Ask yourself, why did the mice enter your house in the first place? Feed in the red skin wherever possible as this is rich in nutrients, giving up to one nut per rat once or twice a week. Instead of spoons, you can also use a piping bag if you have one or make one using a plastic bag, though the spoons work very well for me. Mango – Can cause kidney cancer as this fruit contains d-limonene. And Wendy, I too thought monkey may be a good idea, as we have had a jay visit before, and I also wondered where the nuts were disappearing off to as I didn't see a jay return. Hard Boiled Eggs – Slice up some hardboiled egg and place in their cage for occasional treats. Careful with the seeds though, like I said they would eat the whole thing. Food is almost always the only thing on their mind. Always let your rats become experts at opening the easier nuts before offering the harder varieties. Don’t go overboard with treats! This is a good game for them in the warm summer days, but also a good way to help your pet rat get used to the water. Adorable Pet Rats And Other Rodents on Udemy! Would like to think may be a Jay but never seen a Jay visiting the garden or in the close vicinity. I think they also cleaned their whole plate right away and are demanding for more! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Like all nuts, cashews are rich in omega 6 fats, protein, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. My rats love all of those but I've stopped giving them the Walnuts. How to Look After a Hairless Guinea Pig (Skinny Pig), Foods That Are, and Are Not Safe for a Pet Rat. Rats can eat fresh roasted sweet chestnuts freely, and the tinned or vacuum-packed varieties are also good to offer. Pecans have a high-fat content – but these are healthy fats – mostly monounsaturated – and after walnuts, contain the highest concentration (in a nut) of omega 3. They'll love the challenge. Meat — The consumption of … Just try to avoid the ones with cookies and with citrus fruit. Perhaps the Monkey nuts easier to break into? They have great fun cracking open shells! This site is owned and operated by Patricia Caldeira and Miguel Silva. The exception is the sweet chestnut, which is low in fat and a great choice for rats. The sweet potato should be cooked and with no condiments. Pellets are great, but nothing beats fresh apples, carrots, and even eggs or chicken. Always let your rats become experts at opening the easier nuts before offering the harder varieties. Giving whole nuts in their shells would be too much ‘nut per rat’ if you gave them one each, every day – but offering shell-on nuts is certainly an activity you can provide regularly. In fact, just about any nut can serve as ample nourishment for rats and mice. That’s why you shouldn’t simply throw away a half-eaten apple or banana into the garbage bin. Our top five would be: Sweet chestnuts (NOT horse chestnuts/ ‘conkers’ which are poisonous) can, because of their unique nutritional profile, be fed as extra to other nuts and regularly as part of a mixed diet. Corn – Cook it as you would for yourself and give some to your rats. Break just a bit of it and let them figure out. Mice and rats are attracted to grains and seeds like moths to fire. The campaign believes that conkers is a game that is free to all play and should also be free of rules and regulations, but says that it draws the line at squirrels. I buy a lot of nuts for the squirrels that live in my tree, and I was wondering if any of them are safe for rats as well? Like all nuts, they contain B vitamins, minerals (great copper levels), and phytochemicals – including polyphenols and melatonin. They love it! This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. Think we will take it down and put up a squirrel feeder which should be mouse proof (not that I want to deprive them of their food - but they have plenty from the seeds the birds drop and hazelnuts are a rather expensive mouse diet). Until the day I caught it in the act!! This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Rats tend to enjoy them, and you can feed them both in and out of their shells. Don’t go overboard with treats! Don’t worry, it’s normal, it’s from the broccoli or other green veggies they might’ve had. This makes them excellent for heart health. About a quarter of a nut is sufficient for a rattie treat. Rats cannot vomit or release gas, so they will be very careful when trying new foods. It’s very nutritious and easy to eat! They are a useful dietary addition, especially when you are trying to maintain weight in an older or sick rat. The walnut’s claim to fame is the highest antioxidant level of all nuts. They also contain loads of omega 3 (ALA) – even more than hemp seeds (as a non-nutty comparison)! A healthy treat as well as a good exercise! This way you can make the treat into a game. They have less fat than pecans, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, and Brazils and are high in fiber, so can be a healthy choice. I know they're both rodents, but they still have decently different needs and metabolisms, so I just wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna feed them anything harmful. If you have older rats or those with bad teeth you may have to crack one or two to get them interested.

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