Timothy Lawson and Derek Rowe discuss new ideas and topics they want you to hear about. Hacks that weren’t, and one big guilty plea. “That was the third warning. NSS Labs closes down. And Baltimore’s overall crime rate has remained stubbornly stratospheric: Homicides in the city claimed 348 people in 2019, the highest number in a quarter century. “While we have taken a number of positive steps in Maryland, we can’t be satisfied until every citizen has confidence in their police department.”. “President Obama and [former Baltimore] Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake called us ‘thugs,’” says Baltimore photographer Devin Allen, who shot the iconic Time magazine cover image of a protester sprinting away from club-toting cops in April 2015. It appears Fancy Bear was the group that hacked the US Federal agency CISA warned about recently. “Policing in America is broken,” Jones, a Baltimore County Democrat, said in a statement Saturday. “The reason you’re seeing that is not because it’s a new thing. Now they want to do it peaceful so that people can hear the message.”, As the demonstration continued, City Council President Brandon Scott appeared at a City Hall news conference Saturday afternoon and said: “We’re all frustrated.”. The lieutenant lowered his face mask and read through all of them individually, as the crowd chanted “Next name" each time. [Research Saturday]. Malek Ben Salem shares the results of Accenture’s 2020 Cyber Threatscape report. Maze may be gone (so its proprietors say) but its affiliate market has moved on to Egregor ransomware-as-a-service. Our own Rick Howard on red and …, Cyber Initiative and Special Projects Fellow at the Hewlett Foundation Monica Ruiz shares her career development from aspirations of being a weather woman to her current role as a grantmaker and connector in cybersecurity. An overturned police car burned outside Philadelphia’s City Hall. Centripetal wins a major patent lawsuit. Joe Carrigan …, America’s NSA reviews twenty-five vulnerabilities under active exploitation by Chinese intelligence services. US court delays TikTok ban. This show means to dig into the issues, respectful but unflinching and with a strong point of view. The Four Horsemen of Silicon Valley. Black-led grassroots organizations such as Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and Baltimore Bloc have advocated for policy initiatives such as bail reform and led the effort to block the constructions of a new youth jail. Microsoft takes down infrastructure used by a Chinese cyberespionage group. Together, Rose and Maybin proved to be effective in tamping down on aggressive protesters who were throwing water bottles at police. Reflections on National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. What happened? — Baltimore Police (@BaltimorePolice) May 31, 2020 During a press conference Saturday, Mayor Jack Young urged people to protest peacefully. Maze says it’s out of business (and never really existed). Hundreds of demonstrators, chanting and holding signs, drove and marched through Baltimore streets from Saturday afternoon into the early hours of Sunday to call attention to the killing of a Minnesota man at the hands of police, as city leaders urged the protesters to remain peaceful while acknowledging their frustration and pain. Demonstrators then marched through posh Harbor East, stopping in front of the Four Seasons hotel and shouting “Power to the people!”. “I didn’t know what I was doing that day,” Rose says of the night he got in Rivera’s face. Finnish psychological clinic Vastaamo dismisses its CEO for not disclosing a breach promptly. A Parliamentary report alleges active Huawei cooperation with Chinese intelligence. Operation DisrupTor collars a hundred-seventy Darknet contraband merchants. The People’s Liberation Army is told, by its government, to lighten up on US election stories. Harrison said officers were helping and allowing people to peacefully protest. Rosa shares how she always knew she wanted to be involved with computers and how being a big Star Trek nerd and fan particularly of Spoc…, Bitdefender researchers recently uncovered a sophisticated APT-style attack targeting an international architectural and video production company. Securing the Olympics. A rising number of still-young black leaders, including artists, writers, activists, educators, and elected officials, have emerged in recent years. Two of the men, who were based in Malaysia, were arrested and their extradition to the U.S. has been requested. Ransomware epidemic during the pandemic. “People were mad and beating on the guy,” Rose says. Demonstrators then moved on to police headquarters, where they urged a police lieutenant to read a list of names of police brutality victims. Our guest is Jessica Gulick from …, Updates on influence ops and campaign hacking show that the opposition has its troubles, too. Don’t exaggerate election meddling. Since 2002, "Your Maryland" hosted by Ric Cottom, has presented little-known human interest stories from Maryland's past. The strange and sad case of…, Director of security operations at Syntax Richard Torres talks about his path leading him working in juvenile justice to becoming a private investigator to physical security at a nuclear power plant to cybersecurity presently. Another exposed database is found, and secured. Cyber conflict and cyberespionage. Cyber metaphors--we read a good one this morning. He said the department was “in a constant state of planning” and “adjusting” in response to changes in protest activity. Hundreds of demonstrators, chanting and holding signs, drove and marched through Baltimore streets on Saturday to call attention to the killing of a … In Baltimore, protesters threw water bottles and vandalized a city van around 9:30 p.m., even as others urged them to stop. “From Freddie Gray, we learned so much. A cybercriminal gang’s secret is volume. So has he. “We will not let outside influence come into the city of Baltimore and commit chaos in our city.”. Content moderation, always harder than it seems. CISA reports finding that a Federal agency was hacked. Crooks use captchas and padlocks, too. All of that color, ... Fighting the good fight against conservative crazies, liberal loonies, and paranoids of all political stripes. Our guest is Krystle Por…, Two ransomware incidents now seem worse than originally believed. And some of them pose a threat to patient safety. Chaining vulnerabilities. In fact, Carole is the CyberWire's UK Correspondent. Cyber rioting along the Blue Nile. Joe Carrigan on a million dollar REvil recruitment offer.…, Trickbot gets hit by both US Cyber Command and an industry team led by Microsoft. Phishbait uses current events as chum. US Cyber Command and others advise everyone not to see foreign election meddling where it isn’t. [Career Notes], Election 2020: What to expect when we are electing. Election security updates from CISA. Allen also mentions the nonprofit COR Health Institute and its 35-year-old founder Munir Bahar, who previously directed the local anti-violent movement known as the 300 Men March. The attacks were …, Ransomware becomes endemic in the healthcare sector. The city has been under a consent decree since 2017 following a Justice Department investigation that found widespread unconstitutional and discriminatory policing in the city. Hogan had regular calls with his security team and constantly communicated with Baltimore officials, Ricci said late Saturday. Two more indictments in cyberstalking case. Do not turn this into something this doesn’t have to be. In Baltimore, a day of peaceful protest, a night of tense confrontation with police. “As a kid growing up in Park Heights, it’s not something I thought I’d ever see,” says Scott, a 36-year-old West Baltimore native and  City Council president. The key to winning with honor is decency and courage." Spyware through the firmware. Emotet rising. Above: Protesters met by Baltimore Police in riot gear at City Hall last night. Complex medical devices such as CT (computed tomography), MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and ultrasound machines are controlled …, Energetic Bear is back, and maybe getting ready to go berserk in a network near you, Mr. and Mrs. United States. Always a fan of police shows, Richard became a member of the Air Force Junior ROTC in high school and began his path there.…, Throughout March and April, QuoIntelligence (QuoINT) observed four attacks (i.e. After protesters returned to City Hall, the scene grew more fraught, as some threw projectiles at police and several storefronts were broken into. Demonstrators and police in downtown Baltimore to protest George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis by a then-police officer. Yet despite all the fantastic offers and promises being made by vendors, the sober reality persists that spending has not equated to improved security. Clean Network program update. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ed7fa880fb5fcfd He’s since became a sought-after public speaker and settled into a City Hall position, helping launch a program to transition the city’s “squeegee kids” into more formal employment. The U.S. government has charged seven men in relation to hundreds of cyber attacks against organizations in the U.S. and multiple other countries in Asia and Europe. “People aren’t going to leave the streets soon, so I hope we have people willing to meet the movement.”. “People are interested in solutions. Beginning with accused witches and the murderous career of John Dandy in the earliest days of the colony, through Morgan State's fabled "Ten Bears" in the 1970's, the show covers nearly four centuries of heroes, scoundrels, floods, fires, riots, plots, athletes (two-and four-legged), beautiful spies, brilliant writers, misunderstood pirates, and ghosts. Zerologon exploited in the wild. Tracking trends in cyberattacks--the sophistication seems to lie in the execution. CISA publishes election rumor control. Hogan to offer coronavirus update Thursday. Twitter goes after influence operators in four other countries. Latest was 303-Camp Stark. Received? Four guilty pleas coming in eBay cyberstalking case. Rosa Smothers: Secure the planet. But most observers in Baltimore give credit to the city’s social activist community — led now by veteran community organizers who have already been tested by the protests of 2015. No curfew has been imposed. All rights reserved. Bahar and seven to 10 of his youth members each night have also been instrumental in keeping Baltimore’s protests from losing their focus.So far, those efforts have paid off. At one point, Rose was seen turning a white protester over to nearby police officers; the man, he said, had been throwing fireworks. BALTIMORE — As cities across America burned in recent days, there was a notable omission from those facing curfews, mass arrests, arson and police brutality: Baltimore. TrickBot’s recovery. She share…, The cybersecurity space is nothing if not crowded. Protesters initially scattered, seemingly fearing police response, but the officers remained in place. With their “Black Lives Matter” signs and “No justice, no peace” chants, the Baltimore protesters’ actions recalled other painful periods in the city’s and nation’s history. Participants carried signs, some reading “Justice 4 George” and “Say Their Names.”. US Cyber Command’s defend forward doctrine. Also on the scene at local protests has been artist and activist Aaron Maybin, a former pro football player who teaches art at a West Baltimore elementary school. For the most part, police were cautious in interactions with protesters, though they held a firm line at City Hall. The OldGremlin ransomware gang picks on Russian targets. Trends in phishbait. “The events around the country this week have underscored that we cannot wait another day,” Atterbeary said. Do not give them what they’re looking for — do not give them another excuse. Now we have leaders who have been through all that and don’t want it to happen again.”. Part of the credit may go toward law enforcement. Westley West, a Baltimore pastor, appeared to be leading the group. Hacking hospitals raises concerns for patient safety.

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