Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM ivermectin. Thorough cleaning and sterilisation are important. The sore/bumble may be crusty or even have a yellow discharge. Do not force a scale that is not ready, this can cause damage and bleeding, and during this procedure you do not want blood. Knemidokoptes pilae will affect not only the legs but also the beak, the eyes and the area around the vent. This There are some great articles online dealing with one or all of the mentioned topics. The use of Ivermectin does indeed work, but I must warn, for those who have used it, there can be extreme differences in outcome. Scaly leg mites The Latin name for the so-called scaly leg mite is Knemidokoptes mutans. Since much more research and thus remedies and information will be found specifically within chicken specific article and research again they apply to all birds. These all are valid questions and one should always try and pin point any problem, to allow for correct treatment, rather than just jump in a try what is easier for the human doing the treatment. It is also called Knemidokoptes mange and it does require veterinary attention. Thus the Both Scaly Face and Scaly Leg mites are invisible to the naked eye. German version of this text: Gaby Schulemann-Maier, It would thus be grossly negligent to not consult a veterinarian if an experience severe itching if the mites are not limited to the upper mandible. Thank you for your question. Your bird will require repeated doses of treatments to affect a cure which you should be diligent about carrying out. “Is it Gout, is it Bumblefoot, or is it a simple injury. Treating all your birds regularly, and treating their environment will go a long way to preventing another outbreak. Similar disease: beak fungi The condition can be compared with sarcoptic mange in mammals, but does not seem to cause the same level of itching. skin and the upper mandible and thus poisons the gluttonous mites. Again, repeat this application, but this type of approach can be done, say every 3 or 4 days, since the Vaseline will last longer than the oil. Scaly leg mites generally spread slowly by means of travel-ing from bird to bird, and will move from cage to cage and perch to perch. By the way, In the early stages, they have the appearance Scaly leg mites Swelling ensues, then deformity, and then sores, these sores are what we mentioned earlier under Bumblefoot that can con-fuse. The females of this mite species are round-shaped and It is also called Knemidokoptes mange and it does require veterinary attention. Never use full strength GSE on your bird. This leads to a rough surface you will feel, when running your hands down the perch. Bumblefoot generally has one large sore, where Gout shows as many and an overall swelling. It only takes one raised spot, which may become a splinter to cause damage to the birds foot. First again, soak the foot in warm soapy water and clean well, dry, and apply the ointment, and repeat as long as it takes to heal the foot. If the infestation progresses untreated, serious complications usually occur that are The tunnels made by the mites within the skin cause dermatitis and scaly lesions.Scaly face is caused by the same mite responsible for scaly foot and other related mites cause depluming. That might help someone identify the problem! Parakeets infected with mites should be treated with medication by a veterinarian. This may be triggered by diet, or a diet too high in protein, this has a higher percentage in cocks than hens, and does not usual present until birds reach at least the age of 4—5 months old.

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