For a fraction of what some ministries pay for their private jets, or their state-of-the-art buildings, we could literally turn the spritual tide of this nation back to God and His Truth and see a great harvest of souls won to Christ! Finally, we will combat eternal death this world and Islam brings with LIFE EVERLASTING!!! Keller has made numerous statements against President Obama. Keller says he was raised in the United Methodist Church, but became an evangelical preacher in 1992 upon his release from federal prison, where he spent two and a half years for insider trading. Sunday Contact: Bill Keller, 727-420-7005,; SECOND, I NEED ONE PERSON WHO IS ABLE TO WIRE TRANSFER OR FED EX THE $7,000 FOR THE 9-11 CHRISTIAN CENTER OPERATIONS LAST WEEKEND. In the same posted sermon, Keller wrote, "It is so sad that the largest Christian TV network in the world, for whatever reason, has censored those on their network from telling people the truth about Islam.". I love you and care about you so much. During phase one, I have made the commitment to travel from Florida to NYC each weekend to personally conduct the Sunday services. Earlier, the Gothamist published another tongue-in-cheek story, Watch the Anti-Mosque Ad That’s Too Hot for Networks to Air by y John Del Signore, July 14, 2010; Ground Zero Mosque Circus Rolls Over Landmark Commission, by Briana Parker, July 14, 2010; and It’s a Great Day to Rant About That Mosque Near Ground Zero! Tax ID/EIN: 13-1818723 2 Corinthians 4:6. I am asking you today to simply pray about what God may be calling you to do to help me with this effort. Bill Keller is the internets premiere evangelist. THE SOUL OF THIS NATION HANGS IN THE BALANCE!!! If the Muslims have the audacity to build a $110 million mosque just blocks from where the World Trade Center towers once stood, I can go to that same hallowed ground where MUSLIMS terrorized this nation and killed 3,000 innocent people, and give people the only Truth there is, God's Word, and the only hope there is, faith in Jesus Christ!". Bill Keller, described by Barotholomew as “an old-school fundamentalist fire-and-brimstone man,” runs an online ministry called Live Prayer. by John Del Signore, July 13, 2010. Bill's life became sidetracked while attending Ohio State when he started a small business that became very successful. Keller says he was raised in the United Methodist Church, but became an evangelical preacher in 1992 upon his release from federal prison, where he spent two and a half years for insider trading. "Allah" is an imaginary god that is actually a black rock and is NOT the God of the Bible! have taken my stand and will proclaim His truth with my dying breath. Bill Keller Ministries, Inc. is a Florida Foreign Non-Profit Corporation filed on April 27, 2000. $100,000 of that will cover the weekly services of the 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero from September through the end of the year. After January 1st, I will oversee the operations of the 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero and we will have pastors and evangelists in the NYC area conducting the daily services. The above post also refers to an earlier Salon post, Top Birther wants to build church to fight “Ground Zero Mosque” by Justin Elliot, Tuesday, July 13, 2010. ", Keller also promotes the "birther" conspiracy theory that claims that President Obama was not born in the United States. Before Obama was elected, Keller referred to him as "an enemy of God." In a September 2009 segment of his online TV show, Keller featured an infomercial questioning President Obama's origins. THE MEETINGS SHOULD LAST APX 1 HOUR. Finally, we will combat eternal death this world and Islam brings with LIFE EVERLASTING!!!". Trust me, we will be battling the forces of satan on this one every step of the way, but "greater is he that is in us!" I have given my very life, all of my time, talent, and treasure to bring His Truth to this lost and dying world, and the eternal hope all men have through faith in Christ. Should those who oppose the Park51 Islamic center also consider Keller's "Ground Zero church" an affront to the victims of 9/11? I WILL ALSO BE CONDUCTING A PRAYER AND INFORMATIONAL MEETING AT THE HOME OF DAN AND KIM GALLO,130 N. SEIR HILL RD, NORWALK, CT. AT 3PM. Keller stated that he sees this as an incredible opportunity to take a stand for Christ within a block of the hallowed ground where the World Trade Center Towers once stood, and give people a place where they can come to pray and find true peace and hope at a time when so many lives are in turmoil. If the Muslims can raise $110 million dollars to construct their temple of death and help lead souls to the fires of hell for all eternity, can we not raise just $8,410,000 for a place people can come to find Truth and salvation, while having the national platform in the marketplace to lead this nation back to God and Biblcial Truth??? Your friend and brother in Christ, $1 million of that will go towards the operations expenses of the 9-11 Christian Center at Ground Zero during 2011, $1 million will cover the years TV budget in the local New York market during 2011, and the other $6 million will allow the program to be aired nationally on a major secular network during 2011. The fan favorite shock jock hosts LivePrayer’s own Bill Keller on The Howard Stern Show for passionate discussion and debate on a variety of heated topics. ", In another online sermon dated January 18, 2006, Keller referred to "this false religion called Islam that over 1 billion people on the planet are following straight to hell." Keller has a history of anti-Muslim and anti-gay bigotry and has attacked President Obama as "an enemy of God" and compared him to Hitler. And if they do, let's hope they "actually get to meet some of their Muslim brothers and sisters," and "commence interfaith Kumbaya-singing festivals." He officially announced the launch of his project in mid-July 2010 and set up an affiliated Web site filled with statements denigrating Islam. LivePrayer is now providing a daily devotional written by Bill Keller for its over two million e-mail subscribers. Keller has made numerous appeals via his Web site for help in funding the center. With the LIGHT! That is less than 8% of what the Muslims will spend to build their temple to satan that will be used to lead souls to hell through the lies of Islam and teach this and future generations of Muslims that their ultimate goal is to turn the United States and all nations into Islamic countries.

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