Contact us and speak to one of the members of our friendly team. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Source C mainly focus on the analysis of the report that was made by Ponsonby. The invasion started September 19, 1931 and it ended February 27, 1932. Mnemonics work well, and all teachers have their own; review those. The Nature and Structure of Democracy in India. I didn't find anything that needs to be approved upon so all I have to say is keep up the good work! student to compare and contrast, or to prove something from one source by The cartoon illustrates Japan's power by having a League if Nations member as a doormat and a Japanese official/soldier walking over the League member. I believe that this is actually a way to portray (at the time) that since women were inferior to men, they would portray this in the cartoon and show that Japan (as a male figure) was stronger than the Women like (doormat) figure. The guy bowing down with the flowers is trying to show a sign of respect towards the japanese soldier. It was absolutely necessary for Russia if we were to avoid the periodic famines, to plough the land with tractors. that is either a major point in defense of your thesis or a supplement to one. Both sources have a sense of the same understanding of what I can read but they both worded it different. It is the one statement This set the image that the League was weak, and how it seemed Japan was walking all over the League. Japan used The League of Nations like a person would use a doormat hence the reason why the League of Nations is depicted as a person with the Japanese soldier standing over it. The man bowing to welcome the Japanese representative seems to suggest that the artist felt Japan was shown too much honor and respect despite their actions.• Question 2 on page 15 of the handout: Compare and contrast the views expressed about Japan's actions in the 1930s in Sources D and E.Both sources D and E regard the Manchurian incident as an act of war from Japan, however they seem to paint Japan’s portrait differently. Why a woman? However, he failed as a leader with actually making his ideas come to real life. HISTORY PAPER 1 (SAMPLE PAPER) Time allowed: 1 hour and 45 minutes This paper must be answered in English 1. The mark allocation is shown in brackets at the end of … These third-party cookies are used to collect non-anonymous information about your visit to our website, including pages you've viewed, content you may have downloaded and your IP address. 2. This thread is archived. Another difference that I noticed between the two sources was that Source E provided me with a lot more information than Source D. For example, in Source E I am informed of the United States Ambassador to Japan, Joseph C. Grew and the year when Japan took expanded it area. The questions tests your understanding of a source. In fact they wanted to control them both as one under their control. On Friday afternoon there will be a flurry of activity as you scramble to revise your notes, organize your thoughts and attempt to memorize hundreds of details. Source D gives a strong insight of the Ideas and Plans that Japan had. dates, numbers, and percentages to prove you really know this stuff. It states the main idea or a generalization Good job! Fact, they encourage war and felt they can go against anyone because of the territory that they gained. 3. xNi0���֗ . Look at the sections of the guide that show everything you must know to respond effectively to any answer in those sections. Compare and contrast the causes of the First World War and the Second World War. Dinia, I really like how you answer part two, it short and precise but yet detailed. In source C, China wanted to form an alliance with the Soviet Union to start a "revolutionary war" that would rid China of the Lytton report. Germairy RomanMs. 8. I also say have a quick plan and a three part The party’s policy rests on the voluntary principle, not force. HL History Paper 1 tips. illustration you need to give the overall message (Mao is a good man) but you In both Sources D and E it states that Japan was determined to have complete control of Manchuria. 5. 2. conclusion. As The League of Nation became weak therefore Japan can defeat The League. Question 4 of handout: Using these sources and your own knowledge analyze the importance of the Japanese invasion of Manchuria for international relations between 1931 and 1936.The Manchurian crisis occurred between the years of 1931 and 1936. It was created to maintain world peace by settling international disputes. Source C seems to be a continuum of Source A. kilometers to place the Japanese people. Always start by saying what the message of the source is. Nehru.s main strength was being able to inspire people, listen to what they desired, and create goals and objectives.

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