The digital city within Disney Heroes: Battle Mode needs saving! Make sure to use those drinks in leveling up your heroes since they are pretty common. There is really no down side to choosing him as your primary Tank. It’s easy to collect all the aforementioned items just by completing all types of missions – Campaign, Elite, and Friend Campaign. Download & Play now: 10 Cash, Inc. First, there is the daily login reward that you can claim upon logging in for the first time each day. These contain items, hero chips, badges, and so on. – Judy Hopps: Support, Mid Guilds unlock at team level 15. Always check out a completed campaign mission’s loot before you decide to raid it – click on the type of loot it offers so you know if it’s worth spending a Raid ticket on. Successfully defending at least 1 set in the Coliseum, wins you the whole battle. That’s the Events tab, which makes you aware of all the timed opportunities occurring in the game. The campaign lets you follow through the story of the game. Try to have different damage types in your team so you will be prepared for any scenario. This is all we have in our Disney Heroes Guide. Ralph – Front – Tank In defense mode, on the other hand, keep 5 of your strongest heroes in 1 set. These missions award you with Hero Chips, which can be used to raise each hero’s stats even higher. A new mobile RPG delivers those fans the ultimate crossover. Just head to the heroes section -> tap on a hero ->. In fact, you can get them from Port runs. After every few days(2), you can claim it for free or spend diamonds; but before you spend diamond, check the loot; if it’s good, then go for it, if not, then wait. Nick Wilde (Damage) – Zootopia is really winning this list, but we can’t really help it if they’re that good. By the way, be sure to log-in at certain times of the day/evening. All at lvl 60, all L1 and all skills at maximum for this lvl. He gives his teammates additional energy and has an array of useful skills in battle. We have listed the different heroes and their respective roles below for your reference. You will battle against powerful enemies. In order to get full access to all Cheats, and to the instructions for them, follow this PAGE (get full acces) and you will see what you need to do so that you can hack Disney Heroes. Complete events and you can earn a huge amount of diamonds and gold for free. Aside from that, it will promote you to a higher bracket level which means better rewards. The Coliseum is where you train and prepare your heroes for battles to come. – WALL-E: Control, Mid – Ralph: Tank, Front Required fields are marked *. You can also complete events in exchange for even more rewards. Stay on top of the Quests you’ve completed and which ones you need to check off the list. So do check this section always. Before you start the battle in Disney Heroes, you have to pick your best heroes. You’ll need them to be as formidable as possible if you want to excel in the Arena, Coliseum, The Port, and other battle modes. You’ll eventually run into enemy types that are resistant to Basic Damage. Medals are pretty much set up to be Disney Heroes: Battle Mode’s version of Achievements. Diamond Crate -> One of the premium crates to obtain rare hero chips.

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