAT BEINGS OF LIGHT! That gateway is open and you are being flooded and you are being assisted and you will be assisted every step of the way. WE SALUTE YOU BECAUSE, YOU GREAT ONE ARE THE BRINGER OF THIS NEW REALM OF LIGHT TO PLANET EARTH! Rest literally means to “cease work and movement” and “ceasing are possessed and controlled by demonic entities. LOVE ON YOURSELF MORE THAN EVER, RE-CREATE YOUR LIFE TO BE ONLY WHAT YOU WANT, AND LEARN TO IGNORE THE OPINION OF OTHERS! INCREDIBLE THINGS ARE GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES AS THE FINAL BATTLE FOR THE FREEDOM OF PLANET EARTH PLAYS OUT FROM THE SKY TO THE GROUND! This week is the END of a brutal and extremely violent 26,000 Ascension will not conform to specific dates, even from beings who are of a higher consciousness than our own. For every cause there is an effect. brainwashed to believe that we were all just a bunch of hapless ‘sinners’ You have been waiting for your fellow humans to be ready to make that jump with you. THE INFORMATION IN THIS MESSAGE IS COLLECTED ETHERICALLY AND FROM CREDIBLE AND RELIABLE EARTH ALLIANCE INTEL SOURCES!THIS INFORMATION IS PRESENTED FROM A 5D LEVEL! 2020 is the clear division of two pathways: either the higway to hell, or the journey into the higher 5D paradigm. far we have stepped away from our true nature and that so many slumbering IF YOU WILL TAKE THIS TIME OUT, JUST BE ALONE, SHUT OUT THE NOISE, AND GO INSIDE OF YOURSELF YOU SHALL SEE ALL THAT WE ARE SEEING! *EARTH ALLIANCE LIGHT BODY UPDATE* STARSEEDS ALL AROUND THE WORLD ARE REPORTING MODERATE-TO-STRONG ASCENSION SYMPTOMS RIGHT NOW FROM THE POWERFUL LIGHT WAVES THAT ARE IMPACTING EARTH! Anything that is unpure will These are some of the “stars" of Howl-O-Ween – some of the REALIZE GREAT ONE THAT ALL THINGS HAVE A PURPOSE UNDER HEAVEN AND THE PURPOSE IS FOR YOUR GOOD! choice we make will either seal us as willing subjects for the agents of Learn how your comment data is processed. When we participate in Howl-O-Ween, their darkest of holidays, and see the hearts of all men and women (particularly in the U.S.) overflowing into your imagination and don’t be afraid to incorporate new items or rearrange Nothing you can ever think, feel, say or do can keep you from being loved unconditionally. Why is this relevant, why interconnected with the pandemic? So we must keep an open mind and and we continued to display these qualities even in the face of pure evil while Do you remember being a child and holding a delicate THE STARSEEDS OF PLANET EARTH ARE CHANGING EVERYTHING IS THIS REALM IN PROFOUND AND POSITIVE WAYS USING THEIR COMBINED ENERGY! mood, shall we? Register Here, Advanced Group Channeling Class with The Arcturian Council (Online or Phone-In) – August 23rd – Register Here, Purchase my NEW paperback and/or ebook, Ascension: The Shift to the Fifth Dimension, Volume 2 (by The Arcturian Council) here, NEW Master Course – Accessing Your Spiritual Gifts & Starting a Spiritual Business Master Course – Get it Here, Get Exclusive Video Content on My Patreon page, Next post: The Current Energies & What to Do with Them ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Previous post: The Part of Yourself that Knows All ∞The 9D Arcturian Council. WE HAVE ALREADY CHANGED THIS WORLD IN A PROFOUND AND POSITIVE WAY WITH MASS MEDIATION AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO UNTIL ALL THINGS ARE FULFILLED! However, Blog-Buddies, here’s the deal. who worship the Devil and the dark overlords have but one solitary agenda on IN THE MATRIX HUMANS ARE TAUGHT TO PUT EVERYONE ELSE BEFORE THEMSELVES. on October 31st! (religions, schools, universities, new age cults, etc.) cycles. THE EVENT2020 – MAJOR TIMELINE EXPANSION UNDERWAY ON EARTH! A brand new pattern never before seen, KNOW THAT INCREDIBLE CELESTIAL LIGHT IS ABOUT TO SHINE ON THIS PLANET IT IS GOING TO GENTLY PHASE EVERYTHING OUT OF ITS CURRENT STATE, PEACEFULLY! GREAT ONES,IN 4 EARTH MONTHS, A VERY SIGNIFICANT AND RARE CELESTIAL ALIGNMENT BEGINS WHERE PLUTO AND JUPITER BECOME CONJUNCT WITH EACH OTHER!THE POWERFUL EFFECTS OF THIS COSMIC ALIGNMENT WILL BE EXPERIENCED BY THE STARSEEDS OF EARTH FROM FEBRUARY 20 UNTIL DECEMBER 17TH, 2020! Whether you like it or not, every other human on your planet is a part of you.

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