In short, neither round develops more muzzle energy than does a .32 auto pistol! However, it was a .44 Special. With a barrel length of 2.5", the .44 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. It has a full under lugged barrel with both 4″ and 5″ versions available complete with an adjustable rear sight and a ramp front sight. Many European Bulldogs were chambered for .44 Short, .442 Webley, .455 Webley and .450 Adams, but there are several smaller variations of Webleys chambered in .320 and .380 calibers, though they were produced much later and were never labeled as Bulldogs. While many of us attach a spiritual quality to the .44 Special, the principal reason is they’re lighter (usually by about a half-pound) so they’re easier to carry. Also, the Bull Dog was very easy to carry. Multiple British Bulldog models are housed in the NRA’s National Firearms Museum alongside Colts, Smith & Wessons and Velo Dog revolvers. This is an all stainless steel five-gun with a round butt, smooth trigger and S&W adjustable sights with a red ramp front sight. The falling hammer strikes the transfer bar, which in turn strikes the firing pin, discharging the weapon. What do the numbers mean? Lipsey’s took a good look at the GP 100 and special ordered a 5″ blued version chambered in a five-shot .44 Special. The .44 Special sixguns are basically the same size and fit the same holsters as a .44 Magnum. Other ammo types are weaker or provide too much recoil. While the patina on them shows the beauty of age, many survive in surprisingly nice condition today. Like most Charter Arms weapons, the Bulldog is a relatively inexpensive yet serviceable, no-frills,[5] snubnosed revolver. The well-kept secrets of these dogs are finally off the leash, as the previously un-collected British Bulldogs are beginning an upward trend on the firearms market. Charter Arms still offered the .44 Bulldog while Taurus produced a five-shot .44 Special, the Model 431. Many believed it could stop man or beast out to 200 yards. This excellent design has been around for over 30 years and has proven itself to be reliable and exceptionally rugged. SWC over 7.5 grains of Unique. Well let’s compare these figures to some other well known self defense cartridges. I load those Bulldogs with 200-gr. Since then we’ve been able to find Ruger .44 Specials in both blued and stainless versions and Flat-Top Blackhawk and Bisley Models. Its appeal was so great that the “British” Bulldog was adopted and copied by gun manufacturers in Belgium, Spain, France and the U.S. In 1836 his Colt Paterson became the first truly workable revolver. Whether you're a new or seasoned shooter, everyone needs more training, but getting out to the range can be a hassle if you don't have the right gear. Ref 9960. Though American-made Bulldogs came from the armorers Iver Johnson, Harrington & Richardson, Forehand & Wadsworth, and several other makers who quickly went in and out of business, the Webley versions are rightly considered the real McCoy. However, there are many fine examples with sweet ivory grips and delicate engraving. The .44 Bulldog moves a 168 grain bullet at 390 feet per second from my little revolver. The .44 Bull Dog was an American centerfire revolver cartridge produced from the 1880s until the 1930s.[1]. The Bulldog revolver has connections both famous and infamous in American history, as detailed George Layman’s book “The British Bulldog Revolver: The Forgotten Gun that Really Won the West!”. This safe, reliable revolver is powerful enough for serious home protection, but has the size and functionality for effective concealed carry! With a barrel length of 2.5", the .44 Special is one of the larger revolvers to qualify for concealed carry. Nonetheless, it still held six rounds. Often testing with a chronograph will make information you should know readily apparent to you. I’ve often mentioned there are two Charter Arms stainless steel Bulldogs stashed in the two bathrooms in our home. Eventually Colt chambered their 3rd Generation SA and New Frontier in .44 Special and in the 1980s S&W resurrected the 1950 Target as the Model 24/624. In June 2007, a version of the Bulldog with new features[6] began to be produced by another company named Charter Arms,[10] but this time was distributed by MKS Supply. My normal heaviest load for the Bulldog is the Keith 250-gr. Having done the wood penetration testing of the two rounds shown in the other post I grew curious as to what kind of bullet velocity these bullets were getting with such a short barrel. [5] With most ammunition types the muzzle velocity tends to be between 705 and 1000 feet per second (215 and 305 meters per second, respectively). Artist Frank Leslie’s rendering of President Garfield’s assassination. [13], Five models of the Bulldog have been produced, allowing customers to choose between: .44 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges, gun lengths of 7.2 inches (184 mm) and 6.7 inches (171 mm) and barrel lengths of either 2.5 inches (64 mm) or 2.2 inches (56 mm). Chambered in both .36 and .40, it was a smallish, somewhat fragile five-shooter. It proved a great deal better than contemporary rimfire rounds, being in a class with the .41 Short Colt. Many Webleys or ivory and engraved models command prices in upwards of $1,000. Ruger finally brought a New Model Flat-Top .44 Special for a Lipsey’s special run. It was kind of like firing one of the child’s cap pistols of my youth. I’ve often mentioned there are two Charter Arms stainless steel Bulldogs stashed in the two bathrooms in our home. This is a stainless steel, five-shot, double-action sixgun. My opinion is any serious shooter or reloader should possess a chronograph. dating of these revolvers can only be done by era of manufacture. S&W reached for the epitome of Perfect Packin’ Pistols with the 4.2" barreled Model 69 Combat Magnum chambered in .44 Magnum. Webley cartridge with about 18 grains of FFF powder launches a 205 grain bullet at velocity of 502 feet per second. S&W’s .44 Magnum five-shot Combat Magnum makes an excellent .44 Special. As we entered the last decade of the 20th century, we had two five-shot .44 Specials available. Though Colt is the brand we all know and love, and their single actions are thought to have fit the hip of near every cowboy, ranch-hand and gunslinger, Colt’s single-actions sold for three to four times the cost of the British Bulldogs. It has potent stopping power, while not being burdensome to carry. Feel free to leave them below. The.44 Bull Dog was an American centerfire revolver cartridge produced from the 1880s until the 1930s. More Info Add To Cart * * A cased pair of English Flintlock duelling pistols by the famous gun maker Durs Egg. Gen. George Custer is rumored to have wielded a matched pair of ivory handled British Bulldog revolvers. AMERICAN BULLDOG .44 CAL REVOLVER. Though IWI's X95, released in 2016, usurps the SAR, my Tavor SAR is still part of the family. Also, most .44 Magnum shooters rely on .44 Special loads for everyday use. Before the 20th century ended S&W offered three 5-shot .44 Specials — all of which demand top dollars today if you can even find one. AMERICAN BULL DOG … Since .44 Specials were so hard to find, Skeeter Skelton in the 1970s led the way introducing conversion of .357 Three Screw/Old Model Blackhawks and the S&W Highway Patrolman to .44 Special while urging both companies to bring the .44 Special back. Of course sadly these old Bulldog revolvers are made of older non-alloyed steels in formulations which had imprecise (if any) tempering and therefore the weapons are not strong enough to experiment and develop smokeless powder loads for them. The Bulldog is a 5 or 6-shot traditional double-action revolver designed by Doug McClenahan and produced by Charter Arms. The 44. [10][13] For self-defense the Blazer 200-grain (13 g) Gold Dot is, apparently, the load of choice for the Bulldog. Scope Review: Leupold VX-Freedom FireDot Twilight Hunter. As the dogs were true pocket pistols, though often carried, the majority of them saw quite light use. It was introduced in 1973. Known for its rugged reliability and stopping power, Charter’s .44 Special is a versatile revolver for personal or home protection. Following Guiteau’s trial, the revolver was on loan to the Smithsonian, but, a short time later, the revolver disappeared and has not been found to this day. Just recently a second version with a 2.75" barrel was added. [11], The Bulldog was used by the serial killer David Berkowitz aka "The .44 Caliber Killer" and the "Son of Sam" who was responsible for a series of attacks and murders in New York City during 1976–1977 (before he was caught due to an outstanding parking violation).[12]. It was a top-selling gun during the 1980s and it is considered to be Charter Arms' trademark weapon. This 3.2″ barreled .44 Special is a joy to pack all day long and is a grand choice for backpacking and hiking off the beaten path. One of the most underappreciated DA .357 Magnums is the Ruger GP 100. The Bulldog has been available for the .44 Special and .357 Magnum cartridges. by John T. Amber. These bullets develop only 57 foot pounds of muzzle energy, or less than HALF the kinetics of a .32 acp. The gun commonly shown as Guiteau’s model in period illustrations has walnut grips, but the actual gun is, in fact, long gone. It should come as no surprise the Ruger name is synonymous with value, and its’ AR-556 looks to fit this mold as an entry-level AR-15 with a reasonable MSRP. Though British Bulldogs will never carry the fame or value of Colt single-actions, the dogs were cheaper yet dependable and thus available to the common workingman. However, Sam Colt went bankrupt and that could’ve been the end of that except for another Sam. Webley cartridge with about 18 grains of FFF powder launches a 205 grain bullet at velocity of 502 feet per second. Most had a blued finish, but some nickeled models have survived as well. (Photo credit: iCollector). Purchase A PDF Download Of The American Handgunner Sept/Oct 2020 Issue Now! ".44 Bull Dog", in, ______ and _____. A British Bulldog may also have fallen into the hands of William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid, by way of his first employer and mentor, John H. Tunstall. [2] The .44 Bull Dog and .44 Webley cartridges continued to be commercially offered in the U.S. until 1938 or 1939. Sights are typical S&W adjustable sights with a white outline rear sight matched up with a red ramp front sight. It wasn’t as beautifully finished as the Colts and S&Ws and wouldn’t handle the heavy loads some used in .44 Special sixguns. Under normal firing circumstances a small steel bar (called a transfer bar) is raised as the trigger is pulled, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself. Ruger is now part of the .44 Special five-gun scene. This safe, reliable revolver is powerful enough for serious home protection, but has the size and functionality for effective concealed carry! Both of these rounds, because of their low kinetic energy are considered to be near the bottom of the pile as good choices of caliber for self defense. This page was last edited on 16 October 2020, at 21:30. When the gun is fired, the hammer does not actually strike the firing pin. Get offers and news, Need Help?service@guns.comCall (866)582-4867, PO Box 1131 13800 Nicollet Blvd Burnsville, MN 55337 ©2019 Though this little gun has had as many variations and names as it had makers, the general features are quite simple: a 2.5-inch barrel, five-round capacity, double-action trigger, and an overall true small-frame pocket pistol.

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