Added Subgroup (SGR) and System (SYS) fields to the Dashboard Item Options (DIO) table. This table will store Testing Administrations and a date-range for when each Testing Administration is active. Permission should be set similarly to other IMM-related tables, though Medical Notes can be used for more confidential information. Check Mark grades in previous terms and when viewed by parents now display as a check mark instead of an "X". Increased User Type field size from 10 to 255. New Records Transfer Course History (Transcripts) table for use with Aeries Records Transfer. in the sort order of valid marks. This feature is only available after the "ABI Advanced Reports" system has been installed and configured. Sorry we couldn't be helpful. Added Licensure Exam Status (LE) to the Secondary Student Data (SSD) table. Increased field from 4 characters to 255. Added Section (SE) field to the Secondary Standards Based Grades (GRS) table. When editing the comments on Standards Based Grade Reporting, there is now a Character Count displayed so teachers know how much they have entered. To enter scores by student, select Scores by Student from any of the dashboard views. Added Facility Name (FNM), Placement Start Date (SD), Confidential Placement (CP), Address (AD), and City (CY) to the Foster Student Placements (FSP) table. Attendance History has been updated to match new logic in Aeries Client and Added new fields for the 2010-11 CELDT layout. New Records Transfer Outbound Requests table (RTO) for use with Aeries Records Transfer. Added a set of "First submission" Date/Times for each period (F0-F9) and all-day (FL) to indicate when attendance was first taken. Added new CSE.TR8 value for use with Special Education Data. Increased Language Fluency from 1 character to 4 characters. Contains CBEDS required information about the current assignments of staff members  – Can be DISTRICT MANAGED, Raw test scores imported from the STAR CD, Contains CBEDS required information about the current credentials of staff members  – Can be DISTRICT MANAGED, Stores imported credential data from standard CTC file layout distributed to counties and districts, Contains CBEDS required demographic information about current staff members, Contains seating chart information – used by Attendance by Photograph in the Teacher Portal, Stores the Highly Qualified Status for particular NCLB Core Areas for each staff member. Added County (CT), Residence County (RCT), Country (CN) and Residence Country (RCN) fields to the Student Demographics (STU) table for use in TX. Increased Other District Enrollment District and School Name fields to 255 characters. The following is an example of a report card that has the Comments printed in the students Correspondence Language (STU.CL) for Spanish. Added Test Fee Reimbursement (TFR) field to the Secondary Student Data (SSD) table. Added 4 new fields to the Digital Store Item (DIT) table: School Code (SCL), Section Number (SE), Category (CAT), and Sub Category (SUB). The Grade Report Mark Headings (GRP) table has three new sets for fields for each of the 12 marks: Term Start Date, Term End Date and Term State Codes. Testing Control Table (CTL) table has been updated with additional records for TELPAS Alternate (TELPASA). This feature is only available for AeriesCS (SQL) districts and involves an extensive setup and configuration process. Teachers with more than 200 gradebook assignments due on the same day would cause the event calendar to give an error, fixed. Tests that were previously passed are now highlighted on this screen and there is an option to hide those tests. Added Principal Signature (PSF) and District Logo (DLF) fields to the Schools (LOC) table. Stores Attendance data relating to a student’s Letter. Added a Sort field to the Financial Transaction Details table (FTD.SRT). Added Teacher Position fields (TP1, TP2, TP3) to the Scheduling tables (MST, SMS, and SMB) for use in Texas. Added Staff ID (SID) to the Gradebook Backups (GBB) table. Added 49 fields for use with CAASPP 2015. The Standards Based Valid Marks "Mark" field (SBV.MK) has been increased to match the Mark fields in the Standards Based Grades table. Aeries Web Only. Additional High School Statuses of "Passed (Override)", "Waiver", "Pending Approval", and "Requirement Met" are now highlighted. Stores data regarding student records which were requested from another school district. Increased field size of Test Score Field (TSF) in the District Analysis Indicators (DAI) table allowing a new indicator type of Retention Count. Added Permanent Lock to the SEC, SSS and SSB tables. Added OnRamps Dual Enrollment indicator (CRS.OD), and increased the size of the existing Course Sequence (CRS.CSQ) field, for use in Texas. When printing missing assignments, students without any missing assignments will now display "Student Has No Missing Assignments.". •   Gradebook Options - The Hide Overall Score and Show •   Summer School Course Requests - Summer School Course Requests is a new (CON.ERH) field has been added. Every page in ABI has been evaluated for SQL-injection vulnerabilities and all known issues have been corrected. manually processed. In schools using a master schedule, the enrollment and absence totals will now only include the date range the student was in the current class. This is a new ABI Advanced Report available in ABI to teachers that will list Students without a Student or Parent Email Address in the system. Added field to the Scheduling Backups table for Table (SBU.TBL). information. Enter the score received and press Enter. Contains info about ESL students as well a stores info about initial tests taken by the student – Can be DISTRICT MANAGED. Added new Dual Language History (DLH) table for use in Language Assessment. Added a Source field to Transcripts (HIS.SRC) for future use in Aeries Web. Information about the current class schedule was being displayed in the email list even when "Schedules" was turned OFF for that group, fixed. Also re-created PrimaryKey index to include SCL field. The ability to sort on Comment has been disabled because this field was changed to be a Memo/Text field and sorting on this type of field is not possible. Added Bilingual Program Type (BP) and ESL Program Type (EP) fields to the Attendance Reporting Summary (ARS) table for use in Texas. using multiple words separated by a space would fail when requesting records, When choosing to include Parents of Students, student email addresses where being included if those students had ABI login accounts, fixed. If the period has been manually changed on the Attendance or Attendance by Photo Pages, switching to the Seating Chart page now displays the same period that the Attendance page was displaying. This must first be configured for parents and then it can be enabled for teachers. When a "P-Admin" account had a password of "welcome" or "changme", the system generated an error trying to force that user to change their password, fixed. Contains the contents of all letter texts available through Aeries, Stores Multi Data Profiles Fields to be included, Stores Multi Data Profiles basic information, Contains records of daily visits to the medical office, Contains history of details for Medical Insurance, Logs the dates and times medications are administered to a student, Contains history of details of Medications, Contains confidential medical data regarding a student that is usually entered by nurses. In SQL, the following statement can be used: SELECT Count(*), AID FROM PWS GROUP BY AID ORDER BY Count(*) DESC. The process of loading grades into Standards Based Grades from the Gradebook will now allow the load process to continue even if the "Current Grade Reporting Mark" in Aeries doesn't match the marking period that is currently editable in ABI.

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