, "But we all do what we must, in the end. Now go away, you bore me. Corre el rumor de que ya ocupó diversos cargos de gestión en una empresa, y se las arregló para adquirir una cantidad considerable de la fortuna por su cuenta. I will restore the glorious Togami family with you. Because Byakuya was raised in such a highly competitive environment of "haves" and "have-nots", he thinks all people only think about themselves and he dismisses emotional ties as petty and unimportant, in his own words: Due to his lack of emotional ties with the other students, Byakuya was able to emotionally distance himself from the horrors of the Killing School Life, and thus proved to be one of the most competent and insightful investigators in the group due to his high level of intelligence. So whatever's causing your faces to turn so ugly has absolutely nothing to do with me. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Byakuya mobilized his troops to go with him to the Future Foundation's headquarters. School Mode and Ultimate Talent Development Plan exist in two separate alternate universes where Byakuya still attends Hope's Peak Academy, but no students are in peril. It was not wrong of me to believe in you. He also goes on cute mode, saying that hope is a myth. He appears to be fluent in French, as he was easily able to read. Byakuya Togami No ha mencionado en qué consistió el examen que lo coronó vencedor, pero se desprende que arriesgó la vida en él. A "peacekeeping squad" was dispatched by Kyosuke Munakata to Jabberwock Island on behalf of the Future Foundation to kill the survivors, because they still believed them to be dangerous and under the influence of Despair, but Byakuya dispatched his own squad who successfully rescued them and transported them off of the island. (, "Hearing you say that reminds me of what you said back at the academy. We have to protect ourselves against the mastermind's, "Don't be stupid. Venera a su familia, y a menudo habla del gran poder de la Togami Corporation; cuando Junko reveló el estado - o más bien, el cese de la existencia - de la Togami Corporation y su familia, él no lo tomó nada bien, mostrando por primera vez un acceso de Despair. Komaru recorded a message to give to her brother Makoto, which he delivered to him. He has short blond hair and he wears white framed glasses. Weight In which case, the only option is to deceive those around you, and win. And I'll keep watching you. Keep doing your best. ", Chapter 2: "Hmph, still so much to learn. He goes on to have a mental breakdown and threats to kill them. He is also extremely reluctant to admit to any mistakes he might have committed. ", Chapter 2: "Jeez, how pathetic. It appears you aren't hurt. Super High School Level Heir). Feel free to begin calling me that, in fact.". I suppose I can forgive you after that... Of course, I don't want your spit on my shoe, either. I can't guarantee I'll actually bother listening, but you know...", "Another life-or-death game of Guess the Killer has just begun. The surviving students awoke with the knowledge of what they had done, but with a determination to work towards a hopeful future. Let's get, "What kind of question is that? Whilst at the library, before going back to his room, Byakuya noticed Mondo leaving the girl's changing room and had a look inside, noticing the dead body of Chihiro Fujisaki. The Future Foundation came to the assistance of the Hope's Peak Academy survivors following their victory over Junko Enoshima, and Byakuya and the other survivors decided to join the organization, and the Future Foundation helped them to restore their lost school memories. The aim of the game the players had to play was to stick their hands into open flames for a combined amount of time to stop Bailey from being burned alive. ", "Don't make that stupid face. Despite serving under Kyoko Kirigiri, Byakuya was always ready to take the lead when the situation called for it, and used his considerable wealth and power to assist in the war of Hope vs Despair, noteably in the rescue of the surviving Remnants of Despair from the Future Foundation and in trying to locate and rescue his classmates' loved ones who were either captive or on the run from the Warriors of Hope in Towa City. Kisho Taniyama accused Byakuya of wanting Bailey dead for personal reasons, but Byakuya reasoned he was only thinking of the overall group's survival. Él era el hermano menor y heredero del gigante financiero de la familia Togami. Comunidad para todos aquellos fans del anime Danganronpa. Ultimate Despair Member Danganronpa: Togami is a light novel that focuses on the times of the Tragedy. Byakuya shares both his Japanese voice actor, This makes Byakuya one of twelve characters who share their voice actor with another character in the Japanese version (the others being. Byakuya also escapes Hope's Peak in the novel Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc IF with all the classmates alive. I don't mind telling you. His title is the Ultimate Affluent Progeny (超高校級の「御曹司」lit. Throughout the story, he frequently antagonized the others, saying he would be the one to emerge unscathed. También suele jugar de una manera macabra con sus compañeros, como cuando manipula la escena del crimen de Chihiro (aunque en realidad fue para descubrir al asesino real) o su participación en la escena de la bomba del cuerpo de Monokuma que sostiene Hagakure (insinúa que puede tener un sensor de movimiento, casi matandolos del susto, cuando en realidad hace ya rato que la desactivó...). ", "My reasons hardly matter right now. But it is a little strange... Why haven't you killed yourself yet, pig? Whatever, it doesn't matter. Katakana Byakuya Togami (十神白夜 Togami Byakuya) es uno de los personajes que aparecen en Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and High School Students of Despair.Su título es Preparatoriano Super Estupendo Heredero de Alto Nivel de la Escuela (超高校級の「御曹司」Chō Kōkō Kyū no "Onzōshi"). ", Chapter 4: "I'm relieved. For the other 99%, their dreams never come true. Even if we're far apart, our feelings towards each other will never change" he counters her delusion by saying "Yes, that's correct. His talent helped him in his role as a high ranking member of the Future Foundation's 14th branch. So I don't. Chest Size Later when Toko and Makoto went to see Byakuya, he told them to get out and told Toko to take a bath, commenting on her smell. Life without purpose is quite dull, you know? The two are frequently either seen together or noted to be absent from the group, though this is largely due to Toko's tendency to stalk Byakuya. You are my property. What? I own you like livestock. En sus Tiempos Libres, explica que el cabeza de familia no se casa, sino que tiene una especie de harén de mujeres cuidadosamente escogidas, con las que tiene su descendencia. Let's be together for the rest of our lives. I just don't understand. The mastermind version of him ", "This is absurd! Feeling the need to investigate the matter, Kyoko left Byakuya in charge while she left to heed the invitation. She's much more talented and useful than he is." However, as he knew Byakuya would soon join the academy as well, he took the identity of Ryota Mitarai, which the latter agreed to, as it allowed him to focus on working on his anime. I have gone to battle and emerged victorious. In the end, I'm going to stand alone as the victor. This sense of superiority and black-and-white worldview comes as a result of his upbringing; Byakuya had to prove his worth in battle against his siblings in order to earn his role in the family as heir-apparent, whereas all his other siblings who lost the battle were effectively ex-communicated from the family and cut off financially, deemed "unfit for the name of Togami". That is the nature of, "But isn't this is a democracy? Usa un traje oscuro verde petróleo, con una cadena de reloj visible del lado izquierdo, y lleva en la solapa la figura de una casa que parece ser el emblema del Togami Conglomerate. Canonical? The Togami family has a "peculiar inheritance system", in which the male head of the family does not take a wife, but instead couples with exceptional women from around the world, in order to bear as many children as possible. He returns as a participant in the Killing School Trip featured in Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. He enjoys reading, watching movies, and pool games. Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School, That annoying little insect that clings to me wherever. Byakuya reasoned that this meant the one running this game was either a student or a member of the faculty, though this brought suspicion upon him. Ultimate Talent Development Plan The two who should never have met Fandub. Because it made things more interesting. It was the first time in the family’s history that the youngest had ever “taken the crown”. I stake my family name on it!". He has a silver pocket watch in his suit breast pocket and had the pin of his former highschool on his lapel. On the other hand, Jill insulted Byakuya at first, the latter being very surprised as a result. ", "The mere thought of my gaze meeting one of, "Showing any weakness opens the door to defeat. Despite his prudish demeanor, he was actually one of the group's most sensible students, and had proven to be a competent investigator. The remaining survivors: Aoi, Byakuya, Makoto and Yasuhiro live peacefully inside the school for the rest of their days, with Aoi having the children of Byakuya, Makoto, and Yasuhiro. Even if you beg like a dog, I won't budge. Byakuya simply says she must have mistaken him with someone else. Art goes pyonbot on tumblr. These will aid you, usually during Class Trials. I would lose my temper if you got yourself hurt without my permission. However, Aaron devised a scheme with James Lancaster to kill Byakuya, but he ended up shooting Logan Wilson in the shoulder and shoved Umeko into Aaron to make his escape. He wears a black and white uniform with a Monokuma on his chest with a red X. Byakuya is a heir to a worldwide conglomerate, which that is the Togami family. You are mine, after all. That seems much more interesting. He is often cold, blunt, and taciturn, but has a deviously manipulative tendency. Makoto, who had become increasingly sympathetic to the Remnants of Despair after seeing the effects of despair firsthand, hatched a plan along with the fellow survivors of the Killing School Life to capture the Remnants of Despair and rehabilitate them using the Neo World Program, a therapeutic virtual reality program that would hopefully reverse the brainwashing done by Junko Enoshima. Anime Byakuya has a tall, slim figure and usually dons a black suit. With Junko dead, the School Killing Life was finally over, and the survivors found an escape switch that would allow them to leave the academy. ", "My family would never fall! Grow old together, die together... For now, we depart. Birth Date Uncovering the identity of the mastermind will have to wait. I'll partner with you. Byakuya Togami  (十神白夜 Togami Byakuya) es uno de los personajes que aparecen en Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. He began to make plans to facilitate what would soon become known as the Eveline Incident.

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