In any case you can receive a copy of the report. I was notified in the third round towards the end of the nearly 4 hour interview, by the interviewer who was 10 minutes late, that they were now the hiring manager due to changes in the organization. When I communicated to the recruiter that another Company presented an offer to me, but that I preferred DoorDash I was told I was not moving forward in the process. I even sent another email to her after the do not reply response and have heard nothing. Basic phone screening with an HR manager from the US, followed by an analytical exercise which you are given 24h to complete. If you have a tablet, a test order is an opportunity for you to learn how DoorDash works and to train new employees. from the courts and corrections departments that govern them. Your convictions According to Doordash, your screening process can take between 5-7 business days, sometimes longer. The best thing to do is contact your local DMV or other motor vehicle agency and ask: Complete Guide to Postmates and Doordash Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. I applied online. If you're wondering what the Doordash background check is, you're not alone. Was told I’d have to do a full sales call but only got pinned on a question about restaurant margins. If you are not yet a Dasher, you can sign up with our DoorDash affiliate referral code. It depends a lot on what state you’re searching Safety and trust are a priority. of transgressions on record. The interview process went on for a month and a half and over that period I had conversations with 8 separate people and completed a 2 day analytics exercise - in all of those conversations, only one person asked true behavioral interview questions and was interested in my background and me as a person, all of the other interviews asked versions of essentially the same "case" questions. The interviewers asked various questions about my professional experience and job-specific scenarios and questions. I applied through a recruiter. Follow our instructions. Presentation day came in which a few questions that were asked were more hypothetical vs behavioral and I was asked to send my presentation to the recruiter. I interviewed at DoorDash (San Francisco, CA). Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove interviews. Doordash will send you a Welcome Email stating your account is to keep Criminal background checks aren’t limited by a federal act. Now you are almost ready to make deliveries and earn money as a Doordash driver and you know everything about the Completing a criminal background check can take 2 or 10 business days depending on the amount For example, if you have more than 3 moving vehicle violations in the past 3 years. Why should we sign with DoorDash if we would be in a negative margin? our complete guide to driver requirements. I had been advised early in the process that the recruiting org at Doordash is green and this is also reflective in recruiting leadership based on my interview experience.

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