”). That's the long and short of it. His main squeeze, suburban Philly-based pop punk band The Wonder Years, released No Closer To Heaven in September.The album debuted at no. New record next year. North Bergen football coach Vince Ascolese, who met Lombardi, commented "I really felt like he was Lombardi. “I want people to enjoy it in whichever way, but we wanna go on tour with certain kind of bands and play certain kind of festivals and it’s just like, ‘, because you are this thing and you don’t fit into this world with us.’”, is a make-or-break album for the Wonder Years. The Wonder Years, from left to right, Casey Cavaliere, Josh Martin, Matt Brasch, Dan "Soupy" Campbell, Nick Steinborn and Mike Kennedy (Jonathan Weiner ) The album has not been officially confirmed, and no release date or album title were disclosed. Are you proud of the final album? In late 2009, Lauria returned to the Off Broadway stage, appearing as Jimmy Hoffa in Brian Lee Franklin's Good Bobby, a fictionalized account of Robert F. Kennedy's rise. tour, the title referencing the Wonder Years’ triumphant third album and also the solidarity of the emo and pop-punk scenes that were starting to infiltrate the mainstream at the time. “We know that there there are always going to be people with whom compromise is not an option and frankly, we aren’t interested in compromise there.”, But he also doesn’t believe that human empathy is a limited resource, or American a zero-sum concept: “You trust me, you listen to my music, and thank you for that,” he says, envisioning the prospective listener, whether they’ve stuck around since “Keystone State Dude-Core” or are just tuning in because of recent press. “I was just at this point where I wasn’t feeling very confident,” Campbell explains, echoing the sentiment of Wonder Years fans who felt that it was the first time the band left something to be desired. “If that’s the last Wonder Years song that ever gets written,” he says, “I’ll feel really good about that.”, More important than any of the above was having enough success from No Closer to Heaven to take time off the road. In May 2014, Campbell announced a solo project, Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties. "Suburbia" is inspired by the poem America by Allen Ginsberg as well as the band's life following the release of The Upsides. You almost forget you're watching an actor. “I have literally no shame in saying I fell to the floor and cried for four straight minutes of joy,” after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s failed Hail Mary finally hit the turf. [27], Campbell, in a Let's Play with Achievement Hunter, said that Motion City Soundtrack were "a huge influence" for the band. ", "The Wonder Years present: A Whole Year In Airports with Special Guests", "The Worst Kept Seceret Finally Revealed", "The Wonder Years To Open Saves The Day / Yellowcard Tour", "Glamour Kills Tickets Go On Sale At 3 p.m.", "Tours: The Early November / The Wonder Years / The Swellers / Young Statues", "Yellowcard's Fall Tour Dates Go On Pre-sale", "The Wonder Years Announce Spring Headliner with Fireworks, Hostage Calm, Misser", "The Wonder Years Will Be Playing Warped Tour's Main Stage", Sleeping on Trash: A Collection of Songs Recorded 2005–2010, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=The_Wonder_Years_(band)&oldid=986754003, Articles needing additional references from September 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles lacking reliable references from February 2018, Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Wonder Years singer Dan Campbell says the band was inspired to create new and interesting versions of songs their fans already love, like “There, There,” and “Don’t Let Me Cave In,” for their new EP, Burst & Decay Volume II. Six songs about Friday Night Lights from Dan Campbell (The Wonder Years, Aaron West) and Ace Enders (The Early November, I Can Make a Mess). [28], Rock Sound wrote that on The Upsides Campbell sung about "His early twenties soul-searching and tales of strife" which "resonated with a [new] generation, inspiring countless imitators in the process. Sometimes in the digital era of making music, you can get away with not being a particularly great musician and still make a good record, because there are so many aides on your side. [3] Dave Hughes, CJ Morgan, and Matt Hittinger didn't join The Wonder Years. [14][better source needed][15] The music video for the first single and title track for the new album, "Sister Cities", was released on February 8, 2018. “You go to West Virginia where you see people whose whole life is about coal, you see these economically depressed rural areas and it’s easy to understand maybe when someone gets on TV and builds them a series of paper tigers and says, ‘All the problems in your life are because of these people who are not like you,’ it can be easy to be convinced that you hate those people,” Campbell claims. [34] Campbell performed on a few dates of the 2014 edition of Warped Tour[33], as well as performed on the entirety of the 2015 edition. Jack was a Korean War veteran … Image, 1630 Smallman St., Pittsburgh Their first practice was in Mike Kennedy's basement on July 5, 2005. Otherwise we’re gonna get evicted.” The urgency certainly helped when the Wonder Years were writing almost exclusively about getting the hell out of the suburbs, but No Closer to Heaven aspired towards something greater. This is the same reason he did not attend the Philadelphia Eagles’ Super Bowl parade, despite them being one thing he might be more passionate about than the Wonder Years. review", "The Wonder Years - Get Stoked on It! , You’ll watch it decay / Lie through your teeth and say that you’ll resurrect a ghost,” Campbell screams on the hook. "To Hell . Dan Campbell came out swinging from a south Philly basement seven years ago; now he’s trying to throw his arms around the world. With the band, he released five studio albums between 2007 and 2015. But it’s also the sound of a band trying to level up to a scaffolding that might not be there anymore. Before embarking on the Vans Warped Tour 2013, the band played some shows with Silverstein in Canada. In 2009, Lauria has appeared as General Lee Whitworth, M.D. "I just like learning new things. They left their Philadelphia homebase, instead setting up in Los Angeles at the legendary Sunset Sound’s Studio 1 with a producer, Joe Chiccarelli, who’s worked on albums by Frank Zappa, White Stripes, the Strokes and Alanis Morissette. Inclusion in non-punk festivals when nearly all of them book the previous year’s big indie winners, legacy acts or guitar bands that don’t rock? These are also the places that pop-punk tends to quietly thrive. The Wonder Years were formed in 2005 out of the remnants of an old Lansdale, PA band called The Premier. It was also confirmed that their next LP was finished being written and would be recorded as soon as the band returned home from tour. No, Dolphins fans, not that Dan Campbell — the interim Fins coach in 2015. “I was constantly second-guessing myself: ‘Is this song good enough? 12 and was critically successful; Wonder Years albums achieve astronomical Metacritic scores because the only places that review them are feverishly enthusiastic punk sites. , However, because he’s susceptible to panic attacks in large crowds, he did not attend the march in Philadelphia. In it, Kinsella vows to maybe get one of those “real jobs” so he can afford the small signifiers of a DIY lifestyle, including acrylic paint, a new bike seat and guitar strings. The original plan to announce. But there’s a catch: the Wonder Years didn’t account for where a wildly ambitious and globally minded pop-punk band fit into all of this in 2018. 7/out/2014 - Dan Campbell of The Wonder Years. , I could hear their words coming out of my mouth, and I was like, ‘Shit.' YouTube & Evan Agostini/Invision/AP. But it’s also the sound of a band trying to level up to a scaffolding that might not be there anymore. The heartening success of movements like March For Our Lives, Democratic Socialists of America and Antifa has been, to their abandonment of Obama-era liberal ideals of reaching across aisles to compromise, which lead me to feel a little bit skeptical about his hopes for, But he also doesn’t believe that human empathy is a limited resource, or American a zero-sum concept: “, You trust me, you listen to my music, and thank you for that,” he says, envisioning the prospective listener, whether they’ve stuck around since, or are just tuning in because of recent press. “Flowers Where Your Face Should Be” transformed from an Explosions in the Sky homage to a sweeping, tender ballad through a series of shifts as minor as playing with a lighter set of drumsticks. Late night TV? 11:30. The band’s desire to expand their reach was reflected in the recording of the album, too. Having them be the first band I’ve worked with has made it immensely easier. The record charted at number 73 on the Billboard Top 200 the week of its release, selling 8,100 copies. Their first release after their signing was a split 7" with Fallen from the Sky, on which they covered "Zip Lock" by Lit. Their first full-length was produced by The Wonder Years' frontman Dan Campbell, and we talked to aDan about his first job as a producer, his feature on single 'Strangers' and more.

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