NFS-60      Jay Deep SauDr. Vethe H, Ghila L, Berle M, et al. The hallmark of the existence of Majorana bound states in such systems is a quantized zero-bias conductance peak in the tunneling spectroscopy for a normal-metal-superconductor junction. This thesis has three distinct parts. We argue that this feature makes our proposal suitable for experimental realization. Hepatocytes (mice)      Vannini S, Pagiotti R, Acito M, et al. Each of them shows its own evolution that includes the unusual and general features of GRBs. We study two classes of quantum phenomena associated with classical chaos in a variety of quantum models: (i) dynamical localization and its extension and generalization to interacting few- and many-body systems and (ii) quantum exponential divergences in high-order correlators and other diagnostics of quantum chaos. Due to the nature of the interaction, the demonstrated entangling operation can be made arbitrarily fast only limited by laser engineering. Field: Cell Biology, Cell Type: Understanding the sensitivity of coil metrics to perturbations of the winding surface allows us to gain intuition about features of configurations that enable simpler coils. Overgaard NH, Principe DR, Schachtschneider KM, et al. Unfortunately, despite great progress in the theoretical understanding of topological phases of matter, practical problems have made it difficult to: (i) identify unambiguous examples of topological quantum material and (ii) harness their potential for technological applications. Whistlers saturate at small amplitude in the low $\beta$ limit and are unable to effectively suppress the heat flux. Borja Sesé , Javier M Sanmartín, Bernat Ortega, et al. We start by considering a two-dimensional s-wave BCS superconductor interacting with microwave cavity photons. Yang Tao. The first focuses on how particular representations (wavefunction and external potential graphs) associated with the infinite-well and finite-well potentials can be used by students as tools to learn with. Cardiomyocytes (rats)      ASC      As shown by our ability to tune the transition temperature and low-temperature metallicity by applying external pressure, Bornite may be a good candidate for Mott system and searching new superconductors. Multiple new resonances for 84Sr and 86Sr were measured out to binding energies of -5 GHz and several discrepancies in earlier measurements were resolved. We present a method of solution for the adjoint equations based on a variational principle used in MHD stability analysis. HeLa, Jurkat, WEH1      Kharaziha P, Rodriguez P, Li Q, et al. Artur Beberok , Zuzanna Rzepka , Michalina Respondek , et al. Next, we examine excitons formed in the bulk of an insulator as the system transitions between topological and trivial insulating phases, finding that the phases have different signatures in the exciton spectrum. Mouse embryonic fibroblasts      Sarvi S, Mackinnon AC, Avlonitis N, et al. Field: Cancer Research, Cell Type: pterygium epithelial cells      (2017). Date and Time: Thursday, December 7, 1:00 pm, Dr. Victor YakovenkoDr. (2017). Field: Drug testing, Cell Type: choosing a selection results in a full page refresh; Opens in a new window. Whitehead B, Wu L, Hvam ML, et al. A surprise is that the resulting steady state heat flux is largely independent of the thermal gradient. Thus, the ability of this tiny insect to take flight and go about its business without the burden of thousands of neuronal cell bodies (Polilov, 2012) may be sustained by local translation in neuronal processes. Field: Stem Cell Research, Cell Type: Discoveries of this type at LHC Run 2 would thereby anticipate (and set a target for) even more explicit explorations of Higgs compositeness at a 100 TeV collider, or for next-generation flavor tests. However, low-energy electroweak/flavor/CP constraints and the absence of non-standard physics at LHC Run 1 suggest that a “little hierarchy problem” remains, and that the new physics underlying naturalness may lie out of LHC reach. Having established a thermodynamic limit, we characterize the nature of the phase transition, which can change order based on system parameters. Cynthia L Hsu , Elian X Lee , Kara L Gordon , et al. A549      Dissertation Title: Majorana and Andreev bound states in semiconductor-superconductor nanostructures, Location: 2202 PHY (Condensed Matter Theory & Experiment Conference Room), Dissertation Committee Chair: Prof. Jay Deep Sau, Dr. Sankar Das SarmaDr. Next, I describe magnetic phases which exist in spin-1 spin-orbit-coupled condensates in a near-zero temperature. TPC identifies subtypes by clustering patients with similar disease trajectory profiles derived from bipartite patient-variable networks.

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