So let’s adjust the scores by the year of release and see what shakes out: Least Obscure Hit Songs, Adjusted for Time 1. Some pop songs are timeless classics. and the Mysterians, The Sonics. Norwegian singer Lene Marlin graced the charts with this perky little number in 1999 before disappearing again (although she is still around and making music). (Not that he’s had such a bad life, then or now.). 3., Ever have those moments where you hear a song on the radio, or blaring from a passing car, and wonder how you could have lived so long without having heard it? What follows are my picks for ten songs that should have been bigger than they were: This song contains the kernel of a hit: an insinuating chorus which, alas, sounds like it was tacked on to the vastly inferior verses of another, deservedly unfinished song the Rats found while cleaning out the tour bus. I own David Gates & Ambrosia. I don’t know if I buy the LSD backstory. Psychedelia and hippie-dom killed off the toughs, you might say, and though garage-band careers could persist into 1967 and beyond, there was nothing like that kind of initial fervor of 1966. One Direction: “What Makes You Beautiful,” 2012 But pretty much just for a year. And, of course, we’d like to know the great songs that you think we need to hear. It was like reading a Swahili textbook on algebra. Now this was one of those little numbers you couldn’t get out of your head. Do you have a copy of this lurking somewhere? Cover songs: The death and taxes of pop music. In This Article: © 2020 Advance Local Media LLC. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). 6 Two Princes – Spin Doctors (number three in 1993). Sneer meets preen on this excellent Tubes track. Yup, that’s one of his, as is Lost Stars, the Oscar-nominated Adam Levine track later covered by The Voice winner Stevie McCrorie…. But just to show you what I know, Cook’s single tanked around the world, but the Jones “side” reached #6 on the UK charts. The name is, of course, deliberately English-inflected, but that kind of invention – or reinvention – is what garage glory is all about. And there are some absolute gems on this one. But you quickly forgive and forget that slip when Sadina fairly stomps her feet while singing the next line, “As though I were just some little girl he’d hardly known.” Right there, she leaps from Lulu to Judy Garland. But the fact that it was selected out of all the other songs on that record means that at least one other person on this planet heard then what I still hear: the sound of almost-greatness. 55 of the 100 most obscure hit songs (those on Spotify) are available to listen to below. Undaunted, McLaren offered “Jonesy” a place in a “house band”/Situationist prank he was throwing together. Their cover of James Brown’s “I’ll Go Crazy” is tighter than tight, whereas the Magoos’ take on “Tobacco Road” foreshadows metal’s birth more convincingly than anything else in the garage canon. Best Horror Movie Soundtracks: 20 Essential Spine-Chilling Film Scores. And I caught an acute case of melancholy. When we finally come to page 28, the same painting is again reproduced, but with the addition of a single handwritten line: “This is the last picture that Van Gogh painted before he killed himself.”. And hey, “96 Tears” hit Number One on the charts, which was quite the bedpost notch for the garage crowd as a whole. The next time you're taking the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seriously, remember Paul Rodgers, possibly the best pure singer in rock history, is still not in there. One of the lesser known shades he ever tried on was Zeppelin-style hard-rock, for Bowie's "The Man Who Sold The World" album. Then again I would because I wrote it . Your email address will not be published. The result is much more than a decade's worth of great rock music. You must have The Strawbs – Down by the Sea. Share Tweet Email Comments. And don’t cry for them. The biggest hit for this Canadian hip-hop duo, which might sound a  tad familiar due to the use of Quincy Jones’ Soul Bossa Nova on the backing track (that’s the song Austin Powers dances to in the opening credits of his first film). Mo Lowda and the Humble. Sign up for our newsletter. The lyrics, too, could get a bit Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, so you wonder just what the hell they were reading. Clay Aiken: “This Is The Night,” 2003 Nasty riffs  a young Eddie Van Halen learned back when he was still playing backyard Pasadena keg parties. Full Moon On Main Street – Freddie & the Screamers, 37. Fairly obscure song from fairly obscure English/American/Swiss trio who vanished as swiftly as they appeared. I can’t possibly improve upon Michael H. Little’s lengthy, and absolutely delightful, appreciation of this mysterious record over at The One Way Street was a quartet (actually a quintet, but one member couldn’t make the session) of Zanesville and Cambridge Ohio teens who showed up at Sunrise Studios in Hamilton, Ohio out of the blue and recorded a 45 (A-side “We All Love Peanut Butter,” which Kid Congo Powers turned me on to, and B-side “Jack The Ripper”) while the mother of guitarist/vocalist Sonny Dickens waited outside in her car. From the band that brought you "Cum on Feel the Noize" and "Mama Weer All Crazee Now," which Quiet Riot recycled into Spandex for '80s hits. 17 Avenging Angels – Space (number six in 1997). 21 My Favourite Game – The Cardigans (number 14 in 1998), One of the bigger hits from this Swedish combo, which attracted controversy for its video, in which singer Nina Persson is flung from a moving car. Here's a look at 20 rock songs from the '70s that feel underrated today. Which seems ironic, considering that American teens and college kids couldn’t hope to play at the level of a Jeff Beck, but when the chops weren’t there, the attitude was. Mitchell married fellow musician Jerry Reed two years later, and after giving birth to two daughters, she resumed her recording career as “Sadina.”. The title track of their debut was a hilarious take on gender which would horrify the Internet-scouring militants of today ever in search of things to be offended by, but better still is “Linguica,” a greasy slab of surf-infused bonhomie that has some real instrumental aplomb to it. But hands up how many of you remember this little number? Meaning, when you could be a pimply virgin living under your parents’ roof, team up with some of your friends and force your way into a trend that had hit-making ramifications. And don’t cry for them. Bing Crosby: “White Christmas,” 1942 Frontman Gregg Alexander never managed to follow up this awesome anthem, alas (even though he released a rather good album entitled Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too) but he has since enjoyed success as a songwriter. Fun: “We Are Young,” 2012 Sadly, this rendition of “Never…” was cut when SCTV went into syndication. Had someone been more mercenary/on the ball after Strummer’s death, they might have squeezed some airplay out of his Streetcore cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.” It’s not like there wasn’t a pseudo-precedent: think of how Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” became a cultural phenomenon the previous year. (Not everyone shares my high opinion of this bit, which is fair enough since I’m working off a memory from my teens…). This insanely catchy little number was the only UK top ten hit for this bunch of New York rockers, whose only other song of note was another jaunty little number entitled Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong. 3 Monsters and Angels – Voice of The Beehive (number 17 in 1991). California’s the Leaves – never you mind what kind – went the garage-folk route. These Tex-Mexers were pretty foul, but sufficiently adept that they could handle a blues like T-Bone Walker’s “Stormy Monday,” which betters the Them version. These guys come off as total nutters at times. Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, Rudy Martinez, lead singer of this group of organ-loving oddities, claimed to be from Mars, but if you were from Mars, would you really write a song, in the title track, which inverts the 69 sexual position and turns it into a symbol for teenage heartbreak?

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