Lots of these people and others that were omitted appear on lists all the time. i’m just looking at the suggestions below by ken…yes. Vince Gill Wayne Krantz Add to that, he is no longer capable of delivering a virtuoso performance, and has never been able to deliver a satisfying solo live on Stairway To Heaven. Very simply put, apart from the partial subjectivity of any list, the point is that any cross-genre list is stupid… the clearest example is ramone vs montgomery…. And competitions should never been seen as the be all and end all. Others prominently to mention (not in any of these comments: Kenny Burrell, Jimmy Raney, Pat Martino, Joe Pass, Jim Hall, Laurindo Almeida…but the greatest, bar-none is Andre Segovia! The education details are not available at this time. Al Dimiola? Career. Don’t trust a list who put Keith Richards above Jeff Beck!! And then, we could start punching each other to install our favorites up the rank. As one contributor to the discussion on Facebook said, one needs a hefty amount of wherewithal to enter international competitions. I know it’s always hard to make a list to include every possible genre, but it’s clear that classical guitarists like John Williams didn’t get a look in, probably due to the choice of resources. uDiscover should not have scumped themselves. Billy Gibbons He was in the right place at the right time, so he got very famous, but his skills have always been above average, nothing outstanding. CHRIS HAYES and JOHNNY COLLA from HUEY LEWIS AND THE NEWS!!! who made up this fake ass list? where is alex lifeson of rush one of my top ten. But Bonamassa most definitely should be on the list. However, almost immediately after the album hit stores, Clarke left Depeche Mode. Chaka! If you try to put together such a list please do the homework. Listen to his duets with Chet Atkins. no,Buckethead,,Chris Duarte,,Walter Trout,,Robin Trower,,Richie Kotzen,,Greg Howe,,Shawn Lane,,Mike Stern,,Mato Nanji,,Michael Hedges,,Jennifer Batten,,Uli Jon Roth,,John Cipolina,,Kenny Burrell,,Carvin Jones,,Rick Nielson,,Page Hamilton,. – but because I have been lucky enough to have grown up and continued to study with teachers who have encouraged me to question everything I do and to do it my own way. Wtf Jerry Garcia #39! Madness. you put chet atkins at 22…..obviousley a halfwit, So predictable Hendrix, Page & Clapton top the list. And I’m not sure if anyone can remember a little Australian guitarist from one of the oldest and still around rock bands randy rhodes , pat travers , tony mcphee , ,alvin lee , carlos santana , michael schenker not made the top 50 , who makes this bull shit up ?

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