11-22-2011 Your page has helped a lot. belinda says: Can yOu please tell me the benefits of wearing a diamond necklace or ring as far as love success and prosperity is concern, I'm wearing this gem almost everyday.. another thing - why other websites or people saying: yOu can wear your diamonds on a Friday - any comment on this please.. Positive thoughts. 08-11-2018 08-09-2012 I had admired choc diamonds at an independently owned jewelry store for years and finally bought small but true choc diamond earrings Thanks in Advance. As if an evil eye has been cast and that the dismond took away the negative vibes and saved me. Hummus says: My college sweet heart just gave me a present a promise and anniversary ring. 04-11-2013 Good Wishes for you! We see only from our small side of the diamond but none the less every side is attached and part of that which is God." Previously I was determined to make danburite the last of the crystals that I would bring home. Beautiful article. 01-03-2018 We're all human & can't be positive minded all the time. I'm not new to the metaphysical side of things but never understood the meaning of a diamond in a vision. That's really a wondrous gift. Thank you for the information of this article. Mon says: Sue says: Now I know what diamond means. 01-19-2014 Adrian Robles says: Please help me because I don't want to buy fake with that much money. 01-28-2017 12-04-2016 it's not "nice" nor "nasty" it is neutral and true, I find very much that it would absorb energies and thoughts (since it's dark) and cut away everything false both inner and outer depending where one directs their focus and energy to reveal truth and cut away all that isn't true within ones thoughts or ideas assisting ones ability to see the truth behind all. Mon says: 08-09-2012 I read a lot of the Internet and everything is always conflicting. "Its other name is Dreams of stone... Its uses are to clean for blockades of brain function and individuality... and for healing all body and mental functions. 09-19-2011 My ex husband bought me diamond rings but after my marriage broke up I got rid of all my diamonds. sunnyray says: It's not an uplifting gem. 03-07-2014 her the meaning of it? Emerald diamond shapes are old fashioned, yet they exude quiet elegance and coolness. In many respects, Diamonds are really special stones. anonymous says: In addition to purchasing diamonds as fashion items and as a mean to express your life style, you should learn about what this crystal can offer in sense of improving your life, your environment, your energy and your ongoing personal growth process. Like the emerald shape, it also indicates clarity of person. $600. Hope to hear from yOu. I have mostly been wearing crystals related to my leo zodiac. and matching pendant. In favor of this thesis speaks the Greek word for diamond - adamas - which means invincible. everything started going haywire. Thank you I feel confident in my own skin and balanced; as if I now really know myself and delight in who God has made me. Thanks for the nice words Adrian. Geometric shapes—triangles, circles, squares, stars—have been part of human religious symbolism for thousands of years, long before they became part of scientific endeavors and construction projects by the Egyptians and Greeks.The simplest shapes are found in nature and are used by many different cultures around the world to represent a wide variety of meanings. people. Yes, indeed, the feeling is unlike with any other stone. I just had a reading where I was told the reader saw white diamonds in the palms of my hands and bright light shining out from the diamonds. As the hardest mineral of all, it is especially esteemed owing to its beauty, purity, and ability to reflect light in a special manner. be able to find out how I can get in touch with her. I live in the city but I saw many diamond shapes of stars in the sky. sunny says: Thanks. Sue xo 09-18-2016 Recently I bought a vintage diamond ring because I could not resist the stones and thought about them for months. You are very welcome, Obi. I didn't know or understand what she meant. Women who prefer it are usually drawn to its traditional romance, and they themselves are honest, faithful, and somewhat conservative. Please help us improve. 10-14-2011 I think I should go for just "nice" crystal. I found that Black diamond is a harder material even than regular diamonds so it's ability to cut is profound and unmatched, also bringing cosmic intelligence and beyond which soars far above the game in the fields of this world I really feel that I've probably not even tapped into 0.01% of what it has to offer and teach.

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