due to their awareness that he possibly can thwart their plans for world domination with his computer skills; he helps his daughter in stopping H.I.V.E. A scan of her passport declared her an active A.R.G.U.S. The group used their archery and close combat skills to beat the soldiers. Yao Fei is killed by Fyers in the season one finale. Carrie Cutter / Cupid (portrayed by Amy Gumenick)[24] is a lethal villain with a dangerously obsessive crush on the Arrow but is later enrolled into the Suicide Squad, where she forms a crush on Floyd Lawton / Deadshot. Aman Mann plays the teenage version in the present.[25]. [55] He provides Laurel with combat training, and in the process becomes Laurel's friend and confidant. According to Raʾs, Darhk also orchestrated Bronze Tiger's plot to steal Malcolm's prototype earthquake machine and Mark Shaw's attempt to acquire the A.R.G.U.S. @charlotteross @EmilyBett", "Vigilante Is Black Canary's Ex On 'Arrow' & The Consequences Are Already Heartbreaking", "ARROW: "FIGHTING FIRE WITH FIRE" REVIEW", "Review: 'Arrow' Drops the Bombshell Prometheus Reveal in 'Fighting Fire With Fire, "Arrow unveils Prometheus' identity – what's next? Occupation Dinah states that Oliver is now working with the Star City Police Department. Rendered apathetic by her time in the camp, unable to feel anything, Nyssa then attempts to destroy all hope and optimism in the world by assassinating Superman with Kryptonite bullets she steals from the Batcave, hoping that, by uniting the world in one moment of tragedy, she will manage to rouse herself once more. Red Dart (portrayed by Holly Elissa Dignard) is a member of the Longbow Hunters. were both captured and brought to an old mansion, Jim mentions that he knows that the name "Theresa Walker" is just a cover-up but doesn't know her true name which she claims that Bruce Wayne will help them figure it out. Patton reprises her role from The Flash. When she arrived at Nanda Parbat, her father said coldly he was happy to see her again. Season 3: Oliver Queen | League of Assassins (Ra's al Ghul, Maseo Yamashiro, Nyssa al Ghul & Chase) | Matthew Shrieve | Amanda Waller | China White | Werner Zytle | Komodo | Cooper Seldon | Captain Boomerang | Roy Bivolo | Danny Brickwell | Deathstroke | Michael Amar | Joseph Cray | Suicide Squad (Deadshot & Cupid) | H.I.V.E. Jaime Murray [83] He is killed by Slade Wilson in season two. As the helicopter flew Malcolm away she mentioned to Oliver that Malcolm will never be seen again. [13], Along with Rainie, Nyssa came to Malcolm's aid when he was captured by Lourdes and Saracon. Based on the DC Comics title, published by DC Entertainment, this hourlong drama is a modern retelling of the legendary DC Comics character Green Arrow. Professor Zoom | An ultimate act of "kindness" on her part was releasing Sara from her allegiance and oaths to the League as well as the threat of the League of Assassins; touched by Sara's undying care for her as the woman begged the Arrow not to kill her; despite being on the verge of dying herself. got his reputation by destroying empires and that it's now her turn to do the same. During the first five seasons of the show, characters from Oliver's past appear in a separate story arc based on Oliver's flashbacks, which highlight parallels from Oliver's history that shape events in the main story. During the exchange, they decide to fight, but it goes south and Nyssa is taken anyway. Like her father and half-sister, she knows Batman's secret identity and the location of the Batcave. Joanna De La Vega (portrayed by Annie Ilonzeh[138][139]) is Laurel's friend and co-worker at legal aid firm CNRI. Season 7: Oliver Queen | Ninth Circle (Emiko Queen, Dante, Virgil & Beatrice) | Kevin Dale | Ricardo Diaz | Longbow Hunters (Red Dart, Kodiak & Silencer) | Stanley Dover | Danny Brickwell | Derek Sampson | John Deegan | Monitor | A.M.A.Z.O. She later transforms into a new being and brands herself a "harbinger of things to come".[91]. By the time Sara was resurrected by the Lazarus Pit, much to her horror, as she (correctly) knew that her former lover would only suffer in her new life, though this has since been annulled as Sara was able to regain control of herself, Nyssa's grudge towards Malcolm grew to the point that she literately swore to kill Malcolm in a manner that would have no coming back. In the season finale, Oliver kills Raʾs. Garfield Lynns (portrayed by Andrew Dunbar[85]) is a former firefighter who is killing other firefighters as revenge for being abandoned in a fire. Following this, Nyssa quickly left the airport. However, she is really cold and calculating. Danny "Brick" Brickwell (portrayed by Vinnie Jones) is a gang leader in Starling City. She informed him that he had 48 hours to find Sara's killer or the League would start killing citizens. Season 4: Oliver Queen | H.I.V.E. After arriving back in Nanda Parbat, she learns that her father has offered his position to Oliver, which greatly offends her. Talia is also enemies with Nyssa after the former left their family, and their feud is intensified after knowing Nyssa's role of their father's death. 5 episodes (see below) Nyssa mentioned that her whole life she had been afraid of him but she was not scared of him anymore. ", "Arrow books Blindspot star as Ragman – exclusive", "Arrow boss explains Baron Reiter casting", "Summer Glau is ready for boardroom battle in latest Arrow images", "Who Is Isabel Rochev, Summer Glau's New Role On Arrow? They infiltrated Palmer Technologies and gave the group a scare, she held the group at bow-point but was brought down by Oliver, Oliver was later knocked down by Diggle and she raised her bow at him again to protect her new husband but was again brought down by Oliver. Arrogant Assassin, Leader of the League (until she disbands it), Peak of human physical conditionHoned sensesMaster marksmenMaster hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist, Get revenge on Malcolm Merlyn for being indirectly responsible for Sara's death. [77], She was originally according to Kreisberg, "the beginning of the Black Canary story".[78][79]. John suspects that Andy joined H.I.V.E. Lyla Michaels (portrayed by Audrey Marie Anderson[82]) is an A.R.G.U.S. He said he knew their love would only end in heartbreak. Firefly | Cecil Adams | Al-Owal | Dollmaker | Images. He told her that she will marry Oliver and she would become Bride of the Demon. Before leaving the city, Nyssa talked with Laurel, whom she encouraged to train and become stronger. Home universe After tracking Chase's plane, the trio flew to Lian Yu, where Chase and his allies were. Oliver has remained to be the only person Nyssa has allowed to fight a battle on her behalf. She returns in season six to help take care of William, Oliver's son.[98]. During the flight, Nyssa briefly mentioned that Ra's al Ghul sent her to Lian Yu nine years ago in 2008, and she found Sara on the island.[19]. He does however allow her to keep a Lazarus Pit for herself and, much to his surprise, she finds a way to reuse it, allowing her to survive until modern times. [41] She is shown to be a yandere as she tried to kill Sara's parents, and poison Sara's sister to bring Sara back to her. Shocked and heartbroken, Nyssa revealed that Malcolm was still alive and that Sara had come to Starling City to trace a rumor that he was here. radar when Ricardo Diaz hires the Longbow Hunters through him. Nyssa confronts her sister Talia on Lian Yu. Batman offers to save Nyssa with the remaining Lazarus, but she refuses. Main Antagonists Diggle and Michaels originally had a daughter named Sara, but Barry Allen's time traveling and creation (and subsequent erasure) of the Flashpoint timeline results in her being replaced by J.J.[38] Keon Boateng and Marcello Guede portray J'S. [96], Raisa (portrayed by Kathleen Gati[97]) is a long-serving domestic worker in the Queen mansion when the series begins; she has been close to Oliver since his childhood. He renames Queen Consolidated "Palmer Technologies" and makes Felicity his Vice President. When Diaz starts an electrical fire, Sampson is set on fire by Ben Turner. Captain Boomerang | Danny Brickwell | Michael Amar | Joseph Cray | Cupid | Mina Fayad | Deathbolt | Phaedra Nixon | Thomas | Joyner | Jeremy Tell | Liza Warner | Calculator | Brie Larvan | Janet Carroll | J.G. [68] Anthony Ivo is the first character in the series who tells Oliver, Slade, and Shado about the "Mirakuru." He ultimately deduces the true identities of the entire Arrow team. Later she was brought before her father and Oliver for dinner, Ra's decided that he wanted the title Ra's to be in the family line and so he wanted a grandchild so he told Nyssa to get pregnant with Oliver's child, a decision that she was visibly displeased by. When Ra's heard of news of Malcolm being in Starling City, he ordered Sara to go investigate. [73] Kuttler is ultimately arrested by Donna's current romantic partner, Quentin Lance, after Felicity turns her father in. After escaping from prison, Kuttler finds himself being targeted by H.I.V.E. Later, James reemerges in Star City after rescuing an injured Black Siren from Lian Yu. Crimes Nyssa responds by telling her that that it's cruel to let the baby get attached to Barbara when she won't around for much longer. Shortly after Sara Lance’s resurrection, she destroyed the Lazarus Pit to prevent it from being used ever again. Nyssa intercepts Thea Queen and Roy Harper as they are on their way out of the city and informs Thea of the Guild's threat against her as she is also an Heiress to the Demon. P. Parks (portrayed by Josh Byer) is a Star City police officer who is among the police officers on Ricardo Diaz's side. Kate Spencer (portrayed by Chelah Horsdal) is the district attorney. Renée stars as the character on Legends of Tomorrow. Although the photo was proven to be a fake, Watson remains suspicious of Oliver and chooses to stay behind in Star City to look further into Team Arrow as a whole. She also put down the sword Thea gave her to subdue Roy and Laurel non-lethally rather than going for lethal methods. He is killed by Dante, when Ricardo Diaz informs Dante that he has walked into an A.R.G.U.S. Pemberton stars as the character on Legends of Tomorrow.[53]. Kinney reprises her role from The Flash.[80]. When Wayne Enterprises sends a chopper with supplies to Gotham City, Nyssa uses a mind-controlled Edward to shoot the chopper down with a rocket launcher. She also appeared in the final season of Gotham, portrayed by Jaime Murray. They Eventually broke up because of Diggle obsession with Deadshot. [39][40] After the Crisis, Sara is restored to the timeline, existing simultaneously with her brother. She took the position as leader of the Thanatos Guild that was supposed to be led by Merlyn prior to his death. Originally, the character would have been Onomatopoeia, but the producers found that the character could not be adapted for TV, so they had to create Mr. When drinking their milkshake Nyssa was surprised with the fries and the talked about how they enjoyed spending their time together. Batman tries to fight him, but Ra's al Ghul steals one of his smoke bombs and disappears. Derek Reston / King (portrayed by Currie Graham) is the leader of a gang consisting of his family members.[103].

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