She was angry about her daughter's murder. Just then DCI Banks knocked on the door and said: "Mike's wife?" Barnaby shouted running towards the alley "No!". A couple of hours later everyone was in the squad room. Midsomer Murders + DCI Banks: Aftermath Crossover. Finally Barnaby placed his hand on top of hers and Mrs Green looked up meeting the kindness in the Chief Inspector's eyes. He ran towards the direction of the sound with DI Cabbot and DC Jackman right behind him. He looked like he was not pleased to see Barnaby. The Chief Inspector had been in a panic ever since he had gotten that phone call. DI Cabbot pointed out the owner to Barnaby. But this officer's partner was horrifically killed by a man who, it is discovered, has abducted, raped and murdered several young women. We should have tried to stop Carly from walking home. "Easy Sergeant" Banks said, "We need to ask you some more questions Mr..". I don't own Midsomer Murders or DCI Banks. Jones moaned and sat up. He was wearing blue jeans, a shirt and boots". It seems she was the victim of a serial killer and not just any serial killer. Barnaby will not get to you in time", "Allow me to introduce myself. She wanted to find the officer in charge and give him a piece of her mind. "She decided to walk home alone in the dark. "DCI Barnaby" an unfamiliar voice said, "It has been awhile. You better bring this killer to justice soon or you will have a real problem on your hands". Mrs Green had then driven all over Eastvale trying to locate her daughter but she seemed to have disappeared. Barnaby and Mrs Green walked out of the café. Karla hesitated. The killer then threatens to rip Jones s guts out. We need to talk to Carly`s friends again. The windows to the car were painted with black paint," Barnaby said. Barnaby receives a phone call from the killer and is frightened for his sergeant s life. "It is okay" Ben said "Just do not go anywhere alone. Directed by James Hawes. Also PC`s were stationed at the front of the club and both exits just in case their suspect made a run for it. Banks walked into the office carrying two cups of coffee. We might get a good idea where the car headed after it left the club". When I got there she was not there", "Could she have gotten a ride from someone else? Barnaby and DI Cabbot walked into the club to interview the club owner because DS Jones was still assigned to go over the CCTV videos. With the help of DI Cabbot and DC Jackman Barnaby moved the garbage bags off of his sergeant. All morning Ben had been looking at CCTV tapes and so far there was no sign of the car. Use the HTML below. The woman looked like her whole world just exploded. Later that day the Superintendent called for a meeting of all of the detectives. She marched right up to the front desk of the police station and asked to see the officer in charge of the case. ", "I noticed this man eyeing the girls and he seemed to follow them outside", "I followed him. If he tries to stop me I will rip his guts out as well". He was a bit angry that Jones had found a way out of looking at the CCTV tapes. As I told you this may be a dead end", "That car has to around somewhere. None of those reasons seem to have been considered. Maybe she was angry that Amanda did not take her home or they had a fight of some kind. You are a kind man". Karla noticed a man approach her. Sam led the detectives to a small sitting room and left to fetch the coffee. I just want you to give Barnaby a little message for me". "Rewind and play again" Ben said leaning in for a closer look. He preferred questioning witnesses or suspects to looking at tapes. He did not like the idea that Jones was at that club. "My guess it followed Carly Summers. He looked up at his son. He found Banks sitting in his office. "I am Brian Webster. The woman took one look and started to scream. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Detective Sergeant Ben Jones was asleep so he did not hear the sound of his boss's footsteps. An alternative view of which shows are airing next (list format). Mrs Green went into the club to see if her daughter was inside but could not find her. Sam asked, "You look like you could use some", "That would be great" Banks said. "The Simpsons" is found under "S", All current and ended shows are viewable on these pages. The sergeant raped his bathrobe around himself and went and sat on the bed. It seems to me that had she been sober she would have gone back into the club to call her parents to come and get her", "Also could our killer be hanging around the club looking for victims? His dark hair looked like it had some kind of gel in it. The room was very pleasant with paintings of various sceneries on the walls and a few potted plants in various corners around the room. ", "The only person who it could have been is Mike Summers Senior" he said "Dam him for saying that to you", "He was always a proud man. Karla ended the call. She also blackmails Maggie into paying for a lawyer for her though Maggie counters by ringing the press to explode the 'accomplice' story. "We need to solve this quickly" he said, "The press are eating this up and the public may already be panicking", "Sir" Banks said, "We have located the car and have a good description of the suspect", "That is not good enough Alan. ", "What are you going to do to him? Barnaby walked down the ally his mouth feeling dry it felt like sandpaper. "These things do happen my friend" Barnaby said sadly. Barnaby said his voice growing hard. "What message?" I had enough looking at these tapes". "That will be very nice thank you," she said. Just as Ben turned back to the bar a young man approached him. ", "Okay we need officers at the club. Ben noticed a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes watching Amanda and Samantha. A friend of the missing Leanne leads Alan to believe that Payne had a female accomplice to lure the girls into his car and Lucy is the obvious suspect, though she denies it, at the same time admitting she knew her husband was a killer. "I was but now that you are here I won't have to" Ben said "Ta ta". Barnaby said, "We need to get to the club ASAP". "That will take forever. She walked back towards the front entrance with a sigh. Banks ends up following a hunch he has and takes Payne's wife in for questioning on suspicion of being involved in some way. I know that police brutality is taken seriously, as well it should be. For the last two hours several PC`s and all of the detectives had been searching Eastvale for Karla. The killer was scared off by DCI Barnaby and took off. Holly took a seat without being invited to sit down. Sam opened the door and let the two detectives into his front hall. Mike Summers Senior sat in his room watching the noon news. "We should have PC`s go out and try to locate the car" Barnaby said. "Why are we here Sergeant?" Barnaby receives a phone call from the killer and is frightened for his sergeant s life. Karla Green walked out of the club and dug into her purse her cell phone. If it were not for him we would never have caught the Masked Avenger", "I will never forgive him for making me look like a complete fool. Jones you should have said something", "I have message for you sir. The woman seemed lost in her own world. She acted like a total bitch", "She is just upset about her daughter Alan. Barnaby hurried through the crowd followed by Banks. "Well well" Mike Senior said "I understand that you are now a DCI John", "Nothing really. Ben tripped and had several garbage bags fall on him. Add the first question. DCI Banks is based on the successful detective novel written by crime writer Peter Robinson. ", "Sorry sir. You are upset by rumours you heard about me", "It was more than rumours. The detective we should worry about is that DCI. Detective Superintendent Gristhorpe wanted an update. Barnaby gritted his teeth. The woman held on to Barnaby as though she did not want to let go and under the circumstances the Chief Inspector did not blame her. That night several PC`s and three detectives went to the club to see if they could spot their suspect. He wanted to protect his sergeant but Jones volunteered. The women were too upset to notice much of anything. "Is that a threat of some kind?" When she had arrived at the club the night before her daughter was not waiting at the entrance as she was supposed to. DCI Banks had just asked DI Cabbot what she hand DC Jackman had learned from their interview with the club owner. His health was not what it used to be. Everyone will soon know what you did to me", "This anger you have inside you will only destroy you" he said, "Come on Jones". Since I was on the original case I should know everything about him", "I need to get back to the hotel and check on Jones" he said "I will see you all tomorrow". "I do not see him" Banks said, "Also I do not see Annie or DC Jackman either". "Okay" Banks said "We need to talk to the club owner again and that witness who saw Carly get into a car before she was killed. Ben smiled but it was cut short when he caught Barnaby`s eye. Add them to your filter. Brain pointed through the crowd to a table in the middle of the room. ", "I did find it odd yes but it looked like she knew the guy" the man said, "It did not look like she was in any real danger". We need every available officer patrolling the streets and we need to set up a curfew", "Yes Annie I afraid it is" Gristhorpe said "Until this killer is caught no one is allowed on the streets after nine o'clock at night", "Sir may I suggest we have PC`s guarding Amanda's flat?" That is why we are going to post two PC`s to guard your flat". She also blackmails Maggie into paying for a lawyer for her though Maggie counters by ringing the press to explode the 'accomplice' story. The man had grey hair and striking green eyes. The sergeant knew this was one conversation he could not avoid. Things start to turn deadly when one victim escapes and the killer kills out of revenge. Thanks to a Chief Superintendent who is obsessed with damage-limitation, Janet is charged with manslaughter though Annie makes sure that she gets off. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. ", "She came to give us the third degree. By: Vince1976. Barnaby turned and covered his mouth when he saw the body. After a few more minutes Barnaby spoke. Barnaby handed Mrs Green a cup of tea and sat down across from her. This time it was a fight to the death. Barnaby led Ben down the hallway towards Banks office. "I was his senior officer on the original case" the man explained "He was my DC and he stabbed me in the back", "You should be careful that he does not do the same thing to you", "You are out of your mind! "This is DS Jones" Ben said. Request it now, or vote for other shows on the list, A handle lets you share your Calendar and Profile with others, Read the latest news about your favourite shows and updates about the TV Calendar, Securely log in to your account to view your filter and profile, An account will save your setting permanently, Choose a custom show specific background for your Calendar, Securely reset your password if you are locked out of your account, Use forgotten password if you are locked out, Hopefully answers some of your questions about the TV Calendar. It is a long walk and it was cold and dark. he asked, "I have a business to run", "We have some more questions to ask you" Barnaby said "DI Cabbot here got the impression you know more then you let on when she talked to you", "Look I do not want any trouble. The man startled by Barnaby`s yell took off. He had black hair and dark eyes. He was still upset about his strange conversation with the man at the crime scene. When DCI Banks investigates the grisly scene, he discovers it's the home of a serial rapist and murderer. He preferred a pub to a club any day. He was also concerned that although one woman had escaped another was not so fortunate. Investigations show Lucy to have been the victim in a famous abuse case as a child and she is diagnosed as mentally ill and incapable of having a mind to murder.

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