Your email address will not be published. He also said the airport offers overflow relief for jets that can't land at Pearson if it's too busy. [22], On 12 July 2018, a pilot was killed in a Bellanca 8KCAB when it crashed in a field near the airport (southwest area of airport in Markham). GTAA has stopped funding the airport causing a $1.5 million loss. It is operated by Torontair. In a report assessing the potential impact, Nav Canada concluded that closing the tower and weather services would “not materially impact” safety or the efficiency of operations. Toll-Free: 1-866-834-1114 There are three ground-based navigation aids attached specifically to the Buttonville airport: It has been agreed with the airport and the City of Markham that no circuit practice will occur between the hours of 1600h (4:00pm) and 2000h (8:00pm) during all long weekend holidays. Nav Canada, the not-for-profit company that runs the country’s air traffic control system, has announced that it will close the airport’s tower on Jan. 3, citing a decline in traffic in recent years. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. The pilot, the aircraft's only occupant, was killed in the crash. Closing of Buttonville Airport – NATIONAL POST October 3, 2011 § Leave a comment The Sifton family, the owner of the Buttonville airport, one of the busiest airports in the country, has agreed with Cadillac Fairivew Corporation to reevelop the airport land into a “a town within a city.” In 2011, CF and Armadale, owners of the lands at Buttonville Airport, submitted an application for land use changes to the site to permit a world-class … Nav Canada spokesperson Ron Singer said the company delayed the scheduled closing of the tower this summer to collect more data on the upward trend in traffic. But pilots say Buttonville presents unique challenges and risks — a complex mix of light aircraft and commercial jets and turboprop planes, its location below the busy flight path into Pearson International Airport and its location in a dense urban area — which dictate controllers to guide the traffic. “Safety is of the utmost importance and this decision is irresponsible and not in the public’s interest,” said Scarpitti. “If it turns out that there are issues with closing the tower, we will be prepared to consider other options,” he said. To order copies of rights reserved. Buttonville airport handled 26,108 flights in 2017, down dramatically from 122,386 flights in 2013. Cadillac Fairview is one of the largest owners, operators and developers of best-in-class office, retail and mixed-use properties in North America. In September 2009, the Sifton family, owners of the airport, announced plans to re-develop the airport from 2009 to 2016 into a mixed use of commercial, retail and residential development. Part of the airport property is located on land once held by Button. In April this year, Cadillac Fairview, which is acquiring the property, announced that Buttonville will continue operations until at least spring 2023. In his announcement Sifton stated “After extensive discussion and review, an agreement has been reached with the Buttonville Airport land ownership partnership, to continue airport operations here at CYKZ until October 31, 2018 and possibly beyond this date if circumstances with the airport redevelopment so dictate.”, Speaking from the Million Air perspective Derek said “an announcement such as this allows us to carry on providing service and support to our customers in an uninterrupted manner and proceed with proper business planning. Taxis and limousines within the Greater Toronto Area can drop off and pickup passengers. “We did monitor the traffic over the summer and it really has stabilized. According to Statistics Canada, Buttonville had 26,108 in 2017, whereas in 2014, it had 84,547 with a peak average of 363 daily in June of that year. Download a PDF or view a flipbook online now. The fire is considered arson.[24][25]. Buttonville airport handled 26,108 flights in 2017, down dramatically from 122,386 flights in 2013. COVID-19 Airport Status Currently selected; Recent; Safety Priorities. Takeoffs and landings at Buttonville have seen a steep decrease in recent years, according to Nav Canada, the non-profit, private corporation that owns and operates the country's civil air navigation service. Nav Canada, the private corporation that operates the country's civil air navigation A fence was cut through and a gas can was found at the scene. “I think it’s unsafe and short-sighted and stupid,” he said in an interview. Armadale identifies opportunities to develop unrecognized, undeveloped or undervalued properties and participates operationally and financially either as consultants, owners or in joint ventures. Singer, Nav Canada's spokesperson, agreed "there was a slight uptick" in flight traffic in recent months but said that wasn't enough to reverse the decision. Buttonville Airport began to really grow as a grass airstrip in 1953 when Leggat Aviation moved its operations from Barker Field in Toronto. In 2011, CF and Armadale, owners of the lands at Buttonville Airport, submitted an application for land use changes to the site to permit a world-class employment district and vibrant, mixed-use lifestyle destination. Nav Canada funds its operations through fees charged to airlines and aircraft owners.

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