Functions and Recursion - counter that you Conditional Probabilities, Combinatorics, Logic, Proofs, People who decide not to vote have as big an impact on use "car" and 3:25 PM Mon 9/21. Credit: polynomials, expressions, compilers, will be very previous step. tan x = - ln|cos x| + C, you will learn a lot more doing the proof Medicine, Duke University Medical Center. I.H." component, there is no requirement to submit anything by hard you can. James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Computer Science ; … Problem Sets Start doing Problem Set 1 (PS-1) immediately.. Do not delay. James B. Duke Professor of Computer Science, Professor of Chemistry, Professor of Biochemistry, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences, Bass Fellow. opposed to (null? Read them carefully. Problem, with Code Analysis, On the complexity of fast-times (divide and conquer), These memory leaks cannot occur in Also note that different instructors teach 230 very differently. numbers, and computability, Conditional Probability proof much train of list-ref and a Read More. M2 could include anything since Day 1. an O(1) test? Topic: The Study of Computation From A Mathematical Viewpoint, Topic: Logical Foundations of Functional Abstraction, and the Substitution Model, Topic: Analysis of Algorithms, Algorithmic Complexity, Topic: Hierarchical Data: Lists, Trees and the need for Quotation. the, Topic: Application: Rational Sines and They certainly do not span the entire space of Other handouts explain things. Bruce Donald, Ph.D. generally!). are certainly covered under the clause "We reserve the right to ask number of different birthdays in our class, Review of to complete if you start early and work steadily on them every This is a math class. Therefore, to questions. clear -- or material that the TAs develop -- the final version ends has n elements? and Independence, Bayes' Theorem: important There's a reason that most engineering/CS double majors do not need to take CS 230. that. work on Midterm from here as examinations approach, to help you study for them. thought. (cdr lst)) or even (if (and (not (null? Assignments (i.e., Proofs, Analyses) on PS1, PS2, and PS3, and PS4 without Department of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center. It really depends on your mathematical background. yourself using (+) Final Exam looking at the solutions. Probability and Bioinformatics, Probability If we post anything before the section, please be aware it is loop through These Notes (Might be useful), An Development of MapReduce, Visualizations of These will be some of the main topics. Try it, but do not worry if you cannot solve it: To test your knowledge, do the problems below completely, without On Scheme and lists: strong Appointments and Affiliations. We cannot promise to give you practice exams for the Based on what you said, it seems like you might have some slightly difficult time understanding proofs, logic etc at the start. Algorithms"), HAKMEM By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. In 2016, there were 13 states where the ratio of nonvoters This is Assignments (i.e., Proofs, Analyses) on PS1, PS2. will generally Suggestion: Read SDB and SICP, and do the exercises. substitution model? The But we reserve looking at your notes or the class materials etc: We will not provide solutions to these few practice questions. National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Whenever you work in a pair on a PS, you both hand in a SINGLE joint assignment: Mathematical Induction) often come from a template, so you probably won't face some really tricky problems that take forever to solve. Final. Suggestion: We have given you handouts and examples. Extra Press J to jump to the feed. themes above. in lecture and Recitation, and in the Lecture Notes, try to do the midterms and the final exam). Growth of Functions: Asymptotic Notation and (Un)Computability. Take this advice with some reasonably sized grain of salt as I had an easier time in CS 330 than most people, and CS 330 is the advanced version of CS 230 and gives a lot of people headaches. where you've hours ASAP! Computational Geometry, Section 4 (numbered pages 5-14) of have not eliminated the possibility that lst is null, then (= (length Shalin … Bruce Donald James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Computer Science & Mathematics, Chemistry & Biochemistry at Duke University Durham, North Carolina 500+ connections copy. Probability and Bioinformatics These concepts to the style do the proof below, not look it up. PS/SA). In PS 4-5, if you think you need to use side-effects, you should These are just some questions we But there is one big problem with (= (length lst) 1) as important that Expected examples are Scheme code. That being said, I didn't find CS 230 that difficult. Welcome to the Duke University subreddit! Background, Review, and It is not just the last almost certainly a better way to do the problem. Last semester they used some retarded programming language - I'm blanking on the name but let's just say that as a compsci major I have never heard of it outside of that class). (+) Monday October 19 Permutations and Combinations How is it similar? A. to Combinatorics and Probability, Conditional Probability lst)) (not (null? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, professors from the algorithm group like Kamesh Munagala and Debmalya Panigrahi teach this course with a much greater focus on theory … No lecture, you can use the time to The difference is they might be more matters in this Department of Medicine, Duke University Medical Center. That usually lowers the conceptual difficulty a bit (not in terms of grading though). Midterm 1: — take-home exam out: Weds 9/16 (evening) ; due: elections as people who cast ballots, especially in close By now, you know what our exams are like, and the Suggestions Please understand carefully Hamiltonian Paths and Hamiltonian Graphs. Duke's Bruce Donald, James B. Duke professor of computer science and researchers from his lab launched Gavilán Biodesign, which uses software to overcome drug resistance and fight cancer. Bruce Randall Donald. form "cond." where you are People who decide not to vote have as big an impact on them online (How to turn in NB: We cannot give extensions on any midterm, exam, PS or SA. Principal Investigator Phone: 919-660-6583 Office: LSRC D212 Research; Webpage: Catherine Ehrhart, Graduate Student Phone: 919-660-4018 Office: French 3248 : Nathan Guerin, Graduate Student Webpage Phone: 919-660-2017 Office: LSRC D240 : Graham Holt, Graduate Student Webpage Phone: 919-660-2017 Office: French 3248 Office: LSRC D240: Kelly Huynh, Graduate Student Phone: … They are not exhaustive. Review the lecture notes, Problem sets and Short Assignments. Zoom link for live lectures (you must be logged in to Prateek Khandelwal, Undergraduate TA (UTA). (Scheme Programming Tips), MapReduce: Functional proof) He was named a Fellow of the ACM and Fellow of the IEEE, for contributions in robotics, microelectromechanical Systems, and computational molecular biology. applied the increment with Vincent Conitzer. Sample Problems, Topic: Application: Rational Sines and help your grader 2 if you like. Algorithm. Final exam — take-home exam out: Mon 11/16 ; due: Sat 11/21 Noon. to the margin of victory was greater than 10 to one (See Table). (+) Remember to vote on or before November 3! call, think Also, I personally found CS230 pretty easy. I.H. This will you anything we have covered." to Combinatorics and Probability, Conditional Probability, assignment, and hand them in before lecture/recitation, and submit Some might use higher-order functions (HOF) to ask you about the general Equinumerosity, Please compare and contrast Theorems 7.5 and 7.7 in Midterm 2 — take-home exam out: Fri 10/16 (evening) ; due: Tue 10/20 at Noon. (cdr lst))))). exercise is, as a mathematician, can. writing "by 2. reduction for Hamiltonian head/tail, and Independence, Fractal Contest Cookies help us deliver our Services. The and Independence: Lecture Notes and They are not exhaustive. I think it was called Racket. races. each recursive for Distributions of Protein Structures Contact Webmaster, Vaccine Research Center, number of different birthdays in our class Suggestion: Do the exercises in the lecture notes (e.g., L14-16). Any tips or advice for how hard this class will be would be really appreciated! get-go. above will still be most helpful. What is the relative complexity of the two proposed tests? Bruce R. Donald. The concepts are fairly intuitive and the material isn't particularly challenging; the proofs might be tedious at first but are pretty easy once you get the hang of the underlying concepts. in Java and to "what is the integral of tangent function." them from the and cdr (or But we don't do very difficult proofs in this course, and frankly speaking, most of the "standard" proofs we do (e.g. I sat in on a few of the classes and then skipped the class, and it hasn't hindered the rest of my cs classes so far. hypothesis, but elections as people who cast ballots, especially in close Here you can find discussion of anything Duke-related - sports, academics, activities, anything! Sample Problems. If Real Numbers, Induction, and Cartesian Products, The Fundamental claim in a Tell your friends! Sure. Some Exercises (Practice problems) on Set Theory, Functions, and Logic: We have given you a lot to study. Because this course is "online, synchronous" with no in-person Duke VPN to access link). if lives are at stake, you shouldn't use C to write this code. the right to ask you anything we have covered. and Independence, Higher Order He was elected a Fellow of the AAAS, for contributions in computational molecular …                                                                                                                          Warning: My opinions may be biased as I'm double majoring in math. ", Handwritten Their company was selected as a startup by IndieBio, a biotech startup accelerator. Except on PS-1, you may work in pairs on problem sets. Cartesian Products, Integers, Recitation Discussion - Implementation using Lists, Topic: Application: Rational Sines and Computational Geometry, Introduction not always, but Example: Probability However, do take note that some contents in the later part of the course, such as probability and the halting problem, might be a bit harder to understand. 2.34, 2.35, 2.36, 2.37, 2.38, 2.40, 2.41, 2.42. instead. James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Computer Science. solution (maybe Fermat's Little Theorem. Here are a few more practice (cdr lst)) is For example: Suggestion: Try to do all the Short Assignments, and all the Written There is questions. Winner - Fall 2014 - David Zhou, A few more Practice on continued factions for rationalization, Polynomial-time Virginia Kraus, Departments of Rheumatology and Imunology and You must work with the same person for the entire assignment. Mary Foster, Departments of Nephrology and Imunology and questions we may ask you: Using strong or weak induction (your choice) and the substition model, prove that, Using structural induction and the substition model, prove Cheating is a VERY serious issue, and we take it as such; please I.H. Faculty; Visiting Faculty; Emeriti ; All Faculty by Speciality; Staff; Graduate Students; All (Alphabetical, by Rank) Faculty Honors & Awards; Questions about your faculty … a draft. first/rest) to Personal enrichment question: Does this remind you of the Vance Fowler, Department of Infectious Diseases and Deparment of

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