Chrollo used the audience member's as suicide bombers to attack Hisoka. both are the smartest and most polite of their gang; both have religious references. -1999 Anime #62-Manga #101-2011 Anime #53, Phantom Troupe The Troupe wanted to find Kurapkia and kill him. He knocked her out and killed a mafia assassin with ease. [4] Their group successfully gains admission from Tier 5 to Tier 4, taking the central access way.[46]. However, the Troupe hired an exoecist and Chrollo got his Nen back. After he has admired the objects that he targeted and acquired, Chrollo sells everything. Prior to the foundation of the Phantom Troupe, Chrollo never wore his trademark coat, nor did he comb his hair backwards. They almost got into a fight with Phinks and Feitan, who think that she and the others are being manipulated by Kurapika until the quarrel is interrupted by Gon. To paraphrase him, the head of the Spider is just another limb that can be sacrificed for the survival of the Spider. Nen Thanks to the creator's resolve, once affixed, the marks will never disappear unless they explode. [25] His greatest achievement on the battlefield may be his victory at the Heavens Arena against Hisoka, another extremely powerful Nen user who at the time had no record of past defeats or even proof of struggling in fights throughout the duration of the series.[48]. However, when the light comes back on, they realize that Chrollo has been captured by Kurapika. He was able to trick the whole Yorknew City's Mafia into thinking that he, along with many comrades of his, had died. [11] Indeed, Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark try to follow Paku, but Nobunaga stops them for fear that Chrollo would be killed, leading to a heated quarrel between Nobunaga and Phinks. [10] Expert Nen users can see through some of these conditions, as Zeno rightly guessed that Chrollo must endure 4 to 5 hardships before he can steal an ability.[24]. He managed to confront Zeno and avoid his attacks at the last second in order to prevent Silva from exploiting his openings, keeping an eye on him the whole time. Age [36], Just before the exchange, Hisoka unexpectedly appears and threatens to kill the kids if he cannot come along with Paku to fight Chrollo. However, Hisoka altered his prophecy to convince the Troupe to stay. Two of his distinguishing features are his cross-shaped tattoo on his forehead and a pair of orb-shaped earrings. Anime Debut Pakunoda carried out the exchange and Chrollo went free. Additionally, an ability vanishes from the book if its former owner dies. Kurapika has no choice but to let him go to the exchange site with them. [13], Enhanced Strength: Chrollo placed seventh in an arm-wrestling competition the Troupe had. The two discuss Chrollo's new abilities, and he declares he will show Hisoka three more, adding that Hisoka should be honored that he would be using more than his record amount of abilities when killing only one person. [5][10][40], Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Chrollo's defense is top-class: he managed to put up a good fight against the two Zoldyck assassins, using his skills at unarmed combat almost exclusively to block and dodge. It has a black hilt with a slightly curved knuckle guard, similar to a D guard. Hisoka happily complies just for the opportune chance to fight Chrollo once his power is restored. The leader suggests they look at the Royal Army's passenger list, though it will be a hard task since the upper levels need tickets. After putting the bookmark on that page, he creates a copy of the referee's body with Kortopi's Nen ability and uses the stamp to make it attack Hisoka. In the manga and the 2011 anime series, however, he doesn't have the tattoo. Blood Type He and Hisoka battled. He must witness the Nen ability in action with his eyes. He gave them permission to wreak havoc and kill as many people as they wanted. He always has at least two people with him, which is why Hisoka was unable to fight him. While he is a very capable strategist, Chrollo is also very confident in his own fighting abilities as well as in the other members of the Spider. Chrollo gathered the members of the Troupe to rob the Mafia's auction. He comes with Bandit`s Secret as an optional part, allowing him to steal the Nen abilities of others. Chrollo finally shows the last ability he has prepared, Convert Hands. [21] They kill all of these men excluding the Owl, who they capture and successfully get the items from. [35] After the curse was lifted, he acquired new abilities for the purpose of killing Hisoka. When Hisoka consents, he thinks to himself that humans are fascinating creatures. He seems to be a born leader, able to hold the Phantom Troupe together despite the volatile personalities that make it up, and is a very capable strategist. With the information they have all gathered, he orders the Troupe to bring him Hisoka's head, after which they can celebrate. He is able to kill skilled warriors with just a pen, sometimes even remaining concealed with Zetsu, thus being precluded to him the use of Nen. The magician is forced to retreat. When Chrollo reads Neon's prophecy which contains Uvogin's death, he cries for him. The first stanza is always about something that has already happened. Chrollo Lucilfer Richard Meen is the English dub voice of Chrollo Lucilfer in Hunter x Hunter (1999), and Yoshikazu Nagano is the Japanese voice. They then capture Gon and Killua again. Cellphone: In order to use Shalnark's ability, Chrollo also borrowed his special bat-shaped telephone. [22] After helping her to get into the Cemetery Building, he asks her to tell his fortune, which she gladly does. Chrollo is a Specialist; his Nen type is a combination of the other five, but in a way that no normal Nen user can utilize. "黒絽"—"black silk" (referring to his clothing); "枢"—"pivot hinge" or "lock bolt" (referring to his central position in the. Chrollo Lucilfer (Japanese: クロロ゠ルシルフル), is one of the main antagonists of the anime/manga series Hunter × Hunter. The Troupe agreed to trade Gon and Killua for Chrollo. He took Kortopi's ability to copy objects, and Shalnark's ability to possess people. Before leaving, Chrollo tells him that they are looking for someone over 190cm with an unpleasant air about him. [42] Chrollo then steals the announcer's microphone and orders all his puppets to attack Hisoka. [41] While Hisoka disables his puppets, Chrollo controls one spectator with Black Voice and gives him his appearance with Convert Hands. Chrollo's stealing abilities make him similar to Rando from YuYu Hakusho, though the conditions they need to fulfill are opposite: Rando needs to kill his targets to steal his powers, while Chrollo needs to keep his victims alive, lest he cannot use these abilities.

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