Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Fwb keeps saying he’s not sure when I bring up the relationship talk ? Lv 7. 0 1. johnb693. ? Sounds good, so go along with it, hope it turns out well for you both. We dated for 2 years and broke up for almost 2 months. Still have questions? Would you divorce your spouse over a kiss? 5 points on what it really means to be a Gentleman, in my view! Something I forgot to mention. what does it mean if a girl that I'm not dating does this with me? To me, Dear or Honey has a deeper bond than baby names. A little better, than those other words, like baby, honey, sugar, sweetie, etc, lol, Perhaps if he said it in Italian, it might sound better to you, as in "Cara Mia" which means, "My Dear", Nope thats just a sweet pet-name for you :). We walked hand in hand, told each other what we had missed during those weeks. My friend has given her house keys to her lover. You can sign in to vote the answer. We went out for a couple of dates. :D. is something that most guys would mind? i was dating a guy and had to dump him because I couldn't stand that he called me dear. My experience is whatever habits, issues, or problems that were there in the first place will still be there if you get back together. when I called him "hun" he didn't like it because it made him feel like a girl. I asked a guy who I think is interested in me if he liked me more than as a friend ..He said oh please don't go there. XD It's corny, but I can't help it. We didn't talk for weeks and started some slow communication a few weeks ago. Which emojis would you get rid of, if you could. You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you? Maybe you can't be friends. 0 0. It means that he loves you and you are dear to his heart :) You are very lucky to have a boyfriend like that! But then it ended up being shortened to "sugar" and "honey" and now we actually like it. I’m afraid to ask him for money. Source(s): too much cornbeans in his diet. Trust your gut, what is it telling you. Maybe you should ask him how he feels. Does my wife have the right to go through my work email? Of course things like babe/baby are nice, but I may say "deary" instead of dear, or "m'dear" instead of my dear. And Dear, while still used often, it's not as often as it used to be. not what I meant by that. if their girlfriend called them dear when she was texting them? It could be, that his parents or grandparents, use that word often, and it's just part of his vocabulary. My boyfriend calls me that sometimes. He Calls Me Dear. There is a treadmill of pet names that lovers use to communicate with each other in a relationship. because I say that to my boyfriend. How can I get my boyfriend to love me the way he used to? It's just a term of endearment. I like to use terms of endearment for guys that I date, but I make them seem less serious. Anonymous. I think it's nice and sweet, and that's how you should take it. it killed me lol. is that something that guys like being called? My fiancé makes the money and I stay at home with kids while pregnant. Never miss a thing with GirlsAskGuys notifications on your browser. How do you think about the answers? What did he mean ? When we were together, we seemed forgot we already broken up. We walked hand in hand, told each other what we had missed during those weeks. 9 years ago. But the thing is, why did you break up?? You were supposed to build me up, not tear me down. And then his recent email start calling me "Hi Dear," like the second year of our relationship.

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