Dr. “I am not someone who has a lengthy beauty routine. So now, with this lockdown, my wife is getting to finally taste my cooking! In fact, I am trying my hand at stitching again - as I had to fix a tear in my quilt! Chef Damu Interview Why is Biryani so tasty? Catch your favourite celebs acing the lockdown, like a boss! I’ve taken this time to work on consulting projects and to experiment more with vegetarian options at home. Chef Damu is a well-experienced cooking persona. Dress as I would for class and not suddenly workout in my jammies, 3. “Knees off the mat. Chennai: The International Chef Day is observed on October 20, but this year, the celebrations here were muted as chefs are facing a torrid time as Covid-19 lockdown has resulted in many hotels cutting down their staff strength, as well as their salaries by 30-50 per cent. It also took me back to why I decided to become a chef - it was the fun of cooking at home. Some of the dishes I’ve tried in the recent past include japchae (a korean stir fry noodles), hand cut fresh pasta and using ingredients like raw jackfruit as a substitute for meat dishes. When my daughter sleeps and son is doing his homework, I quietly slip away to do some yoga.”. But one thing I have done is completing the script for my next,  Iti Bina, which is based on the life and times of patriot and freedom fighter Bina Das. Work with what you have! Maybe this is your time to learn a new beauty hack at home too! It took me a couple of days to understand how could this slow time be put to use constructively, how I could stay at home and still add value to my work and also make myself useful at home by taking on responsibility. We are also binge-watching a lot of web-series and originals on the various OTT platforms. Standing, rear leg raises ( for gluteus maximus), Praveen Raja and Dr Sunitha Raja​ (Fitness vloggers), Fitness bloggers, siblings, Praveen Raja and Dr Sunitha Raja at @shredify.me are posting videos on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, of workouts that transform your everyday items into your ‘gym equipment’! “My girlfriend is doing work from home so I have taken over the kitchen. The program focuses on what have been described by Times of India as "exciting recipes, especially South Indian" cuisine.. I am also trying to learn cooking from my mother (actor Reshmi Sen), who’s a prolific cook and  I tried rustling up stir-fried chicken in Teriyaki sauce, which turned out quite well. And then there's post dinner game nights with the family. I also keep a daily tab on the news, and stay connected on phone with the administration and people of my constituency at Basirhat.”, “I just returned from a shoot in Africa for my film on Kakababu, when the lockdown started. Please Stay safe, Let's protect our country. She also says that she tries to stay active within the house by walking around and squatting to loosen up the muscles. Now, I see lot people are getting involved more with food, good to see everyone getting creative in food presentation, cooking skills, creating new recipes during this lockdown. With international airlines grounded, domestic travel restricted, salaried class suffering pay cuts, added to the general Covid-19 fear, hotels are not getting guests. I am watching a lot of web-series and just completed watching Elite and You. “A few exercises one can do at home with body weight as resistance and no additional weight.”, 7. So it is your responsibility to stay at home maybe teach yourself something new." It started off on March 18, as a helpful aid for Mansi’s regular class members who otherwise attended her classes at CurioPlay or Tattva. Chef Damu Wiki, Biography, Age, Recipes, TV Shows, Images & More. Here are some of their favourite common household things to use in order to get an effective workout in the time of Covid-19 lockdown. Kanna said: “Many chefs and those who were working in the food and beverages department have started cloud kitchens and sell through Swiggy and Zomato. I want to see Teesri Kasam again, I want to see some old films like Barsaat, Aawara. During this time, she encourages everyone to take this opportunity to learn to rely more on themselves. I’m doing a lot of cooking at home with my wife, and we’re trying to use all the ingredients that we have in the kitchen, and trying to get produce home delivered as much as possible. “We are also reaching out to people in Italy, US, and the UK affected by the health crisis and currently in isolation through live classes in English. Keeping good health and building immunity is key to fighting this deadly virus. I spend more time in my kitchen now trying to experiment with new dishes. ", "I am spending a lot of time with my kids and husband. The poster boy of fitness in India, Milind Soman keeps giving new fitness goals to his fans and followers. Chefs also told IANS that many hotel staffs working in cities have gone back to their native places and live with their parents dipping into their savings. Talking about the present situation with the global health crisis, Jen tells us how she started early. Bulk of their revenue is from banqueting, meetings, conferences and weddings which are not happening since March end,” he added. This is also the time to do things that you were not able to do before, like arranging your kitchen cupboards and spice racks. With ample inspiration on social media, the next challenge we think is to be motivated enough to actually look away from all the delicious cooking-at-home videos and instead upping your fitness quotient like a boss! We had a webinar on Healthy Food. “Hiring interviews are happening… the prospective employers are willing to match the old designations but not the old pay packets,” the HR professional added. The vinyasa flow yoga practitioner, Mansi Gandhi’s voice floated across sternly over all the all participants. Few things I decide to ensure to pull this off.”, 1. I want to suggest viewers watch my old series Powder and Criminal Justice. We never knew such an emergency would occur. Being at home is also giving me a chance to do plenty of research and inspired a new cookbook of easy and quick holiday recipes." Being cooped up at home, I’ve taken this opportunity to learn heirloom family recipes and working on using more indigenous ingredients. I am also cooking for my family. “Initially hotels resorted to pay cuts and then came staff reduction. He had captioned it, "Day 8. Do not shortchange the warm-ups or post work out stretches, 4. “For last month, in order to encourage people into doing and trying online yoga, I offered five free spots which got snapped up very fast! Obviously, I couldn’t go back.”  Talking about the anxiety and stress that everyone is experiencing, she tells us how, “I did a meditation online class in the first week of February for ten days for all my Chinese students as the virus broke out.” Currently Joshna conducts free FB live sessions and YouTube videos on mindfulness. Be honest about the quality of movement execution and timing, Chef Inam Khan of Steak House, Hyerabad is quite a popular name amid the healthy eaters in the city and is known to have cooked for the likes of dish has won favour of Tollywood star Rana Daggubati and Mahesh Babu. “We are starting off at 8 am everyday – waiting for sleep patterns to get back into the groove. (And if you want to amp up the burn then use these items in conjunction with each other). Hailing from Pitampura, Delhi, Saransh couldn’t go back home because he didn’t foresee the situation to turn out this way. Before you scream foul – these sessions are conducted over the Zoom app and it literally takes you from your couch to the mat without you having to leave your living room! About 400 chefs participated,” Chef Damu, President of the South India Chef Association (SICA), told IANS. Standing, lateral leg raises (for outer thigh), 8. “When it comes to home workouts where there is no access to gym equipment, the key lies in using your body and find common household things to externally load so you can resistance train effectively,” says Praveen. Lock-down cooking at home with limited resources is a challenge. (IANS). The message to the people would be to stay safe at this point of time and follow instructions of the authorities, whether it is social distancing or staying at home. Next week we will try a 7.30 am session!” promises Vikram who is also the founder of the Wild Warrior Race, obstacle course race. During this difficult time, it is important to keep calm. Chef Damu Interview Cooku With Comali Best Moments of Season 1 | Interview | Latest Tamil Cinema News Chef Damu Interview Cooku With Comali Best Moments of When you're used to putting in long working hours each day, 6 days a week, when you're used to a busy work and travel schedule, when a fast-paced Mumbai life becomes your lifestyle, a lockdown can be a testing point for you. Needless to say, we are missing each other, and staying in touch over the phone and video calls. Even while I am in an outdoor shoot,  I take a mini-gym kit with me. In this time of lockdown, their Instagram sessions are live, free and have a guest at every session along with co-founder Ashwin Ramdas. “We are at home and tend to sit a lot and be sedentary, so movement is key right now,” adds Sameera. Actor 8 months ago. Stick to the class timing as sacrosanct and clear the designated space of all distraction, 2. Secrets o Stating that the lockdown never locked him down, Mumbai-based Chef Rakesh Talwar says that this is the first time since he decided to be a chef that he is at home for such a long stretch.

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