The perpetrator transferred my money to their own account in several transactions. Chime is letting people hack customer account they stole 1,900 outta my account and chime is doing investigation but I need my money now it’s shouldn’t Neva happened at. Whether you lost your debit card or had some suspicious charges, we put you in control. Please see back of your Card for its issuing bank. They also need to word properly about the Referal Bonus! Not only do I want my money, Someone needs to be held accountable. Prepaid cards: All of the four prepaid cards that we analyzed charge fees for certain services, including, ATM withdrawals and transferring funds. I have been with them for 3 years. Chime also uses 128-bit AES encryption to make sure your cash is parked safely. Someone hacked my account for over $2300 at Food Lion. We use 128-bit AES encryption, access control, and secure processes to ensure your money is always safe with Chime. Chime account was hacked on 4/20 for 3,198..00 and again on 4/21 for 925.63 they told me I would get my answer for the first one on 5/6 and the latter 5/9. If I could I would give them no stars!!! I looked on recent transactions and there were three ATM withdraws that I did not do. A device passcode or a Touch ID is required per transaction to use Apple Pay. Along with putting a hold on that transaction to investigate for fraud, your bank may need to issue you a new card or account number to prevent future fraud. The customer service absolutely sucks! A day later, customer service ask me to upload picture of my Social Security card. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. When I have it off PayPal instant deposits are declined and no get an error on PayPal. On 9/5/20 I received a text from Chime stating that my phone number & email address had been updated and to call immediately if I didn’t make those changes. THEY DO NOT PROTECT AGAINST FRAUDULENT CHARGES. This will only work if your friend signs up and you make a direct deposit of $200 or more. This is a basic feature every bank EXCEPT Chime will offer. She had committed no fraud and has been denied access to any and all of her money for 5 days Doing this P endemic. They completely drained my account!! Months later because of all this Covid 19 I have my unemployment money put into their account because I like having money in multiple accounts, and don't want to mix things up. Today has been the second time that the money has been returned to my account. I sent a Twitter message to both the CEO's of this be bank waiting to hear their responses. You can also set “rules” to where you want your direct deposit to go. I finally hung up and emailed their support team to close the account. I just recently signed up with Chime a few weeks ago. I used the card to buy gas and 30mins later a total of 5 back to back atm withdrawals from a location 2hrs away totaling 980$. I (knock on wood) have never had an issue, even when they were hacked. Has anyone received a credit from Chime for fraudulent charges? Then today worldwide the chime online service is down and you can't use your chime card anywhere due to chime is having issues. I call customer service and not only do they barely speak English, but when asked for a supervisor they hang up on you. And, you guessed it, they claim it couldn't be delivered. Well that 7 days turned into 12 days and now they cancelled the replacement card I never received and I have to wait another week for another replacement. Once it's gone they dont care. They cancelled my card and said they would send a new one. I am still waiting for my $200 to be replaced though I did dispute it and sent an email but I am also aware of the process and current status. Chime, however, is on a mission to change this with no overdraft fees, no monthly maintenance fees, no monthly service fees, no minimum balance fees, and no foreign transaction fees when you use your debit card. Can someone ..anyone tell me where my money went? Please protect yourself!! Not only that, you’ll get to experience a better type of banking – online banking with no hidden fees! Utterly ridiculous what chime has going on. Chime stated that this number was on my checks previously. So I filed a complaint with the BBB and Federak Reserve. Never ever give anyone your pin number, password, card number, account number, etc., unless you are signing up for direct deposit with a trustworthy site. I just can't believe this is happening! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Chime was completely unsympathetic. One less than 24 hrs and he second one 2 months later. Overall I thought Chime was great. They do not send cards out in that time length. The bank tacked on an additional $2.50 fee for an out of network ATM. No response from the company, the bot, or the person. The account was suspended and it’s now July 23rd and they haven’t told me anything. I get my direct deposit sometimes just hours later of my company submitting our payroll. I got up the next day on Friday April 3 & called chime to cancel my card on but they gave me 2 extra days to use it before they cancel it out completely. Not worth putting your money into. The Chime Visa® Credit Builder Card is issued by Stride Bank pursuant to a license from Visa Disable your debit card transactions if you don't plan to use your card for a couple of days. I recently sign up with chime thought it would be convenient for me to transfer n save funds but that is not the case with this bank. When I checked the status in the app it said that my claim had been denied. I immediately contacted Chime’s customer service department again and was told that my balance was -$2. There were two places a liquor store and a gas station on the far south side of Chicago. The worst thing about Chime is that it operates in a vacuum and "agents" know nothing. My debit card number was stolen. Hahah, truly a joke man. How can we get our money back from this scam of a bank? Stay away from Chime! I think they might be a scam company. It will literally only stop transactions that are made using the debit card or debit card number. Chime gets you paid faster and helps you save money. I had a loan with a company and had the loan deposited to my Chime account, I paid the loan in full and after I paid the loan off, they were still deducting money from my account, every payday! I bet Chime will freeze your account for no good reason without notice. Here are some of the other security features you’ll get with a Chime account: You can instantly block your Chime debit card. I just can't access one cent of my account. Access to customer service via phone...good luck!When you try to fund your account at Chime, wait until you see how long it is for your money to show up. A few nights ago I got off work at 2:30 AM and tried to order in Uber Using my Chime card I was declined from the Uber. If you need your money this is not the bank option to choose. It will prevent PayPal deposits. I kept telling him not to because I do not have a joint account or even know anyone by the name he was calling me. I forgot I got payed April 1st I go to chimes bank account statements and see I received my deposit check but the balance remained the same. If you do not recognize a transaction in your Spending or Savings Account, we ask that you temporarily block your card: Use the Chime mobile app or by log in to your account at I didn't even get to use the account because of so many issues that came up with trying to link the account with USAA. They use filler reply’s to put you at ease when in fact they have not clue how to address bank concerns like the lates date breech they call technical issues. I really wish chime would have let us know ahead of time what the process was, or if this happens then this happens, nope, I'm stuck waiting with no response, hard to talk and get in touch with them, I had to call and on the automated Service, say I was calling for something else, instead of stimulus info in order for them to answer. Turning off transactions will not stop your deposit. I get unemployment due to the covid-19 pandemic and I chose chime to bank with well they started suspending my account for no reason and asked me to provide proff of where my money was coming from so I did give them the proof that they wanted even more and they closed my account and kept the money in my savings account! Referring Chime member must be part of the “$50.00 for Payroll Direct Deposit” referral reward campaign in order for each party to be eligible for a reward. Then I started to ask about the 600, they say fill out a claim form blah blah i did and few weeks later they said they found it in my favor and id be receiving the 600 check in the mail, well few days after that email a Chime member emailed me saying i didnt qualify for the credit. I tried to contact support, as I was unable to utilize my account, and they didn't reply to me for over two weeks. USAA tried adding it again with the same issue. Confused, and frustrated, I opened a complaint/case with the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on April 29th, 2020. These are already dire times and nobody is working this is awful. I ask them to close my account and I report it to the police. Chime reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms of the referral reward offer or terminate the member’s eligibility at any time with or without prior notice. Go to Settings and turn off Chime Card Transactions. I don't know how a bank can be so selfish with everything that is happening in the world right to not hear people out. Or is it just purchases? Here’s our full, Western Connecticut Federal Credit Union Referral Promotion: $50 Bonus (CT), WSFS Bank Checking Promotion: $100 Bonus (PA), Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Checking Review: $250 Bonus, 3Rivers Federal Credit Union $200 Checking Bonus (IN).

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