[10] As such, Chi Omega is the largest women's fraternal organization in the world with over 355,000 initiates and 181 collegiate chapters. I know girls in all the sororities on campus. There are also 279 alumnae chapters, which allow women of all post-graduate ages to come together and continue the mission and values of Alpha Chi Omega. Chi Omega has had eight national offices, including our current location in Memphis, TN. This founding chapter is called the Psi Chapter. [19], In 2013, the chapter at Pennsylvania State University was shut down after the sorority threw an offensive party insulting Mexican-American culture. In 1978, the fraternity created the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation to merge funds for the fraternity's philanthropic projects and educational programming into one nonprofit organization. Chi O’s are super friendly and kind! Throughout Chi Omega’s long and proud history, the Fraternity has brought its members unequaled opportunities for personal growth and development. According to the police report, one pledge ended up so intoxicated that she injured herself in a fall. While I was going through the recruitment process my freshman year, I knew that I wanted to become a part of a house that felt genuine, with women that felt like lifelong friends. The badge of Chi Omega was regulated and adopted in 1906. [11] The Foundation also helps to support members and those closely related to Alpha Chi Omegas through other funds and grants to ensure continuous support for its members.[15]. Known to be the nice girls that like to go out. Chi Omega has the most friendly and genuine girls. Getting more involved socially year to year and on the rise but still has a mix of outgoing/party types and more chill/christian/stay in types. [15] Each chapter of Chi Omega receives at least an annual visit from a National Consultant who aids in the development of the members. Even though we were very young, we must have realized something about the spirit of the fraternity.”. They are a top in my book and are soon coming to the rising. Well liked around campus and by other frats/srats. Our five Founders were a small band of young women who, with the help of local dentist Dr. Charles Richardson, established the secrets, symbolism, and ritual that now bind together over 375,000 women from 181 collegiate chapters and 246 alumnae chapters. "Kai" was soon changed to "Chi" (Χ), a letter of the Greek alphabet.[4]. Great to pregame with. I’d love to see them be more social and their new PC is more wild at least, but they really stick to their wholesome stereotype which isn’t a bad thing either. A laurel wreath, used by ancient Greeks to honor scholars and heroes, surrounds all of the emblems known and loved by Chi Omegas. [24] Members of the sorority directly involved with the hazing incident later resigned from the sorority. Chi Omega has two official jewels, the pearl and the diamond. Did a group project with a group of them and had a great experience. In the late 1990s, the leadership in Chi Omega researched opportunities for a partnership with a national philanthropy, choosing the Make-A-Wish Foundation as their official philanthropy since 2002. Top of the mid but on their way up, Associates with:Alpha Sigma Phi FraternityAlpha Chi Omega Sorority, Really friendly, genuine girls. Associates with:Delta Chi FraternityAlpha Chi Omega Sorority, Like 10% of this sorority is nice, the rest are entitled wannabes, chi phi took a major step down with them as pgp, Associates with:Pi Kappa Phi FraternityDelta Phi Epsilon Sorority, These girls are so sweet and genuine, very unproblematic. They are not fake. This first constitution read: "The object of this fraternity is as follows: To attain the highest musical culture and to cultivate those principles that embody true womanhood. Chi Omega’s symbol is the owl, a bird of wisdom, which reminds the membership of their responsibility to strive for knowledge and understanding throughout life. Individual chapters focus their attention on increasing the awareness of domestic violence, its effects on individuals, families, and children, as well as actively aiding victims of domestic violence through hands-on activities and service projects. [18], In 1971, the Delta Nu chapter at Dickinson College attempted to recruit an African-American woman as a member, and the national organization refused permission. Dr. Charles Richardson designed the first badge, and made it completely out of scraps of hammered dental gold. I pledged another sorority because my sister was in it. Too bad other sororities don't take a chapter out of their book. Chi Omega has 181 active collegiate chapters and approximately 240 alumnae chapters.

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