She isn’t alone. Omaha wealth adviser Joe Bonnett killed himself in May after his Bonnett Wealth Management began unraveling, with allegations that he paid off old investors with proceeds garnered from new ones, borrowed money from clients and forged documents. RIP Danny, you will be missed. Bonnett shot himself while out on bail after his arrest on forgery and fraud counts. Mock offered a few insights into the downfall of Bonnett, a man Mock described as “quietly desperate.”. My condolences to your loved ones. You can cancel at any time. He was a part of the core of Insight and I will always respect him. Wish I could've done something to help this poor man, he sounded so sweet and his story was so sad. I am happy now. They were the product of bad investments that Bonnett, an investment adviser since 1994, made in the mid-2000s — and by a series of bad decisions to try to rectify those investments, Mock said. State officials have indicated that the $340,000 is missing. He gave me a chance on a whim phone call I made to him one day about a property poorly managed, to change it, and ultimately a large portion of his defaulted properties into saleable properties, which in turn, springboarded me into an ultimately late career choice, but a successful one, of which I owe in large part to him. “You work hard all your life, then things like this happen.”, Contact the writer: 402-444-1275,, A longtime investment adviser in Omaha accused by state regulators of misappropriating more than $1.35 million of client funds killed himself …. A former real-estate investor and "Property Wars" star was sentenced to 17 years in prison for involvement in multiple fraud schemes that targeted more than 200 victims and resulted in … Believe this. “He decided to, quote-unquote, ‘borrow’ — sometimes without knowledge, sometimes with less than totally forthright representations about where the money was going to go. Property Wars was a somewhat popular TV show that ran for two seasons on the Discovery Channel. The “Second Fraud”: By January 2014, Menaged was obtaining loans against properties that he never actually bought. Could you celebrate it for me? Who said death had to be this morbid. At least a half-dozen Omaha residents — and more than a dozen attorneys — packed a fifth-floor Douglas County courtroom on Monday searching for answers into $1.35 million missing from Kari Yatkowski, Sending my condolences to the family. I just saw what happened to Denny. “He tried to approach me about investing, but I didn’t,” Smedra said.

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