Impetuous, charming and headstrong, a self-confessed “romantic” in search of fame and glory, Crowhurst persuaded a local caravan dealer and millionaire, Stanley Best, to sponsor his entry, and commissioned a Norfolk boatyard to build a trimaran. The pressure on Crowhurst had therefore increased, since he now looked certain to win the "elapsed time" race. During the spring of 1968, in direct competition with the Observer’s Transatlantic Race, the Sunday Times launched a nonstop challenge, the Golden Globe round-the-world yacht race. Trimarans are popular with many sailors for their stability, but if capsized (for example by a rogue wave), they are virtually impossible to right, though crews have lived for months with a boat in the inverted position and ultimately survived. More alarming than his boat’s underperformance, it had sprung a leak. The last logbook entry is dated 1 July. In October 1968, Donald Crowhurst, a 35-year-old engineer and father of four, embarked on one of the last great adventures of the 20th Century. Eden's description of his two days with Crowhurst provides the most expert independent assessment available for both boat and sailor before the start of the race. [16], The boat Crowhurst built for the trip, Teignmouth Electron, was a modified 40-foot (12 m) trimaran designed by Californian Arthur Piver. There were reports of Crowhurst sightings from Cape Verde to Barnstaple. Crowhurst could have made it and it would be a very different story. On board the Teignmouth Electron, the Marconi transmitter had finally conked out. The traps that one can get into are so gradual and incremental that you don't see them until they're too big to do anything about. Juni 1968, Inishmore), Chay Blyth (8. Als Anfang Dezember 1968 Crowhursts vorgetäuschte Position und sein übertrieben optimistischer Zeitplan so deutlich von der tatsächlich zurückgelegten Strecke abzuweichen begannen, dass es unmöglich geworden wäre, dies aufzuholen und noch vor dem besonders stürmischen Winter auf der Südhalbkugel am Kap Hoorn anzukommen, entschloss er sich, nicht in Richtung Kap der Guten Hoffnung weiterzufahren, sondern im Atlantik zu bleiben und nach einigen Monaten Wartezeit den Weg nach Hause anzutreten, um so eine abgeschlossene Weltumsegelung vorzutäuschen. Außerdem engagierte er den Journalisten Rodney Hallworth als PR-Berater, der das Hafenstädtchen Teignmouth an der südwestenglischen Kanalküste als Sponsor und Startort für Crowhurst organisierte. As the remorseless logic of the hoax corrupted his relationship with reality, this game became a matter of life and death. World Sailing's eSailing World Championship Final and the eSailing Nations Cup Final will be broadcast live on the Olympic Channel and across World Sailing's channels on 6 and 7 November. “I don’t think,” says Simon Crowhurst carefully, “that my father realised how badly things could go wrong.”. The Frenchman cabled his wife an enigmatic au revoir and changed his course to begin a second circumnavigation. Mai 1969 nahe den Azoren mit seinem Trimaran Schiffbruch erlitt. Worse, and grimmer still, it was only once he was properly at sea that Crowhurst’s secret fears were realised. To keep ahead of the Teignmouth Electron, now reportedly coming up fast behind him, the ex-naval commander piled on the canvas, ploughing through a gale in the mid-Atlantic to maintain his position as race leader. The Teignmouth Electron was cluttered and untidy, with dirty dishes and filthy bedding, but of her crew there was no sign. The speed often reached 12 knots, but the vibrations encountered caused the screws on the Hasler self-steering gear to come loose. Despite the slightly deprecating tone noted by others in Tomalin and Hall's comprehensive account, perhaps a fair assessment can still be accorded to Crowhurst via these two journalists, who wrote in 1970: [Previously] we knew little about the personality of Crowhurst... as we investigated further, it emerged as one of the most extraordinary stories of human aspiration and human failure that, as journalists, we have ever had to record. Seafaring adventure was in the air. [4] After India gained its independence, his family moved back to England. The British skipper of Hugo Boss, Alex Thomson suggested on Tuesday in Les Sables d'Olonne that a new mark could be "Between 59 and 70 days depending on the weather". “It is finished,” he wrote on the final page. If he appeared to have completed the fastest circumnavigation, his log books would be closely examined by experienced sailors, including the experienced and sceptical Chichester, and the deception would probably be exposed. Crowhurst es una localidad situada en el condado de Sussex Oriental, en Inglaterra (Reino Unido), con una población estimada a mediados de 2016 de 902 habitantes.[1]​. Crowhurst es una localidad situada en el condado de Sussex Oriental, en Inglaterra (Reino Unido), con una población estimada a mediados de 2016 de 902 habitantes. When his trimaran was found, ghosting through the mid-Atlantic under a single sail, there were clues to its last voyage in three log books, but its lone captain was missing, and when the truth came out his fate was swamped by the larger story of his hoax. There was nothing to report about Crowhurst, trailing at the back of the pack, but this did not stop his press agent parcelling out his client’s progress with teasing hints of more record-breaking feats. Clare Crowhurst recollects the terrible past calmly enough today, but 40 years ago she was known to news-paper readers as the “sea widow”. The new version of the NEX furler features many innovations and technical improvements, resulting from the Profurl expertise gained since the French company launched the first version of the NEX 15 years ago. Now Donald Crowhurst - the last man afloat now that Knox-Johnston was home - was going to take the £5,000 prize for the fastest circumnavigation. On its first sea trial, from East Anglia to the West Country, Crowhurst’s yacht, the Teignmouth Electron, underperformed so badly in the Channel that a three-day trip took two weeks. I think Donald Crowhurst is immensely human and relatable. [6], "Indie Horror Filmmaker Simon Rumley Tackles Sailing Drama With 'Crowhurst' (Exclusive)", "Simon Rumley wraps rival Crowhurst project", "Oldenburg Film Festival Unveils First Titles", "How Studiocanal Ended Up With Two Movies About the Exact Same Subject",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 November 2019, at 15:42. He was alone with the self-inflicted fiction of his voyage. The log books, which had begun as a mundane record of a circumnavigation, had become the disturbing repository of a cumulative lie, the painstakingly contrived details of a false voyage. “He’s the Ancient Mariner, of course, but I feel like the narrator.” Simon sees it as an existential cliffhanger. Once committed to the race, Crowhurst mortgaged both his business and home against Best's continued financial support, placing himself in a grave financial situation. As last-place finisher, he assumed his false logs would not receive the same scrutiny as those of the winner. Back in 1969, her husband, Donald Crowhurst, was the protagonist of the strangest, most disturbing story of its time, part adventure, part mystery, but mostly tragedy. “It was as if,” in Simon’s words, “he had come back from the dead.” Hallworth hammered out an excited press release. Race fever took hold. Clare Crowhurst widow of Donald Crowhurst the infamous 'lone sailor' on Seaton beach in Devon. “If I’d had my wits about me, I’d never have released the log books.” She has consistently set her face against publicising the story. Profile of Donald Crowhurst: his widow's protest. This is just one element of the Crowhurst mystery. September 1968, Plymouth), der wie Crowhurst mit einem Trimaran unterwegs war.

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