All rights reserved. It reminded me so much of that Jackass stunt where Knoxville joined the USC football team for … Let’s go!”. Marshmallow, marshmallow.” Everyone’s laughing except for the trainer, who looks panicked. Every week, it was a brand-new guy, and I took his dangerous job. Required fields are marked *. It premieres on 'Your Moms House' Podcast channel on YouTube. Also Read | '13 Reasons Why' Creator Reveals He Read Reviews Of Famous Show Endings Before Creating S4. @bertkreischer @tomsegura. I’m 28, and I want– So I’m like, “All right. It is a 9-foot bear sitting on a park bench just– A vacant look in– As dumb as you think a bear would look. I go limp. '13 Reasons Why' Creator Reveals He Read Reviews Of Famous Show Endings Before Creating S4, Kim Kardashian West Inks Exclusive Criminal-justice Reform Podcast Deal With Spotify, Michelle Obama To Host Podcast On Health, Relationships. a clip of himself getting fucked up by some football players. We have protocol around here.” I said, “Okay, what am I supposed to do?” He goes, “Take these,” and he hands me five marshmallows. And I’m like… [retching] We get done, and the trainer goes, “Fantastic. Buy Tickets. Soon after the podcast was released, fans questioned whether 2 Bears 1 Cave is ending, following Bert Kreischer’s statement. I stick my hand in front of his nose so he can get my scent, and the trainer loses his shit. “You learned the most important lesson of the day, and that is, the bear likes marshmallows.” I go, “What’s that mean for me?” He goes, “Listen, if you get in trouble, “just very confidently say ‘marshmallow,’ “and what’ll happen is, the bear will hear that, “and he’ll give you some space to do your marshmallow trick. Is this the bear’s idea?” He’s like, “Hey, buddy, this is how we do it,” and my whole television crew is behind him like…, It’s my second TV show ever. Fans show concern after Bert Kreischer's statement. He lets go, and I’m like, “Thank God.” Then his fingernail grabbed my belt loop, just snagged it, and he spun me doggy style and locked on in a bear hug, just… [roars] Grinding gently on my ass, just– Now we’re both facing the same direction. We need answers. No confirmation is given by Tom Segura or Bert Kreischer, which is making many fans anxious. However, others said that the episodes were filmed after his tour. At the 37th minute of the 1 hour 38 minutes long podcast, Bert Kreischer was laughing and he suddenly said that he will miss the podcast and cannot believe that it is ending and again continued laughing. We’re ready.” I go, “Hold on.

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