Thanks, Yes. [adinserter block=”2″]. Make sure Dual WAN is on and check you have the secondary WAN on the correct port. Make sure Dual WAN is on and check you have the secondary WAN on the correct port. you can find some youtube videos from ASUS about their router UI and also on their support Page. stay tuned. Apart from the dedicated Ethernet WAN port, you can either plug in a 3G USB modem, or use one of the 4 LAN ports for a second WAN. Rj45 jack in wall to switch. Each device can have multiple data sessions. and definitely not in entreprise if you plan to manage his settings remotely. If you are not going to have more number of apps running then your current set up should be fine. Yeah I want to setup a dual WAN on my router. It has been three months since I started using ASUS RT-AC68U as my home router. I tried setting manual ip to LAN 1 as since it's not leased at remote host AP. I configured my old adsl modem in bridge mode and connected my modem's LAN output as Secondary WAN to RT-AC68U. Currently I have it Load Balancing with a 2:1 ratio in favour of the Fibre Network, but I know that this is probably very incorrect. I have just stumbled upon your blog and enjoyed reading your blog posts very much. I have moved into a new apartment and I have only one wired broadband connection now. Hi,Can I setup routing rules for only specific IP, and others devices (HPs) I will just choose to direct to one of the WAN Setup? I get WAN/LAN/USB options for both primary and secondary in dual WAN settings. Undoubtedly, the scope of a router increases by several folds when the Dual-WAN mode is utilized. As soon as primary becomes alive, the secondary goes to stand by mode again.I don't think you can use one connection for outgoing traffic and other one for incoming in any of these modes. would this be a setting on the router or modem i would need to look at? Don't know what was wrong. Until I find out whether the issue is a constraint on the dsl router model do you have any suggestions on my best setup. Pretty good post. Unfortunately I cannot test dual WAN now as I am using only one Internet connection now. The Load Balance configuration is slightly redundant at this point as we will be forcing devices to the primary or secondary connection in the routing rules, so you can leave the ratio as whatever you want. In our case, thankfully, it has worked tremendously. • for example, you can configure your laptop connected to your local network to use the primary WAN and … Hi ,1) No you do not need to specify the second rule . I had to convert the ADSL RJ15 to RJ45 to be able to connect to my router as secondary WAN since RT-AC68U does not have an ADSL port. If i make 2 connections from switch to router. this kind of documentation is missing from ASUS side.You have done a great job of figuring it out and writing it here. Question here is can I set the devices in my room (connected to the switch) to different WAN per Switch Port?Devices in BedroomEg. you can use the WAN Port as primary and LAN port as secondary. I think whatever you are trying to do is possible. “Load balancing” means use both of the connections, specifying a load ratio that should correspond to the ratio of the channels’ bandwidth. No. But because the concept is still evolving, it is very important to pay attention to few things before one enrols in a digital marketing course. Extract Emails from Google Search Results Page. Enable Dual WAN. Big thanks for the useful info.NSS Laptop Service Center. Now go to Dual WAN settings and enable load balanced mode and then enable routing rules. Primary allows for dsl/usb/ethernet while secondary only allows for usb/ethernet. I want to use the fail over option with my non-dsl port as primary. There are 4 ethernet ports, and I'll set up port 1 as one of the WANs. dyndns , download master , ftp server feature can enable on dual wan laod balance mode ? Step 5: Once you’ve done that, select Load Balance from the drop down and specify the Balance configuration. Thanks, A. Hi Andreas, Did you check this again? Now all these devices will always use the secondary WAN. I have the same router but for some reason I cannot type text ie: "ALL" in the routing rules, only numbers (IP addresses).Asus support has been non-existent. The basis of this guide is to force all traffic onto either the Primary or secondary WAN by using routing rules. I have two routers, can I utilize two LAN ports each as a WAN port for fail over? Hi, I hope you are still monitoring this thread since it's kind of old. Hence a lot of recognized institutes are providing training in digital marketing. in case of non DSL model, you can use either two ethernet WAN or one Ethernet & USB combo. When I use fail over I have to unplug the dsl to get the second wan to connect (is there another way to use the secondary without removing the dsl physically?). Now, you’ll be given the option to select the LAN port. In this case, if you have to download five files, the first three files and the last one will go through the primary WAN while the fourth one will make use of the secondary WAN. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.

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