As has already been stated, custom gunsmiths can recess a .45 Colt cylinder so that it will accept moon clipped .45 ACP and still fire .45 Colt. Brand: Colt. Hi James, thanks for asking! For about a decade the moniker 45 Long Colt was applicable when differentiating between the two rounds but by the dawn of the 20th century the Schofield had long been retired and sold on the surplus market, by the end of World War 2, both revolvers were becoming distant memories and Colt’s latest offering that proved itself in the Second World War (the M1911 chambered in 45 ACP) was becoming the new favorite among shooters. He has worked in the firearms industry his entire adult life as a Gunsmith, Ballistician, Consultant, Salesman, Author and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1989. With modern pistol powders, it is entirely possible to nearly triple-charge a .45 Colt round – which will result in the shooter pulling the trigger on a hand grenade, not a handgun. Wow. There was by this time a plethora of other handguns offered in this caliber from Ruger, Thompson Center and various Italian gun makers who replicated the SAA and later the Model 3. … :’). In a modern revolver with tight chambers, you can stoke a .45 Colt to absurd power levels – sometimes in excess of what is possible with a .44 Remington Magnum. Rim Rock’s version of this bullet gas checked and loaded over 8.5 grains of Universal was just under 900 fps with a group of 11/8″. I have already sent off my check to purchase this revolver so the next step is to have my gunsmith, Tom at Buckhorn, smooth out the trigger. At least here in Wyoming, you can find .45 Colt ammo easily. Got so excited to get to the present that we jumped that middleman. We often have shooters ask us if they can fire 38 Super in their 38 Special revolvers. There’s sooooo much room in a .45 Colt case, it’s not remotely funny. however, they do make a cylinder for the acp that can be used on colt single actions. John felt the big jump the .45 ACP had to take in the cylinder caused bigger groups at 20 yards. The article states the the U.S. military went directly from the 1911 directly to the Sig P320, skipping right over the less than stellar Italian wannabe. Even with all this I was looking forward to the testing as I have been a fan of the .45 Redhawk for many years. The Redhawk is probably the strongest double action revolver ever offered which is at the same time packable. Sales of the Colt single action pistol and rifle combination went through the roof and have never been matched by any firearm manufactures to this day. Any of these loads would be perfectly suitable as an everyday working load. The RCBS version of this bullet, #45-255KT over 20.0 grains of #4227 shot just under 925 fps with a 1″ group. SO as someone said previous get a 45 colt lever gun and you could get a 454 casull revolver because that will chamber the 45 colt as well, plus give you the option of a solid magnum round. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? Nobody seems to have problems with all those labels. The Colt shooters could easily use the shorter Smith & Wesson cartridge, so the quartermasters began referring to the Colt round as “45 Long Colt”. 300 Richmond, VA 23255 United States,, Subsonic Ammo – A Buyer’s Guide to the Quiet Side. As a dedicated semi-auto cartridge, the 45 ACP features an extractor groove that provides a surface for a handgun’s extractor to purchase against during extraction. However, no extra sights are provided. Perhaps no two rounds’ names lead to more confusion than the 45 Long Colt vs. 45 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP). Mike Searson’s career as a shooter began as a Marine Rifleman at age 17. 45 long colt has a ridge that sets on end of cylinder. That said my two .45 cal Blackhawks are my favorite handguns i have. Full Form of ACP? What is the difference between .45ACP and .45 Colt? For the 45 ACP, the rim is .04″ larger than its base. The .44-40 was designed to be easy to extract from actions with low extraction force – and it works. Really appreciate it. .45 long colt would not fit in the magazine of an autoloader and .45 acp would probably be pushed into the cylinder of a revolver. To discern the differences between the three, and the non difference between the later, a little history is in order. Since this is the first Redhawk ever chambered in .45 ACP I used this as my starting point. Sorry about that. The grips themselves are laminated rosewood with checkering. Thank you. We dread getting the phone call: “Why won’t this ammo I ordered from you fit in my 1911?” We know the answer before they say anything further: “You got the wrong ammo!”. Mike Searson writes [via]: The year was 1873 and Colt’s latest handgun, the Model P (aka as the Single Action Army Revolver of 1873) was just awarded the contract as the official sidearm for the US Army. The Colt .45 and the .45 Long Colt is the same cartridge. Nice article about my favorite cartridge! .45 ACP has long been used in double action .45 Colt revolvers. The .45 Colt has been around 140 years and will be around another 140 so long as Hilary Clinton isn’t elected president. The .45 Colt could only be fired in the Colt. The results will not be pretty. It isn’t as common as 9×19 or .45 ACP ammo, but it is plenty available. The chambering selected was a .45 caliber black powder cartridge manufactured by the Union Metallic Cartridge Company of Bridgeport, CT. Based on the slightly older 44 Colt round, this new cartridge used the same rebated heel type bullet. The reason for this had to do with the case dimensions of the original 45 Colt and its almost nonexistent rim. Required fields are marked *. The .45 Colt was originally a rimmed black powder cartridge created in 1872 and is used in revolvers. Since the diameter is the same.....can 45ACP shoot in a 45 Long Colt? History of the .45ACP and .45 Colt. After some experimenting, let’s just say I wasted my time! Shoot, he was in the shop when the load was developed. Unfortunately, the revolver used a shorter proprietary cartridge that soon created a problem of logistics. It’s perfectly fair of them to wonder if they could – “super” and “special” are similar concepts, after all, and it doesn’t help when they’re preceded by the same number. My personally assembled Low Recoil load using the Oregon Trail 225 hard cast round nosed bullet over 5.0 grains of Bullseye for 688 fps also shot relatively well, with a five-shot group of 13/4". Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Loaded with snakeshot, it becomes a pest exterminator as it can hold a greater amount of shot than the .44 Magnum, put two .45 round balls in the case, you’ve got a veritable shotgun that can reach out and put both balls in a 5 inch circle. Too many cartridges wound up with similar names despite being totally different from one another. As long as I can fondle it, that’s good enough. This prototype ultimately became the infamous 1911 model that changed the way firearms were made and functioned up until this very day. Only regular .45.” I shook my head and walked out. Samuel Colt, may God be with him, designed the .45 ACP in 1904 for a prototype semi automatic pistol. cost? Automatic Colt Pistol as in 45 ACP. hard cast Hammer Head designed for use in 2nd and 3rd Generation Colt Single Actions and recently produced Uberti replicas. The .45 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol [a series of cartridges designed by John Moses Browning]) was designed to produce the same ballistics using smokeless powder, but in a shorter cartridge suitable for use in autoloading pistols. I think you have convinced me. As to the lack of lever rifles in .45 Colt: That’s true. The primary difference between the 45 Long Colt and 45 ACP is readily apparent: One is designed for a revolver, while the other is designed for a semi-auto. And like the single action Blackhawk, the double action Redhawk is virtually indestructible. The .45 Colt headspaces on the cartridge rim while the .45 ACP headspaces on the mouth of the cartridge matching up with a ledge in the barrel of a semi-automatic or each chamber of the cylinder. I soon discovered it preferred the lighter loads using hard cast bullets. Although I tried three other cartridges I will stay with the Ruger-recommended .45 Colt and .45 ACP. Cases of ordinance were simply marked “Pistol, 45 caliber”. Is a 45 Colt interchangeable with a 45 ACP? Technically the M9 slid in there between the 1911 and the Sig — thanks for the heads up Erik. I always get a kick out of coming up to the gun counter and asking for .45 colt and the clerk responds with “you mean .45 long colt.” I’m always tempted to respond with “no, .45 short colt” just to see how dense they are, but alas I was brought up to keep things civil. This revolver was based on Smith & Wesson’s Third Model top break revolver and as such offered an advantage by being faster to load and unload when compared to the Colt. Colt themselves helped spur this “Long Colt” moniker on when they introduced the .38 Long Colt vs. .38 Short Colt in the same timeframe – 1875 or 1877, as I recall. no with regard to cases. John Browning developed the 45 ACP in 1904. The Super Redhawk may or may not be stronger, however it is certainly not as packable as the original Redhawk. Ruger’s solution is to cut the back of the cylinder to accept six .45 ACP cartridges while at the same time allowing .45 Colt cartridges to headspace properly. They are not interchangeable. I will probably be picking up some kind of .45 colt uberti or cimmaron in the next month. This is relevant to me. That’s why you should take every precaution against running 5.56×45 through a rifle chambered only for 223 Rem, and why you also don’t want to run 9mm +P+ through an original Luger pistol. Also, the Schofield had a wider rim that prevented the user from loading more than 3 chambers in their SAAs, so the 1887 round had the rim size of the Colt and the case length of the Schofield. I’ve lost count of how many boxes of .45 Colt have been returned to my shop after the (either ignorant or inattentive) customer bought some for their .45 acp. The barrel carries a heavy rib and the top strap literally speaks of brute strength. Moon clips are needed. I never feel recoil when I am hunting and I certainly would not feel recoil of these loads if I found myself in a serious situation. However, if I was going to wander anywhere I would have to worry about something wanting to bite, scratch, claw, or eat me, this is the load I would carry. .45 Colt is the most versatile cartridge ever and if it’s a swing out cylinder revolver, the cylinder can be cut for moon clips and can shot .45 ACP. The latest Ruger Redhawk is designed to accept and fire .45 ACP and .45 Colt loads in the same cylinder. Nice article. I have a 1960 SAA with ivory grips, that era produced some of the best ones ever made. The funny part is how anal so many are in the firearms world today. While plenty of semi-autos can handle rimmed cartridges – the 22 LR being the most popular that comes to mind – rims are generally considered a detriment to smooth feeding and extraction. Your email address will not be published. Even Colt used to call it “Long Colt” on their webpage. Both in the same sixgun! This new Ruger Redhawk is designed for use with the .45 ACP and .45 Colt and I’m sure Ruger would not recommend any other .45 caliber cartridges. Today there is some confusion over the Colt.45 and the .45 Long Colt. a totally different animal. Might explain why when i drink alone now i prefer to be by myself. FREE bottle of your choice of Extreme Duty Lucas Gun Oil or Standard Duty Lucas Gun Oil. Enter To Win A Altor 9mm & .380 Pistol Package. However, after World War 2, a cultural phenomenon occurred that changed the shooting world as we knew it: Television and more specifically, programs themed as Westerns took the American imagination by storm. Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by GunLvrNLearner, Dec 27, 2008. Our convenient site navigation and “blitzkrieg shipping” ensure your ammo shopping experience is a great one.

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