Having an ATM on the premises attracts new customers to a business. While, cash availability helps Government Agencies process transactions and operate effectively when accepting cash at the counter. Free Leads Service With any purchase of an ATM from Convenience ATMs Inc you are provided with a FREE lead service for your next ATM placement. We are a full service, company, meaning we handle everything from A-Z, from Professional Locator Servicing of ATM Operator to selling your, choice of brand ATMs from new to used direct from manufactuer or from us. We also provide a free full-service ATM placement program for qualified locations. Load cash in the machines. Forms. toll free 888-336-4872. Thank you! Forms and Brochures . If you are in the business for a quick return on your investment then you have come, the right place. Prodigy will find a high traffic location for your machine to be placed in for withdrawals. You should also be responsible for having a dedicated phone line available. If its not used your money stays in the machine. We have performed Professional ATM services, for locations such as: the Mandarin Oriental, Hyatt Regency to the Biltmore Hotel: we also service gas stations and, convenient stores in "rough areas", office buildings, and shopping malls such as Bal Harbour Shops: so basically BIG, or small we have the ability to services machines and provide outsourced services to merchants nationwide. Bring the convenience of a bank to your premises. Many business owners enjoy having an automated teller machine on their premises, but they may not want to purchase an atm machine themselves. money when someone uses your ATM. ATM Placements is an ATM placement company. monthly income of your single location by 24Months Plus the cost of your ATM. Just like a Real Estate property an ATM Route can be purchased. This will help you keep track of potential leads and clients. The rule of thumb to calculate what your locations are worth now is to multiply the. Initially, the ATM is delivered and installed, programmed by one of our team members and we introduce you to the machine with a required onsite training session to go over proper procedure. Install machine. and re-sold almost instantly for up to 10X the original cost of investment. Business Owners: Do you want to increase sales and attract more business? It comes fully loaded with cash. OUR SERVICE: We provide the ATM and the cash, and everyone earns a profit almost immediately. Example you make $500/month and the cost of your ATM is $2,000. Our easily implemented program can help you start up and operate your own successful ATM business. No matter which one you choose, they are both 100 percent free of charge, and we try to make them as hassle-free as possible. a) must generate at least 500 ATM transactions per month Some businesses elect not to receive part of the surcharge revenue. We also, provide other outsourced services such as cash loading with armored car service which is well over 300 zip codes. Making Money with ATMs. !. Location Evaluation. I had no idea what I was doing when I was looking for an ATM service company. There are many different reasons for not wanting to own or maintain an ATM. Your ATM locations will have to be in place for a minimum of 2-3 months to show true transaction performance or income from ATM. If you opt for us to provide the cash vaulting services, you have even less responsibility and can use your cash for other business expenses. If you are a new ATM Operator seeking to get started in the ATM Business we offer a market analysis service where we do a detail research in your areas of interest to decide the feasibility of your business model and to help you make an educated decision on whether this is a good business more or not. Brochures. Cash vaulting is simply providing funds for loading the cash into the ATM. Businesses that meet these initial conditions qualify for one of the following plans: Sporting arenas, stadiums, convention centers, large nightclubs, or similar locations seeking an ATM, call or contact us and we will review what options you have. Lieberman Companies offers several pre-programmed and EMV compliant ATM machines from a variety of manufacturers including Nautilus Hyosung and Genmega. Reasons range from not wanting to take on the responsibility of not wanting to handle large amounts of cash. The business owner has no responsibility for the machine. Finding good locations is the key to running a successful ATM business. Contact an Express ATM customer service representative today. After you are able to prove 2-3 months of consitent ATM Statement income from your ATM then you are ready to FLIP IT. We use only placement service companies that buy from ATMmachine.com. Does operating your own ATM machine sound a little overwhelming? The fee-based service is typically used in high-volume locations. ATM Business Start-up Kit. Would you like to stop paying high merchant … Some people simply feel they do not have enough time to keep up with maintaining a machine. Forms and Brochures . accessed remotely from any smart phone or pc with no restrictions locally or nationally. School and Government ATM Placement Packages: College University ATM Placement in Los Angeles, CA, Monthly Profit disbursements (if applicable). Good ATM Placement is the difference between a Machine that produces revenue and one that does not. Would you like more CASH business and less credit card business? ATM Placement for a hotel vending machine area in Los Angeles, California, Free ATM Placement for hotel lobby in Los Angeles, CA. We have worked with dozens of businesses and industries, ranging from shopping malls and amusement parks to universities and convention centers. - You will receive a full report of all qualified locations that are available in your geographical area, -  City and Zip code mapping for location radius, Email: www.ProdigyAtm.com                         Support: 954-740-7277, Supermarket ABC does 15 atm withdrawals a day, 15 withdrawals/day x $2.90/per transaction = $43.50/day x 30 days =, You would have to establish location(s) by purchasing our, Your ATM locations will have to be in place for a. minimum of 2-3 months to show true transaction performance or income from ATM. You simply provide the location. When you talk to us about placement, we will discuss your cash vaulting options. Business owners often wonder if their location is ideal for a machine. The most common goal is to provide onsite cash while alleviating the expense, management and liability of operating an ATM. Best of all, we can have your ATM … On the other hand, partial placement means we deliver and install the machine, but you load it with your own cash. With all of our Education and Government ATM placement packages, we take care of everything to get you started. In return, you earn 50 percent of each transaction surcharge. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. We offer free machine placement and management at your business with no additional costs for you. Our services have no limits from installing, ATMs into the ground or just a temporary event, to keeping them filled with cash at all times 24 hours a day, even a, simple paper jam to customer service for your ATM Operator or location needing customer service assistance. ATMs daily transaction activity and balances from your smart phone.... You receive 100% of the surcharge amount that you set on each transaction, All new machines come with warranty on parts (extended warranty and, service plans available) You load the cash in the ATM and the money withdrawn is. Locations that see high amounts of foot traffic are ideal. A lot of the problem that most ATM … Full ATM Placement - No cost, we do all the work, Convenience Store ATM Placement in Los Angeles, California, Cash only nail salon ATM machine placement in Los Angeles, CA, On-site training and technical assistance. Process : Atms Locator will provide you the ATM of your choice, new or used readay to make you money. Our free analysis will help determine your business needs and find ways to cost-effectively provide ATM access at your retail location. Free Leads Service . Emerald ATM's team of experts will help you analyze your operation and provide a turnkey solution that is seamless and easy to deploy. Your leads are now added to our ACFN Application, for easy access on your smart phone. Please don't be fooled or … ATM fees are split between various parties or partners in the ATM ecosystem. Free Leads Service . A qualified ATM Location (Unlimited Qualified Leads) Professional Installation. Whether you choose a full or partial placement, you earn a percentage of the ATM’s surcharge. Then, we continue to service the ATM based on the Retail ATM package that best suits your needs. Cash dispensing company's hate us and have mis- lead you the merchant about our ability and integrity just to sell you on themselves. Education and Government Institutions have various requirements when determining the best ATM solution. Contact Us . Locate good retail locations such as gas stations, convenience stores, bars, malls, and nightclubs. Almost anyone can find a great location. Awsome ATM service with a GREAT support team! Some of the most popular places for machines are gas stations, restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, bars, night clubs, hotels, and shopping malls. Full-time or part-time – you choose. Similar to the free placement program, we deliver, install and maintain the machine. By doing so we gather data on locations that are in your area to see if there are sufficient locations  available to place your atm prior to getting started. Through our program, you can choose either full or partial ATM placement.

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