While down in basement my son n I went into womens restroom, I decided to snap a few frames on digital to just see wha, Cave City, Arkansas If ever there were a place to set a season full of episodes of "Supernatural," Rogues Hollow in Wayne County would be the place. Workers in the past have said they have felt uncomfortable when venturing down there and even spotted a woman in an old-fashioned dress in the room. Haunted Woods). Orbs, feelings, so, Hotel that hugs the rock cliff of mountain, it has a long history including a fire. Several things happened in this apartment during the time he was sick and after he passed. It was built by a young couple but the husband died soon after moving in. In some cases, a woman jumped from the bridge with her baby, committing suicide. The original iron and wood bridge that first stood at Jester Creek for decades burned down in 1974, was rebuilt, and was destroyed by fire again in 1976. There are several legends about the haunting of this bridge all based on a baby drowned in the creek below. The most reliable source claimed that Mama Lou Bridge is located on CR 85 (Old AR 30) in Scott, AR. It is believed by many that when someone dies unexpectedly, or in a shocking or gruesome manner, their soul imprints on the location of the tragedy. Cave City grows world famous watermelons, so if you happen to be ghost hunting (or witch hunting, as it may be in this case), during watermelons season, try to check out, Are you human? Crybaby Bridge Posted April 2, 2019, by Luke A day too late for me to sarcastically add "#64342623462346234623" to the title, considering it's one of those urban … When he turned to look closer he saw a woman's hand trailing along the balustrade leading to Gertrude's bedroom. - you'll see a floating woman in white near the bridge, or have car trouble. Rumor has it that if you call out to Theorosa, telling her that you have her baby, she’ll come out of the water and attack you. Urban legends provide a fascinating look into the history and superstitions of a place. All rights reserved. She supposedly bonded with her captors and did not want to leave when her release was negotiated in 1764. First, let me say that I always try to debunk what happens before saying it is of, The Allen House was built in 1906 by architect Sylvester Hotchkiss, for Joe Lee Allen, his wife, Caddye, and their children, Ladell, Lonnie Lee and Lewie. Some have actual, historic roots; others are pure fiction. One of the son's my age, was a County Sheriff in the 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's and stated that he had heard the story, but that was what it is a … I had just lost my grandpa and had been doing pretty well. In this book, Goodkin observes an ordinary world with its small tragedies and workaday beauties—forests and fields that give way to housing developments, balloons blooming outside a party store, cars winched from rivers—and she gives it to readers straight. Located along the ever important railroad, the town grew to include a post office, three stores, two blacksmith shops, a grain elevator, and several homes by the early 1880’s. Continue reading to learn about Oklahoma’s crybaby bridges. Joanna Mecham/flickr Many people report seeing a woman dressed all in white holding a baby, who vanishes as they approach. Haunted Woods), Categories: Real Haunted Bridges & Overpasses, Know of a Real Haunt that we don't already have listed? In some cases, a woman is seen walking across the bridge toward an oncoming car. The bridge at Lake Overholser, near Oklahoma City, is also said to be a crybaby bridge. We were spending our anniversary in eureka springs which is around 22nd of October. Legend has it that a buggy driver lost control while crossing the bridge and a baby fell into the water below and drowned. It's no surprise that Bridges & Overpasses are known to be haunted - they're often the site of tragic accidents, and lover's quarrels gone awry. Your email address will not be published. Have a haunt/halloween related news story or a tip? Reports of a baby crying are common here. And there are certainly a fair number of haunts where ghosts and spirits are believed to tread in and around Akron. It is said that Fran would occasionally make her presence known in the women's restroom just off the newsroom. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! One of the most-told stories is the night a worker was shutting down the house after a Christmas tour and out of the corner of his eye saw someone cross the balcony overlooking the Great Hall. Jealous with rage, her fiancé reportedly through the baby over the bridge into the creek and Theorosa jumped off the bridge to save her baby, but drowned herself, instead. The water swirls below you in the dark, but you can't see very well. The Brook's family has lived within a half mile of the old bridge, long before there was a bridge/dam since the 1800's. Required fields are marked *. Legend has it that a buggy driver lost control while crossing the bridge and a baby fell into the water below and drowned. Whether you’re in a super spooky town like Atchinson, or you used to live in a neighborhood called Sleepy Hollow, chances are you’ve got a story to tell. Crybaby Bridge. There have been strange encounters over the years at the top of the grand staircase, in the projection booth and in the basement dressing room beneath the stage. Legends, Ghosts, Myths and Mysteries Main Page. Over the years, guests and volunteers have recounted tales of hearing mysterious footsteps inside the Goldsmith House on the village green. The wood was preserved, I have visited this location several times in the last seven yrs. Please Let Us know. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! On ghost tour we were in barefoot ballroom and when we were leaving with group, I caught a man whistling an old ti, This victorian home is used for a bed and breakfast, and is owned by Warren White. Her grief-stricken mother was said to have left the wagon train to search for her missing daughter and reportedly continues to look today as her mournful cry can still be heard calling out for her child. She searched the bridge, but couldn't find him in the dark. Rodney Dangerfield Recommended for you Located along the ever important railroad, the town grew to include a post office, three stores, two blacksmith shops, a grain elevator, and several homes by the early 1880’s. first time was a day trip with hubby n three kids. But his love of the canal never faded and he long lamented his decision and the eventual closing of waterway to commercial traffic. Tell us in the comments! A baby is said to have died on the old bridge, either in a car or wagon accident, or at the hands of someone with murderous intent.

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