CarlsCars Frylock and Shake are instantly horrified, and a late entering Carl gets his arms ripped off by Willie, who drinks his blood and calls it juice. Master Shake enters with a newspaper (to show a pantyhose ad), but Frylock discovers an article that states that Turkitron is actually a defective toy called the "Hustlin' Tom Turkey" and that 5,000 were made. RS1600 AVO, Most cars on this site have been bought myself however The Aqua Teens participate in a trivia game at a local bar as team versus the one and only but smart Wayne 'The Brain' McClane. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Zombie Ninja Pro-Am, It's the car with the "hypno" rims and it has the decal "2 wycked" on it. Just before the turkeys fire on Carl, he says, "You mother-". Unfortunately, not only do Frylock and Meatwad hate the song, nobody else likes nor wants to buy it, putting Shake in deep financial trouble. It's Halloween night in South Jersey, and the Aqua Teens are gearing up for the holiday by dressing up...except Master Shake, of course. Carl is captured on the spot and Shake is arrested two days later. After making fun of Willie's methods (Shake calls the laid back spider "The Gayest Monster since Gay Came to Gaytown" and says he should star in a musical called "The Texas Chainsaw Mascara"), Shake decides to remake the laid back onion/spider into a killing machine, in the image of a serial killer. He hates it when the Aqua Teens are in his pool or when they (especially Shake) mess with his car. They plan to use him to control their programming, but he quickly escapes. Carl's Car Is Freakin' Crushed. In season two the main cast consisted of Dana Snyder who provided the voice of Master Shake,[3] Carey Means who provided the voice of Frylock,[4] and series co-creator Dave Willis who provided the voice of both Meatwad and Carl Brutananadilewski; and recurring character Ignignokt. var sc_security="b77a5906"; Because of the brightness, his security grid happens to be seen from space, attracting the attention of two space aliens DP and Skeeter, members of a space college fraternity. The group decides to teach him English so he can communicate better. He goes to the Aqua Teen's house for help. Carl tries to remove the wig and place it upon a mannequin head, but finds it stuck to his head. It ends up in the hands of a caveman, Oog, who gains super-intelligence and longevity with the help of the computer, then takes out a patent on it. He reveals that he has gotten a wig, and it cost a substantial amount. After some convincing by Shake and the two cubes, he puts the bag out, only to have his fry covered in dog crap. Shake comes back having gotten cheap plastic surgery for his nose. He is voiced by the show's co-creator Dave Willis who also voices Meatwad and the Mooninite Ignignokt. Jon Glaser voiced Ogg in "Super Computer" and "The Last One" and Jerry in "The Broodwich", Brooks Braselman voiced Travis of the Cosmos in "Super Spore" and "The Last One", Ned Hastings, Seth MacFarlane as Wayne 'The Main Brain' McClane in "Super Triva", Zakk Wylde voiced the co-writer to Master Shake's song in "Spirit Journey Formation Anniversary", Tom Scharpling voiced Willie Nelson in "The Shaving", H. Jon Benjamin voiced Mr. Carl Wash View My Stats. View production, box office, & company info. Meatwad buys a bag of "Enchiladitos" and eats it all before Shake can have a bite. As he steps outside to speak with them, his hair gains more mass and becomes red. var sc_project=940427; Frylock asks the real cube the paradox, but the cube leaves him with a flaming bag that contains "the answer". During the final season a raffle was held for a chance to win a real life replica of 2 Wycked by the king of the BA's Mr. Goldust. 2 Wycked (briefly known as the HotWad) is Carl's prized Dodge Stealth ES.The car is equipped with several attachments, including a supercharger. So please feel free to contact me by Email, Or sign My After a small conversation, the second cube apologizes and claims he's the "real" Wisdom Cube and the original cube is his cousin: The Dumbassahedratron. Carl loves pornography, sports, his car, and junk food. Master Shake destroys another TV, which happens to be their last one. Museum, photos are of my actual collection. Shake and Frylock try to get him out, but fail twice, with the second solution causing Shake to get eaten as well. At the end of this episode (67 years later), an apocalyptic future is depicted, and Carl, being used as a coat rack (and still in a frozen state), is knocked over and presumably killed. The Aqua Teens follow him, and through the holes in Carl's wall, watches as Carl plays an air guitar solo, only to be interrupted by the Aqua Teens. Carl tries to kick him out, but ends up shooting his right foot off by accident. The voice eventually offers him free brain surgery, after which Shake eats the tomatoes and is sent to the other dimension. October 26, 2012 at 7:29 PM. So now it's up to Aqua Teen Hunger Force to find out who did it. Do you even talk? Note: The alternate dimension scenes are an acknowledged homage to Don Hertzfeldt, Hertzfeldt's films, and Rejected in particular.[9]. Master Shake neglects paying the bills, having flushed them down the toilet due to their expensive, mandatory costs. restored or just done a simple modification too, and some I have spent a lot of time remember these are toy cars and as such many have been played with For the a list of days of the week, see, Volumes 2 and 3 DVD cover art, which Volume Two features episodes 1–9 and 11–12 from season two, and, Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, "We have the technology. have been temped with some models as you will see during your visit. Early on the episode, they decide to make a cool group name. Two floating brains (calling themselves Carl) hire Meatwad to advertise their dilapidated car wash. Turkitron then tells a series of long tales about subjects ranging from the chicken overlords to the banning of taco pie to the claim that Carl is, in fact, a chicken mercenary sent from 9595 to stop the mission. Frylock informs him that paying the overdue bills will be the only way to restore their services, but an impatient Shake decided to mooch off Carl instead, much to his anger. Dr. Weird invents a robot rabbit that escapes and destroys Carls car. Carl has installed an ultra high-tech security system to keep the Aqua Teens out of his pool. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. why not follow the 'Official Supplier to Carl's Cars Choose He is the unfortunate neighbor of the Aqua Teens, a position that has caused him massive, untold amounts of grief over the course of several years. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Meatwad: It don't. The only problem is that they have no chance to change the channel, because they have no remote control. Please Jon Reeves . Shake wastes no time trying to get the tickets by any means possible, from attempting to find them to doing favors for Meatwad. Master Shake travels to Guatemala, and Meatwad enjoys doing what he pleases when he's not around. I have used other photo's on the manufactures pages of With twenty four episodes, season two is the longest season of the series. Carl then goes back to the Aqua Teens' house and throws Meatwad at Shake, who is flipping out because Willie didn't scare Carl. When Carl leaves, his mannequin head grows fangs and devilish eyes. I think it's Camaro or Firebrd, but another one of my friends thinks it's a Stealth? Carl Brutananadilewski (better known as simply Carl) is the tetartagonist of the popular Adult Swim program Aqua Teen Hunger Force. After the movie, the only mention of them is a non-speaking cameo of Dr. Weird in the season seven episode, "One Hundred", and later makes his final appearance in season eight episode "Allen Part One". These people have very kindly donated cars from their own past, Although the Remonster is meant for TV, Shake uses it as a device to torture Meatwad. Frylock, sick of losing to Wayne, decides to turn it all around for the next game by using the Ludovico technique on Shake and Meatwad to boost their knowledge via a huge DVD Frylock loaded. The Wisdom Cube, a cube from outer space, comes to the Aqua Teens' yard. (voice). Season two also featured many guest appearances. Steve, Sue, Nick, JW, Dazza, Pat, Francis, Neil, David, Dave, Stew, Gail, Sarah, They also find it odd that he carries all his belongings in a plastic bag, including socks, which Turkitron claims are laser-guided weapons. Meatwad says. Title: In an interview Dave Willis stated that Carl is the "basic stereotype of males in general." Book, These are cars I have who  specialise in selling Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Majorette, Corgi Aqua Teen Hunger Force, (also known by various alternative titles), (2001–15) ... [Ignignokt drops the sign that was on Carl's car] Ignignokt: This however, [drops the sign] is your problem. Aqua Teen Hunger Force is about the surreal adventures and antics of three anthropomorphic fast food items: Master Shake, Frylock, and Meatwad, who live together as roommates and frequently interact with their human next-door neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski in a suburban neighborhood in South New Jersey. Shake takes to his "advice" and starts looking more hideous by taking action on his word. This season we have no pre-credits scene and the usual characters are limited to one appearance from the Mooninites, and the show really feels the loss of all of these.Season 4 is cruder than I like and less funny than I like but as a fan of the characters it does just about still work with the usual strong delivery from Shake, Fry and Meatwad – the best episodes focus on them with some silly random stuff as the narrative device for them to be who they are, hopefully season 5 can deliver more like this.

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