Aaron, Alvin and Jimmy faced a Basic Skills Test in a two-round Elimination Challenge. Michel Roux mentored the Red Team, Tony Bilson mentored the Blue Team. Each contestant explained the concept of their cookbook to the judges. In a meaty Mystery Box challenge, it was Claire who managed to impress the most and was given a significant advantage in the Invention Test, which would be contested in pairs. Shaun Presland shows how simple Japanese is. MasterChef - S2 Ep. Unlike other Celebrity Chef Challenges, Orr was cooking against all of the remaining 10, with the amateur winner (should there have been one) to receive immunity. Pasta theme. The 10 worst performers were sent into a pavlova pressure test led by Donna Hay. The Invention Test was based around the 'seven deadly sins', with each contestant creating a dish based on one of the sins. Jonathan was chosen by Callum to share the reward. Devon, Kate, Courtney, Daniel, Philip, Jimmy, Jake, Peter, Skye, Sharnee and Matthew competed in four rounds testing basic skills. Gary cooked braised BBQ'd ribs with homemade sauce and George offered up a Waldorf salad. The second round saw contestants making the perfect potato mash. The Mystery Box challenge saw the contestants making the 'perfect burger', with only five selected to taste by the judges. The two teams were tasked with preparing a 3 course meal for a normal family and judges Matt Preston and Curtis Stone, on a tight budget and time limit. Contestants struggled to produce stand-out dishes from a simple Mystery Box, with the two women left in the competition emerging as the strongest performers. The seven plus Matt Preston were unanimous in their decision. Back in Australia, George cooks up a seafood dish of Char Sui salmon with stir-fried winter melon and wood ear mushrooms, while Gary cooks a rhubarb and blackberry crumble souffle. The 3 up for elimination have to taste a Thai green curry, naming ingredients that are contained within. Alvin, Daniel and Fiona faced off in the Pressure Test; to recreate a Pork Schnitzel with chips and coleslaw with no recipe to follow. The top 50 began with a barbecue challenge, with the freedom to cook whatever they wanted. Half of Aaron's macaroons were 'like cake batter' while half of Marion's were 'hard as a rock'. The 5 contestants who produced the worst pavlovas were eliminated from the competition. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. Teams were tasked with creating a dining experience using principles of molecular gastronomy. The first round saw contestants identifying different types of fish, with the two lowest scoring contestants moving into the second round. Teams came up with a few similar dishes and were forced to negotiate compromise in their menus. your comment and it will be In the third round, the remaining nine contestants had to make 10 French-style pancakes as quickly as possible. Joanne was able to put off a shaky start and finish strongly, leaving the judges to pick the least impressive of the two men. The first challenge was to make a traditional Genovese Pesto completely by hand in ten minutes, from which, only Marion's was of an acceptable quality, with Sharnee, Courtney and Daniel as the worst of the rest. In the end, each dish had its problems: Peter's sauce was too floury, Carrie's sauce was too thin, her sausage grainy and she failed to plate up the spinach, and Jimmy's spinach was gritty and his duck breast overcooked. You can paste URL of the image inside Peter took out the challenge and was given a significant advantage in the Invention Test, which for the first time would see the contestants competing in trios. With a Japanese theme, Adam was favourite to win the challenge but it was Callum who triumphed. The Top 24 arrived at the MasterChef house and then headed to the MasterChef kitchen. The winner's prize is choosing the ingredients for tomorrow's mystery box challenge. Teams were tasked with creating a 3 course menu suitable for Qantas business class passengers. Despite a strong start, Kate failed to read her recipe thoroughly, she wrapped up her chicken too much that it didn't cook properly and she ended up serving the judges raw chicken although her vegetables were perfectly cooked. Matt shows them how to make seafood canapandeacute;s. The other contestants learn how to cook a dish of baby vegetables and techniques for grilling meat by George and Gary. 'Modern Australia' theme. Later, the remaining seven contestants, without Joanne, visit Donna Hay for some styling tips. MasterChef Australia Season 2 Episode Summaries, Episode Guide and TV Show Schedule. Fiona was the victor and picked tropical fruit as the Invention Test's core ingredient. The contestants struggled with this challenge, to the point where the judges granted them extra time to finish so as to not lose face. The winners, Claire and Jimmy, were the first pair to advance to the Top 24. The judges share their own food memories in this week's MasterClass. View the full list of currently airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the full list of cancelled or no longer airing shows that you have selected or partially watched, View the list of your selected shows having episodes that you have not yet watched, View the shows you've hidden from being counted in your profile, Is your favourite show not on the Calendar? Maggie Beer was a guest judge. See which shows are starting and returning this November, See which shows are starting and returning this month, View the full list of networks shows status as they stand at present. Devon, Courtney, Philip, Jimmy, Jake and Peter competed in the final round for one of 3 spots back in the competition. Some parents of prospective participants have been critical of the far-reaching contract required by the program's production company.[3]. Carrie, Kate and Fiona faced off in the Pressure Test after cooking the three least impressive dishes in the Invention Test. While each contestant cooked the correct meat, Daniel and Fiona were under the impression that they were cooking veal. The winner of Masterchef Australia 2009, Julie Goodwin, returned as a guest judge for the Mystery Box Challenge, the ingredients of which were also chosen by her. The second series of Junior MasterChef Australia, the second spin off of the Australian reality television series MasterChef Australia, premiered on Sunday, 25 September 2011. Callum, Matthew and Sharnee faced off in the Pressure Test, where they had to recreate a Beef Stroganoff with Parsley Fettuccine without a recipe to follow. After settling in at the Langham Hotel, the contestants first challenge for the week was to invent a pastry, drawing inspiration from one of the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. The first round involves basic skills tests. After planning overnight and shopping with a 0 budget, each contestant had two hours to cook their signature dishes on five plates for Matt Preston and four other guests: Alla Wolf-Tasker, Mark Best, Kylie Kwong and Jacques Reymond. Japanese theme. In a further twist, they would be cooking to impress six staunch meat-eaters, and the two judges, with their vegetarian meals. In the first ever Super Challenge, contestants raced from London to Paris, France with the task to create a two-course meal based around the French favourite, the truffle. Jonathan's dish was the most impressive while Callum, Matthew and Sharnee were chosen as the Bottom 3 contestants. The 10 contestants who performed worst in Tuesday's signature dish challenge were split into 5 groups of 2 and given 7 hours to drive out to local farms, collect fresh produce, and return to the MasterChef kitchen to prepare a main and a dessert. Teams struggled with the language barrier, navigating a foreign city and finding necessary ingredients. 308 have watched this episode. There was no Mystery Box challenge this week, instead the contestants faced a pizza making challenge. The contestants cook a Neil Perry fish dish in a pressure test and Neil also judges the dishes.

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