3 years ago, Thanks :D Make sure to show me photos of the finished thing! The light is more for keeping with tradition than necessity. The large can biltong box can take 3kg which is great if people are coming over once a week. Handles were added because we are after the best possible product and for those odd occasions that the box needs to be moved it makes transport effortless. Have you ever thought 'How do they make Biltong?' http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/like/111227562387?hlpht=true&ops=true&viphx=1&lpid=94, Had someone bring me one from south africa and it has a light fitted, the recommendation is to use a 40w light as anything higher and you may start cooking the meat, The light should be fine from a fire perspective however i have my dryer placed where if it was to catch fire it wont set the whole house alight just in case, A mate of mine sorted me out with a few incandescents he had lying around - he's an electrical engineer and can get them easily as they make good resistors for load testing ....and the occassional batch of billies. You can dry sausage this way too, but they have to be very thin ( pencil thick) and no fat as this can go rancid real quick. Keto and Paleo Friendly. The clip system was the final combination piece that made production and assembly effecient. Spicy Peri Peri, 2.5oz 2-Pack, Stryve Biltong Beef Sticks. Then I took the door panel I made earlier, and lined it up against the Biltong Box. I had several South Africans come and ask to see the box but when they saw the size they all just walked away shaking their heads, I could and did dry between 5 and 30 kg at a time, which I was vacuum packing slicing and selling for $30 a kilo. Coles sells it in a vacuum pack and Woolworths in a baking tray. The original large biltong box is 56cm high which was designed for the lengthy cuts; I created a Medium biltong box at 40cm high that is perfect for the 1kg beef eye cuts. Thanks. But for now if you head to my website there is a button to download the pdf. The light bulb will remove the humidity in the box and the fan is there for circulation. When we lived in Mackay I used a cardboard box with a fan and lamp. If you can give me a vote it would be amazing. where I am it is increasingly harder to obtain incandescent light bulbs and leds are not very hot being much more efficient, how could you make one of these without the light bulb , using some other low current device as a heat source? But you can use this idea and make it any size you want. I hope you enjoy making, eating and sharing biltong as much as I do. John says: June 26, 2017 at 4:30 pm Hi Altus. Shower humidity and toilet rituals should not be ventilated through the biltong box. It would have clear rods for haning as much or as little meat as you disired and that it would be assembled with a more robust hinge system. Hickory Seasoned, 4oz, Stryve Biltong Beef Sticks. Then placed it face down on top of the box. I then ran some wood glue along the edge and screwed it together. If I had it would have controlled some of the tear out, and I could have got some cleaner lines. Thanks for the good video.Callie, Question what happens if some of the meat juice falls on the bulb … It’s a great piece of meat for making biltong. Just have to keep it on the lowest temparature setting and turn/swap the trays a couple of times to get more even drying. I love the look and I love some of the old design features coming back say, you had it right 1st time round. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon, Stock Your Pantry With Healthy Protein Snacks, Stryve Protein Variety Snack Pack | Air Dried 100% Beef Biltong | Lighter than Jerky | No Carb, No Sugar | 16g Protein | 4 Pack of 2.25oz, Stryve Original Biltong | Low Fat, Low Carb, Low Sugar | 16g Protein | 4 Pack of 2.25oz. This makes them nice and secure. 6 weeks ago Make sure that you place the filter tray in otherwise the juices from the meat will drip onto the bulb. I put a porcelain light fixture at the bottom using a 60W light bulb … We run a 40w light, it is perhaps 3 cm away from the meat and no problem with the meat getting cooked. The food dehydrators work and absolute treat. This is your chance to discover the pleasure of making it yourself. By I was using very cheap wood, and forgot to put strips of masking / painters tape down. I now had the method perfected and needed the right meat cut. Enjoy, and no fire risk!!! 14g Protein, Sugar Free, No Carbs, Gluten Free, No Nitrates, No MSG, No Preservatives. If you Cam share I will be gratefull. Please note that this is not the cured salted beef eye, which is the same cut but has gone through a salting process. As said by Nev the higher the temperature the greater the water vapour it can carry. I could not go to a small butcher either as it was not a common cut. They are less than $20 on Amazon and can ensure you get the exact temp you need (at least that's my logic lol). About: I love creating and making things. Then I used a pair of hinges to attach the door. I know this is a little old now, but I've been looking into making my own box, and plan on mostly following your plans. From leather wallets, wooden rings to DIY projects. I decided that the 5th generation would finally be standardised and to allow for interchangeable fan panles. The next design had an 8 bolt system. If your meat starts getting white flecks it's mold of sorts, just brush it with vinegar and salt, to kill it. [$60/($15+5)*100%= 300%]. Question Once again we are the best Biltong Box in the world and once again we assume our competitors are going to copy us. A light is traditionally used to create air ventilation. Could you please post the dimensions of your Biltong Box. Yes, the biltong box does now come with a light. The short answer is no, do not make biltong outside unless it can’t be avoided. I made a biltong box a while … Cold air is often better for making biltong as there’s less humidity in cold air, hence why traditionally biltong was made in winter months. Although there has been multiple success in making biltong outside unpredicted rain and excessive sun can make it difficult. I created mine using a PC fan to push air through over the meat. Some designs have a light at the top which completely defeats the point of having a light. Remember to check out my recipe video on how to make your own Biltong using this box. Cool box. The light is more for keeping with tradition than necessity. All you need to remember that it needs to be taller than wide, and allow enough height for air to be bought in and escape at the top above the meat. We are the only company with 2 fans. I've seen someone else using an actual making baking tray so I'm on the look out for a nice big square one! One more question, is it one with a fan only setting or do you actually make your biltong with a low heat setting? Just a little bit of time and home spices and in a few days your own biltong. and only about 19 hours drying time. I also needed a box that would look good in the kitchen as I don’t have a shed and hanging meat isn’t exactly elegant. I now had a sperb method that would make biltong in more unsuited climates. I'm building one too. I initially used a light like the traditional makers but found that the air transfer was really slow and hardly efficient especially in the more humid months. The dehydrator did well. Before us, there were no clear Biltong Boxes. It takes 1kg with ease which is a great for personal use and sharing with the occasional friends. You can use tinfoil on this tray and around the light at the bottom for easy cleaning. well that is nice and a fun and useful device indeed. Thank you very much for the advice mate. Not bad for 40 bucks! The disadvantage is that should a panel crack or a part be misplaced that was the end of your purchase. If they get through that then they might deserve a little taste followed by a rapid death. If you live in a warmer area with more bugs i would really suggest yoi get more ventilation and also cover those holes with mesh to keep the crawlies out.

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