ROBERT H. RUSS JOSE IGNACIO KATHRYN JASON BOOSE ED CHEN RICHARD & LINDA KUGHN DOMENIC ALLEN JACK PAULUS La Posada BRIAN M. ROSEN LAURA PHILLIPS GINNY BREEN ANTHONY HO WONG JOHNOEL CUEVAS WILLIAM F. REICHENBACH JOSÉE LAJOIE LARAINE NEWMAN BRIAN JOSEPH JACQUELINE BRAND JAMES G. DASHE PETER HONG MATT NOLTE JOHN GOUX JAY WETZEL MITCH KOPELMAN JENNIFER WEINBERG JOSHUA DEANA WALKER CHERISE MILLER ALEX MOHR JAY WEILAND, NEFTALI “EL MAGNIFICO” ALVAREZ STEPHANIE GENERAL MOTORS CORP. PATRICK JAMES SHAWN NEELY Toons 2 (Cars 2) Part 26 - End Credits; Gallery: Jonathan as Mater. COPYRIGHT © 2010 - 2011 DREAMWORKS ANIMATION LLC.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Seligman, AZ, HUMPY WHEELER MARC SAZER COLLEEN O’SHAUGHNESSEY DON SCHREITER TORBIN XAN BULLOCK PLANET CLAIREWritten by Henry Mancini, Kate Pierson,Fred Schneider, Keith Strickland,Cindy Wilson and Ricky WilsonPerformed by The B-52'sCourtesy of Warner Bros. Records Inc.By arrangement withWarner Music Group Film & TV LicensingCourtesy of The Island Def Jam Music GroupUnder license fromUniversal Music Enterprises andCourtesy of Man Woman Together Now! Cockroach PhD - Hugh LaurieThe Missing Link - Will ArnettGeneral W.R. Monger - Kiefer SutherlandGallaxhar - Rainn WilsonThe President - Stephen ColbertDerek Dietl - Paul RuddWendy Murphy - Julie WhiteCarl Murphy - Jeffrey TamborComputer - Amy PoehlerNews Reporter - Ed HelmsKatie - Renée ZellwegerCuthbert - John Krasinski, Story ArtistsJed Diffenderfer - Bob PersichettiHamish Grieve - Robert PorterMike Mitchell - Joshua PruettClaire Morrissey - Bill RilingTom Owens - Nassos Vakalis, Additional Story ArtistsSean Bishop - Chris MillerDerek Drymon - Greg MillerAlfred Gimeno - Jordan ReichekLi Hong - Anthony Zierhut, Story Production Coordinator - Matthew H. SharacikScript Production Coordinator - Christian H. RoedelProduction Assistant - Scott Tadashi Sakamoto, Production Supervisor - Matt PomeroyAssociate Editor - Lynn Hobson1st Assistant Editors - Rich B. DietlJoe MonteleoneAssistant Editors - Vivec "Vic" SharmaDaniel FortAdditional Associate Editor - Marcus TaylorAdditional Assistant Editors - Maurissa HorwitzMargaret JohnsonProduction Coordinator - Andrea Montana KnollProduction Assistant - Drew Puchalski, Visual Development ArtistsChris Brock - Peter MaynezRichard Daskas - Brett NystulPatrick Marc Hanenberger - Facundo RabaudiRonald A. Kurniawan - Ritche SaciliocTimothy Lamb - Rachel Tiep-Daniels, Character DesignDevin Crane - Craig Kellman, Additional Visual Development ArtistsDamon Bard - Mike HernandezKevin Conran - Sam MichlapTianyi Han - JJ VillardMichael Yamada, Additional Character Design - Patrick MateLynne NaylorChris ReccardiAdditional Costume Design - Israel SegalProduction Coordinator - Kara UlsethProduction Assistants - Margaret Wuller - Vy Trinh, Character Technical DirectorsDominic Bilodeau - Golriz Fanai - Sven PohleTerran Boylan - Ted Forgrave - Gaurav ShenaiMartin Costello - Jeffrey "JJ" Jay - Jeffrey SmithDaniel Dawson - Mariette Marinus - Dick WalshChristina N. de Juan - Tom Molet - Michael Léon Ware, Modeling Lead - Tony K. WilliamsProduction Supervisor - Jed Schlanger, ModelersNadja Bonacina - Angela Ensele Firebaugh - Haengsook OhJoachim de Brunier - Jaewon Lee - Paul SchoeniCristian Dumitriu - Richard S. Lee - Bear Williams, Additional ModelingHyun Jeong ShinMing Hao Yu, Production CoordinatorsDerek McClurgSamir S. Haddad, SurfacersDeepa Agarwal - Jeremy Engleman - Benjamin LippertRicky Taro Baba - Edwin Fong - John McGeeJessica Canter - Robbin Huntingdale - Travis PricePaolo José de Guzman - Sully Jacome-Wilkes - Kevin TurcotteDavid Doepp - Brandi Johnson - David ValdezSoo Jin King, Production SupervisorsNicole BrownRafael Chidez, Rough Layout ArtistsCortney Armitage - Jason McDade, Characters Lead AnimatorsSusan/Ginormica - Roxanne LeeB.O.B. CHRISTINE ERMACOFF BRIAN TORRES SCOTT CLARK THANKS TO EVERYONE AT PIXAR WHO SUPPORTED THIS PRODUCTION, A SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO INSPIRE US ON ROUTE 66, “THE MOTHER ROAD”, A SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO INSPIRED US IN THE WORLD OF RACING, A SPECIAL THANKS TO THOSE WHO INSPIRED US IN THE WORLD OF THE AUTOMOBILE, More The JH Movie Collection's Official Wiki, Bubble Guppies 3: Oogie's Revenge/Credits. Written by Bobby Troup ARUN RAO WAYNE WOOTEN, RAY DAVIS MARCIA SAVARESE-ELLIOTT, MITCH PRATER Roadworks Gifts & Souvenirs SYDNEY STEVEN ARGULA Sheryl Crow appears courtesy of A&M Records, “Life Is A Highway” BASTIEN RACHEL ALLISON ALLPORT WIL PHAN ©2011 DISNEY ENTERPRISES, INC./PIXAR ANIMATION STUDIOS  All Rights Reserved. JEAN GARY HOOKER #43 CAR RICHARD PETTY ENTERPRISES, J MAYS MICHAEL WU TIMOTHY LANDAUER ANDREW H. SCHMIDT ELSA PURPLE PEOPLE EATERWritten and Performed by Sheb WooleyCourtesy of Channel Music Co.,a division of Dotson-WooleyEntertainment Group Int'l. MARK PANANGANAN HUMERA YASMIN KHAN GABRIEL WITCHER ENDRE GRANAT MATT MAJERS TEDDY NEWTON, ROB ANDERSON WANDA GODDARD-BAIRD EUN-MEE AHN FRANK MAROCCO MICKIE T. MCGOWAN BRENDAN DONOHOE ALICE CLENDENEN CHRISTOPHER COLBY ANDREW HARRIS JAMIE HECKER AMY MORAN SARA MAHER Adapted and Performed by Jimi Hendrix JENNIFER FLAKE JONATHAN MICHAELS Mr. Greene as Professor Zundapp. LING HSU BRIAN FEE RONEN BARZEL Recorded by Richard Barrow and Brian David Willis EDWARD MEARES PETER WARD MICHELE SPANE-RIVERA TONY DEROSE EDGAR A. OCHOA NOAH Sand Hills Curiosity Shop Country Dove PAUL CHIDEYA PAMELA DARROW ETHAN JOHN ZUDELL … TIM CRAWFURD MATTHEW LUHN KATIA POPOV ROB GIBBS PETER LIMONICK MICHAEL KILGORE DAVID MACCARTHY Emeryville, CA. By arrangement with SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT, “My Heart Would Know” STEVE PURCELL Courtesy of Arista Records Add a photo to this gallery For ABC Family Executive in Charge of Production MIKE HIGGINS Production Associates ALEX PARKER CPUS FOR FINAL RENDING INTEL® ANIMATED ON MARIONETTE® RENDERED WITH PIXAR'S RENDERMAN®Add a photo to this gallerySound in mixed by Dolby 7.1 SurroundDOMESTIC PRINTS BY DELUXE® INTERNATIONAL PRINTS BY TECHNICOLOR® No all of the cars… DAVID LAUR BOB SCOTT Patrick JohnsonNegative Cutter - Mo HenryEnd Titles - Ariandy ChandraVideo Transfer - Kevin Cleopfil, Post Production Facilities provided by20th Century Fox Studios, Music Executive - Sunny ParkMusic Editor - Adam SmalleyAssistant Music Editor - Peter "Oso" SnellAdditional Arrangements - Matthew MargesonScore Recorded by - Nick WollageScore Assistant Engineers - Chris BarrettTom BaileyScore Recorded at - Air Studios, LondonMusic Mixed by - Alan MeyersonMix Assistant Engineer - Greg VinesScore Technical Engineer - Jack DolmanMusic and Choir Conducted by - Gavin GreenawayOrchestra Leader - Perry Montague-MasonChoir - Metro VoicesChoir Master - Jenny O'GradyMusic Production Services - Steven KofskyStudio Manager - Czarina RussellRemote Control ProductionsScore Preparation - Dakota Music Ltd.London Orchestral Contractor - Isobel Griffiths Ltd.Assistant Orchestral Contractor - Lucy WhalleyMusic Consultant - Chris DouridasMusic Manager - Charlene Ann HuangMusic Coordinators - Roger TangJennifer SchillerExecutive Assistant to Hans Zimmer - Andrew ZackMusic Clearances - Julie ButchkoMusic Business Affairs - Dan ButlerLiz McNicollJennifer Schiller, Workstations, Servers and Technical Services Provided byHewlett-PackardDreamWorks Animation's Preferred Technology Provider, Processors and Software Engineering Services provided by, Directors - Kenn LeGaultAndrew PearceJeffrey Wike, ManagersWilliam J. Ballew - Anna NewmanSuelika J. Chial - Neil OkamotoRonald D. Henderson - Brent PeaseAndrew Kunz - Dwight Sikkema, Principal EngineersSteve RJC Bell - Amy McDonald SandjidehGregory Brauer - Michael SealesJohn Hanashiro - Marty SixkillerMitchell Amino, Technical LeadsSteve Baker - Ben H. Kwa - Aadil RhaziPeter Cucka - Nick Long - Eric TabellionGalen Gornowicz - PJ McNerney - Deepak TolaniBrian J.

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