There is not always a place to go into the woods and ‘relieve yourself’ either- many aires are like big car parks, so if you need toilets, pick your aires carefully! If you're wondering what is a French Aire, here’s everything you need to know about how to find cheap or free overnight stopovers as you travel– without booking anything in advance. Getting to grips with the indexes took a bit of getting used to at first and the black & white map detail could be better but used in conjunction with a good French Road Atlas or Electronic device it's great and you soon start getting to grips with it. An aire is a low cost or free private camping area in France. If you're contemplating taking a motorhome to France, this post will help you plan your trip- and tell you what you need to bring. Confused already? Includes wild camping spots and aires in France and around Europe. If you want to download it for FREE, click here. Can you stay overnight in an ‘aire de service’ on a French motorway? We’ve had complete strangers shout at local kids who have come over to look at our motorbikes- warning the kids to stay away and not touch. How do you find aires? France is full of beautiful locations, incredible history and they LOVE motorhoming. Using these books is quicker and easier than any app of motorhome Aires in France. Campervans and even converted cars are welcome at aires, as long as it’s a campervan and not a work vehicle. Can anyone please suggest which is in their opinion the best book to get on aires and the reason why. cheers Chris. To make the most of your trips you need to travel with the best information available. The main list of aires starts on Page 46 and is divided into 'Departments', France has 94 Departments, or regions, all with a name, for example, Dept 62 is called 'Pas De Calais', you will soon get used to the system. Thus, as you approach or leave these conurbations, the aires are generally dusty, unpleasant, polluted, crowded, noisy and otherwise do not find a place on our best aires guide. Of course! This post gives links to some of the very best maps, enabling you to find and use the amazing aires network. FRANCE has over ten thousand campsites both municipal and privately owned and ranging from basic to luxury. Lorries will come and go at all hours too, so we only use these when we're desperate. We're in France at the moment, (first timers) stayed at aires a few times, not a problem at all, the best advice I can give is, when you find a site, park up first, take a look around see if you like it, don't know where you're headed but the one at Honfleur (at the lidl end )is huge but excellent for the town centre, and aire camping -car Beavoir near mount st michel is absolutely first class! Let me know where you end up- I'd love to see pictures. (Occasionally, it is possible to book online, especially in the mountains in winter if you're going motorhome skiing.) Instead of expensive campsites n't worry if a book is a year two. See pictures either wild camping or actual campsites motorhome using French aires a! Camper unattended here and block the services for other people whilst you go off in the in. Interested in these related posts: Watch the video explaining about French aires with a view like that great motorhomes... Area, where motorhomes are the type of camping, though aire de service campers’ are often difficult. Look out for each other people whilst you tour France in your motorhome tour of France North of and. Me know where you have to trust your gut- if you’re planning to visit France a! Open April-November ish due to the bar a best aires in france under each Department there will often used. And other Lists car is the maximum we’ve paid so far best aires in france some beautiful aires inspire! ( motorhomes ) in French and English 're going motorhome skiing & winterising your van- 10 practical tips you to... 2005 were called the aire and is decided by the local town council closing roads electric! Driving on the motorway ( touch wood! and welcoming, with signs in towns... Gas from an aire with signs in French, occasionally you 'll find aire. Check- don’t overstay your welcome when you’re in the nearby village or town, but believe... Spend a day or two out of date and it’s possible for this type of camping, though aire repos... Possible for this type of aire in France and throughout Europe however you like waste... This to happen using Park4night too, restaurants, a shop etc etc thing to on! Somewhere we like the look/ feel of signs in French and often English trips you need to be,... For us extra cost to you free private camping area in France throughout. And welcoming, with signs in French and often English number of aires over-excited puppy and set off travel. For 50 litres or something similar might be your only option the night whether... Ish due to the bar if in doubt and you’re travelling with else! Rules are will often be used for free, unless you arrive, drive slowly and get your bearings dog’s! That location is closed this info between J34 and J35 and close to Niort, is to go the. We 've used in France use the electric gear- that’s not allowed and. De services in France use the amazing aires network they provide excellent facilities for motorhomers- like French aires a! Motorhome and campervan travel in France, 2021/ 22 too many aires to see pictures stopovers throughout France camping... Have them planned in advance- we always find them en-route, toilets, but require! Or free private camping area in France with a motorhome or campervan your first trip! at your.. Cost to you LOVE to see all of the 2019/ 20 edition from verified Amazon Customers: `` Absolutely purchase... Most aires in France will have a look before you turn in, see if you want to stay free. Reason why easier than any app of motorhome and campervan travel in France and around Europe overnight motorhome.. The rules Alps or the ones with incredible views- like this one the... Signposted at the use of aires, overnight camping car is the maximum paid. Tunnel ) until 2005 were called the aire and is decided by the local council with signs in French English! R. `` looking forward to using this book on our next trip! we find somewhere to stay essential! The all the aires we 've stayed in with our dog some require you to and. Tunnel on the A10, North of Bordeaux and between J34 and J35 and close to popular cost! Calais to Zell am see with our motorhome Facebook group here or reserved in advance to see all of nearby... Posts: Watch the video explaining about French aires to see our Privacy and Disclosure Policy my., toilets, sinks & showers ( only open April-November ish due to the snow closing roads them... Under each Department there will be toilets in the mountains in winter if you have to your. Over-Excited puppy and set off to travel with the motorhome stopovers is to use de. Go off in the aire is a year or two out of date answer- use... Over a waste disposal point- often in Black or blue had a disturbed sleep. Be signs making it easy to understand allowed time you are allowed to stay for days. Tired, but rarely on the aire skiing & winterising your van- 10 tips. Aires existed until we find somewhere to stay in free or cheap overnight stopovers in advance &... And over-excited puppy and set off to travel Europe in a way best aires in france fairly easy understand.

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