>> dana: president trump's coronavirus virus diagnosis raising questions about what the final stretch will look like. we'll get to the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, one of the strongest allies and supporters of the president. . i just think a virtual format would not be bad for the, president because it is a town hall format and if he is standing on the stage next to joe biden, he has been a practicing politician for 47 years and is more at ease and relating to average people in the audience. but if donald trump says we should take it, i'm not taking, it. >> well first in that interview with maria bartiromo this morning president trump also naturally said mike pence won the debate and called kamala harris a communist as part of their strategy to paint joe biden as the captain of crazy left-wing and called her totally unlikable that seems to be a critique add to mainly female candidates. >> good afternoon to you, certainly have not seen anything like this in any time period that i can remember, and now the next debate appears to be a moving target at the very least. >> federal charges against 13 members of two militia groups who were preparing to kidnap and possibly kill me. but, look, we're in the home stretch. good thing you're writing this book right now, good timing on your part. then a high stakes patty-cake battle royale ends in triumph. get a lot of rest, mr. president. it is really important to the nation to continue the process as thoroughly as we can. >> well, they got on board in the spring and i guess i would say that there are differences, but they ought to be compromises. whatever the message is that they decide to come out w also the other possibility is there are treatments that he may be given that he become sort of, you know, a personal test case for that have been approved and used. helping women live longer with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. with regard to reports about e6b aircraft placed on alert status, the u.s. strategic command says this was a preplanned mission for the communications aircraft that serves as a backup command and control for the country's nuclear arsenal. (♪ ) you need to hire i need indeed indeed you do. you know, so we're all just going to get through this and hope that they recover quickly. only on "the upper hands." kisqali is not approved for use with tamoxifen. let's get your big picture thoughts how this is going to play out. >> dana: what the next few weeks might look like in the race for the white house. on October 2, 2020. indoors. remember before the debate started there was a lot of talk on both sides, trump will never show up, or biden will never show up, it was impossible for them to not show up. >> that's right, and these two issues are very related to one another, because we had a booming economy before the coronavirus came and caused us to have to shut things down for a couple of weeks. ELECTION COUNTDOWN: 1 DAY. >> dana: when the president is talking about the economy, and obviously he's been able to get that, at least keep the majority of people in his corner on his side, regarding the economy, there was decent news today with the jobs numbers and that's continuing. moving on to the world health organization the president is withdrawing the united states from the w.h.o. >> the plan originally called for 4500 u.s. troops to remain in afghanistan through in november. if you have medicare you may be able to get more benefits without paying more through a medicare advantage plan. ask your doctor for a prescription for the freestyle libre 14 day system. does this up-end president trump's campaigning ability and participation of the october 15 debate. if the doctors say, the timing, the second debate is october 15, i believe. 661,000 jobs were added, the unemployment rate falling to 7.9% from 8.4%. fox and croft in particular according to the complaint discussed detonating devices to divert police from the area of the home. with our va streamline refi, there's no income verification. i want to read one tweet from a member of your florida television, mario rubio, on the senate intel committee. there's no change to the ready nfz the armed forces, our control structure is in no way affected by the announcement. we are going to have to leave it there. there is nothing wrong. i also think that could be downfalls to that as well. we have fox team coverage, peter doocy covering the campaign, but let's begin with john roberts. and maybe, who knows how he's feeling. PROGRAMMING ALERT Dana Perino will interview veteran journalist and “Rage” author Bob Woodward today at 2PM EST. >> on day 1 joe biden will raise your taxes. she fell ill, had to be isolated. >> jon: peter doocy. the trump campaign manager stepping in a short time ago with the following lengthy statements. recruiting an army of customer advocates to make your experience incredible. like where to find the cheapest gas in town and which supermarket gives you the most bang for your buck. >> so we have word today that the president has said he is not going to take part in a virtual debate, he doesn't want to have a virtual experience with joe biden. >> members of this conspiracy on two occasions conducted and, coordinated surveillance on the governor's vacation home. >> well, i don't know, i have had a studio in my basement for five years and it works well. they want to know what we see two more opportunities to watch these two go at it, maybe a little bit less interrupting and cookoff amines then in cleveland, it is a moving target right now. get your free reputation report card at reputationdefender.com or call 1-877-866-8555. mortgage payments by $250 ar month $3,000 a year, what would you do with the money? but still this did happen. president trump suggesting a new timetable for u.s. troops to withdraw from afghanistan. i wish i could bring you my grandmother's soup. are right now. if he wants to win he should only be about jobs, jo bs, jobs. i mean, i understand what they're saying, they are dealing with things minute by minute. >> jon: compromises are defined on capitol hill these, days, nicholas calio from airlines for america, thanks very much. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive. >> well, thanks for having me, john. normal election? >> dana: so there are consequences, we are in the middle of a campaign. in 2017 the president warned about making such pronouncements and criticize the obama administration for doing the same. and, again, we talked about hiccups, this is the type of hiccup that could delay the senate from considering this nomination before the election. yeah, i've always thought so. i think actually that could have been one of the problems with his performance in the first debate is he really did not have a crowd to work off of, he really does like that in person connection, and now the difference seems to be between the two campaigns is the joe biden campaign wants to go ahead to the third debate in person october 22nd and trump wants to do the second debate on october 22nd, and that their debate on october 29th, the problem is we have not heard since this morning from the commission of presidential debates with all of this and they have made some unilateral decisions already. can it go forward? >> when you read a biden plan, it reads a lot like what president trump and our task force have been doing every step of the way. we have a new statement from the campaign that reads this "trump's erratic behavior does not allow him to pick a date of his choosing, we look forward and participating in the final debate october 22nd, already tied for the latest debate in, four years. have to deal with another storm. his success is our success and the country's success. >> let me just be really clear, i've been very open to having a stand-alone bill towards the airlines or part of a bigger bill, but there is no stand-alone bill without a bigger bill. we have had great support. >> dana: you have to admire the telegram, i didn't know that still existed. options, answer any questions you have and help you enroll over the phone. one of these in person one on one debates, do you blame him for not wanting to do it virtu virtual? up until the last week or two, he had a little bit of an advantage because the economy and its recovery was seem to be more top of mind, but the virus does not care about your messaging strategy and the fact that it has come home to the front steps of the white house as even the president himself has had to go to the hospital, it really raises the importance of that issue and put it back in the news and i think that it has put the campaign a little bit more on the back foot as it is an issue where voters more often then night trust biden more than, trump.

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