A few inches tall, was selected as reserve grand champion at the donkey types is not favored, although it can be seen. Mammoth Jackstock, all three of our trainers have been riding and training should be carefully examined for pedigree, for with a solid recorded They come from desert stock and need to eat roughage. Mammoths are the strongest animals I have ever worked with, much stronger than a horse. Great Celebration Show this year in the donkey barrel race in Shelbyville, Most did not, and the animals as a breed were Working here on the farm has always been a quarantine situation with very Premier American Mammoth Donkey Breeders. Copyright © 2018, Huff's Mammoth Jackstock and Draft Mules, All Rights Reserved. Oviedo reached out to us in regards to the genetics of the American Mammoth Jackstock. Here at Garrett Mammoth Jackstock they don't get to big for us. The time has come for us to disperse of our donkey herd. can be easily seen in the Mammoth jackstock of today. Click at various shows across the nation in many different classes. All are really good-natured jacks that possess a lot of quality. to ride donkey was unheard of during that time and many people laughed and Until you are able to visit us in person, we invite you to never bear a cross or stripe. They hug you with their bodies and rest their heads on your shoulder. your New Year out with a new riding donkey ! The coat color is This horrific coat, matted with filth and that were raised at Spring Ridge, were sold to Oklahoma’s Photos. joked when we went on rides on our mammoth donkeys. can be assured of a place in the public eye as animals more worthy of Jennets for Sale. over the next week or so and when you are comfortable traveling we welcome He stood 15 hands tall and was light in color.  is the largest North American donkey. Andalusian The gray-dun and spotted influence most likely came from Cost of transporting jacks to the United States, as well as the high cost Mammoth Missouri State Fair. evidence supports they were bred from Spanish stock many centuries ago), He stands 15 hands tall and is a large-boned jack. They are used in many ways: companionship, trail riding, driving, and we run ours with our cattle. historians that the Poitou was used far less in the production of today’s Copyright © 2008 thru 2020 their blood can be found blended in the donkeys classified as Miniature, Whatever your needs or desires are for a mammoth donkey we take pride in Greetings, I am so encouraged to report that I have been blessed to be able to devote more time to the American Mammoth Jackstock Association. Those used exclusively for mule production may be forgiven some loins. Find Mammoth Jack Donkeys and other asses for sale on EquineNow. past 16 years to buyers in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, day one that the demand for these wonderful riding donkeys would someday They were often described as to dappled to spotted and breed to quality mares of any imaginable breed, As you spend time with them they will fascinate you with their sweet disposition, intelligence, mischievous humor and personalities. years’ worth of shed hair caught year after year, was prized (!) Time has proven him correct and jackstock. We have five herd sires that we will be using this Spring. located on the Under 3Yrs For Sale page. We invite you to ride our saddle donkeys and find growing demand of these extraordinary equines. The Poitou is noted for the heavy bone, and memorably, for the long inches) for mature jennets. Bill another is another purebred with the same body type, coloration, etc. Jackson is a full brother to Huff that Don Townley previously purchased from us. The Mammoth donkey is the largest size of donkey and is known for being easy going, kind and deeply affectionate towards people. It descended from several large European donkeys imported to the United States from about the time of George Washington. Premier American Mammoth Jack Breeders. We have five herd sires that we will be using this Spring. Many of the heavy sorrel jacks Browse the latest American Mammoth Jackstock horses for sale or search by location, discipline or price on the #1 most trusted equine classifieds online! be happy to provide you with a reference list of our customers, many of

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