examples across the text is to make it clearer to students how scientific includes at least one example of scientific reasoning. thinking is a field in its own right, much better tuned to the variety and texture of actual argumentation and focused not merely or mainly on pitfalls to be avoided Exercise Set 9.2: Signposting your own arguments Exercise Set 12.2: Mapping complex arguments Part 2 For many by Hackett Publishing Company, Inc. Exercise Set 7.6: Developing your own arguments Model responses for Exercise Set 9.4 Start by marking “A Workbook for Arguments, Second Edition: A Complete Course in Critical Thinking” as Want to Read: Error rating book. Contents Model responses for Exercise Set 12.1 Developing your own arguments using argument maps Rule 5: Build on substance, not overtone Model Responses for Appendix I: Some Common Fallacies Model responses for Exercise Set 5.3 and exercises: Deborah Wilkes, publisher of Hackett Publishing Company, has guided this appealing both to writers who want a brief argument handbook {xv} on their Compiling your research into an extended outline Here you can make the rules your own by using Analyzing unadapted arguments Many people think that arguing is simply stating their prejudices in a new form. Chapter I: Short Arguments: Some General Rules Exercise Set 6.2: Identifying deductive arguments in more complex Exercise Set 3.4: Constructing arguments by analogy Exercise Set 4.4: Using sources in arguments Model responses for Exercise Set 1.6 alternative as well—you hold it in your hands. Exercise Set 7.3: Sketching arguments for and against positions Every month our team sorts... To see what your friends thought of this book, A Workbook for Arguments, Second Edition: A Complete Course in Critical Thinking. In-class debates Model responses for Exercise Set 10.1 It has been used in classes across the curriculum, from high Logic. — ISBN 978-1-62466-428-1 (cloth) 1. Rule 2: Develop your ideas in a natural order To that end, Please send feedback to us in care of the publisher. Rule 6: Use consistent terms Rule 1: Identify premises and conclusion textbook as Part I. Pullman, Georgia State University; Ryan Scherbart, Cabrillo College; Michael Exercise Set 11.2: Starting from clear cases Weston, Model responses for Exercise Set 11.2 Exercise Set 1.6: Diagnosing loaded language Activities for Chapter VIII A Workbook for Arguments, Second Edition: A Complete Course in Critical Thinking, Hackett Publishing Company, Incorporated, 2015. David R. Morrow Practical advice to help students succeed when applying the … Rule 4: Be concrete and concise Model responses for Exercise Set 1.3 Chapter II: Generalizations The Rulebook is authored by Anthony Weston, and appears here, though are laid out, but then systematically elaborated and practiced, first in sets of David R. Morrow is Visiting Fellow at the Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy at George Mason University. Exercise Set 3.2: Identifying important differences Alpha.3. sets. Chapter VII: Extended Arguments Exercise Set 5.4: Constructing arguments about causes Chapter VI: Deductive Arguments Peer-review workshop Writing opening lines Model Responses for Appendix II: Definitions Model responses for Exercise Set 11.1 Includes index. Refresh and try again. Model responses for Exercise Set 8.1 very well. Exercise Set 10.4: Reinterpreting and revising fallacious arguments (part 2) Exercise Set 5.2: Identifying the most likely explanation Updated and improved homework exercises ensure that the examples continue to resonate with … Part II of the Workbook provides model responses (sometimes several different Rule 39. Model responses for Exercise Set 6.3 Exercise Set 7.8: Working out objections to your own arguments Look for these activities in Part III. Conan Griffin, Florida Gulf Coast University; Julianna Griffin, Florida Gulf Activities for Chapter VII came out, we had no idea how much interest there would be in such a book, a the strengths and weaknesses of selected model responses as well as further Chapter VIII: Argumentative Essays Activities for Chapter IV We’d love your help. reasoning dovetails with critical thinking more generally. Be the first to ask a question about A Workbook for Arguments, Second Edition. Preface to the Second Edition Rule 18: Causal arguments start with correlations Key themes are more thoroughly explained and reviewed

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