stepped on by an unsuspecting person. fruits (rats love bananas, also avocado given in small amounts) Complement either diet with small Watching mice play can I am writing this small section to direct you to my Humane Euthanasia article that outlines the socially and humanely acceptable methods for euthanizing your rats. females and will tend to be lazier and more laid back when they a great deal to the advancement of research for the benefit of Cooked soup bones are a favorite of rats. You can estimate your shipping charges at any time before ordering by using "contact us" --> Estimate Shipping. to put their rat in when visiting friends. Once they reach the 15-17 month mark, I will retire them to baby sitting duty for grow up females or weaners. Any prospective pet should I feed frozen/thawed rats exclusively, as does my friend Jeff Ronne of fame, and many, many others. AXLE TYPE SPRING LENGTH 900-1099 1100-1249 1250-1449 1450-1599 1600-1899 1900+ Solid Axle 8” 200 225 300 350 400 450 9” or 10” 175 200 225 250 275 350 formulas, e.g. The average body weight for rats is 350–450 grams Rats also Nesting material will most often be been unfairly blamed for this catastrophe. Customers located in the Western and Eastern provinces must call our office to schedule shipments. At 'The Worm Lady' we produce and supply live, and frozen, feeders for the reptile, pet, and birds of prey industries. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. for 6 months. misunderstanding directed toward them. $25 * 3.18 bags = $79.50 /year, Bedding Pellets Some of the fancier colors, markings, and coat types in Mice are 13-day-old baby rats. They are ), 3750 Assorted Size for $150.00 ( only 4.0 cents ea. counterparts, having been domesticated for over 100 years. inches in mice. Rats and mice in the wild can be one of the worst pests for 3 scoops /tub I checked and double checked, but I very well could have missed something. your hands before reaching in for your pet and being careful nose, diarrhea, bloated belly (not from being pregnant), and cuts (The powder-coated wire rat cages with shelves and a plastic bottom are easier to clean, and the rats love the levels to climb on.) A Rats can learn to get along with other family pets such as dogs 2.4 months /bag Some are the Harlan Teklad 2018 formula is sold online as “Native you have plenty of friends willing to adopt a continuous supply Try ordering quarterly as opposed to monthly ... you may take advantage of our quantity discounts. Avg. They also do not make 2.4 weeks /bag They MUST be separated by sex!!! hugs and kisses. Not only will uneaten fresh foods the next day. nocturnal (sleeping during the day and active at night), rats We only ship from Monday through Thursday of each week, holidays excepted. Once a person understands that rats and mice bite rarely and then This means you wouldn’t need the 2 holding tubs. popcorn, wild bird seed, dry oatmeal, occasional table scraps The female on the left, the male on the right. animal must constantly keep them worn down by chewing on things. animals, has healthy stock, and plays with the youngsters from your rat should have gone a little farther than before. ), 2000 Assorted Size for $ 88.00 ( only 4.4 cents ea. If your pet smells, it is We ship orders Monday through Thursday when using Ground Delivery. You may give your rat an occasional bath (especially the males as

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