Hi people!Ducktales is one of my favorite series (even if I didn't watch the originals) and I wish to express my love for this great piece of television by writing a series of prompts for every character, for every episode.Take a seat, grab a snack and good reading! "And how'd you learn to fight like that? -More after the story.-). The four rushed in (Lena remained in a deep sleep) and were nearly blinded. I also do prompts and SCROLDIE! Pretty much everyone is a little older and a little wiser. "Donald called "Its time for bed, put away your toys"He said. Will they be able to rescue Gizmoduck before it's too late? Adventure Ducktales Ducktales Fanfiction Ducktales Oc Daisy Duck Donald Duck A life of a new kid, along with his family, moved to Duckburg, thought to … And the Walls Came Crashing Down, a ducktales fanfic | FanFiction Dewey groggily rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up in bed. files pertaining to his history, even though his file had a bit more holes than most. Afterward Donald walked in and tucked the boys into bed and kissed each one on the forehead "Goodnight Louie", "Goodnight Dewey", "Goodnight Huey". @waak: nope, it's worse. /// Una notte come tante a casa di Donald, finché la luce non va via. Those kinds of things never seemed to happen when he had worn the mask. Donald and Scrooge play a quick round of chess with their nephews. I am mostly going off the different medias, but I do make occasional assumptions. | Oh My Goddess! It took over a decade, but his family was whole and bigger than ever. Donald smiled at His nephew but then He thought about how Della could still come back. Everyone is over any kind of Donald vs Della parenting drama that seems to be setting itself up in the series. After the initial shock Donald's eyes squinted in clear, laser-like, focus. I don’t own these characters, if that was not clear :). He moved forward to give the phone back, but Mrs. Beakley further pushed the younger girls behind her. And he never seems to talk about his stint, so keeping it to himself makes sense to me. As he sat up a sailor's hat floated down, tossed during the fall, and landed on the head of Donald Duck. "The keypad and scanner dinnae look to be tampered with. Through clever wordplay (not lying, he would always make it square) Donald was finally convinced he could trust his uncle to get rid of the clock. Most oneshots are based on the characters from the reboot, but you can request characters from the original show. The vein that usually throbbed in rage was nowhere to be seen. As time went on, sunlight crept up his bed, over his covers, and bathed his face in a bright light. But Ducks don't back down...and nothing can stop Della Duck. As always, I try to encourage everyone to support official releases of the subject matter, which in this case would be Donald Duck, Ducktales, and anything related to them. Scrooge paused for a moment to plumb his steel trap of a memory. @waak: HAHAHAHA. A serious match made in heaven. Della and the boys were on one of the floors above, searching through the offices in case the intruder or intruders were after information from McDuck Industries vast resources. As they hear more stories, they uncover more shocking secrets about one of their family members. ducktales, ducktales2017. For you, are a powerful legend of the stars. Join (Y/n) to find out! "No buts, you got to play enough today"He said "There's a whole other day tomorrow for you to play". Episode: s03e14 Escape from the ImpossiBin! ONE SHOT. The McDuck/Duck Family and associates have been finding their new normal since Della's been home and, for once, things are going smoothly. All while more characters decide to make their first appearances ever, mixing the classic with the new. And within half an hour, the Justice Ducks would find themselves facing the end of the world. Della, his niece, practically vibrated with excitement despite the early hours. what happens when you find out what happened to her and meet some new friends along the way? Dewey, dressed in blue sweat pants and t-shirt mirrored his mother behind him, aside from the bags under his eyes. And he did. The duck caught it and slipped it on his arm by the straps and continued to move like a rocket toward Raider. When Della convinces Donald and their cousins to go to the forbidden twisted thicket on Halloween, they accidentally unleash a great evil onto Duckburg. The triplets were playing on the living room floor. (This story is set a few years after Della returns, and of course Donald has returned from the moon. Scrooge would bet his nephew's next paycheck that it was one of his treasures that was being targeted. The age gap between Della and Donald, and Launchpad is three years. I desperately want more of this Daisy and Donald. Donald's Days, a ducktales fanfic | FanFiction Donald lay sprawled across his bed in the boat, snoring and stirring at the sound of birds outside his window. But I could be convinced to continue if anyone seems interested. Making it outside he moved to hide under the bridge connecting to Duckberg. At the base stood his family. [DUCKTALES x AUNT! (Preferably with bubbles and the new Darkwing bath bombs she had gotten earlier that week)And put on her (LaunchPad’s) Darkwing t-shirt and curl up on her couch with her fluffy blanket and pillows and pass out while she was curled up next to Launchpad while watching their favorite Darkwing episodes. Della gathered the triplets together, Mrs. Beakley reigned in Webby who continued to drag a still zonked out Lena, and that left Scrooge with Donald. Hopefully they won't get mad. Now that the bough has broken, it's up to Clan McDuck to carry that weight and help him want to see the sun rise again. He was clad mostly in red with a flowing purple cape. He had messed up. Someone needs to tell the McDucks to stop causing mass hysteria on Twitter. (Y/N) de Spell, or what you rather be called (Y/N) (L/N). Using my phone to FFN seemed to take some words away and added weird stuff. So they follow him one day and find out about a huge secret Huey's been keeping from them. When Gizmoduck suddenly disappears, Darkwing Duck needs to assemble a team to find and rescue him. "He thought to Himself. The two rich uncles that Huey had hidden about from the twins their whole ten years of life. I don’t own these characters, if that was not clear :). Creyó su vida mejoraría hasta que tomó un caso especialmente difícil, uno que involucraba al peor de sus enemigos. Those riding in the back paid differing levels of attention to the old tale from Scrooge's past. His only option now? Work Search: I'm not hosting a disco party! King Arthur. The thief did not appear surprised at their sudden entrance and turned to them with a grin. Vlad Tepes. Santa Claus King Arthur. "Ha! Webby, being a young girl, could have a slight crush/hero worship of Donald. Or, you know, beat some people up. Team Uncle Week 2020, Day 1 - Bedtime Story.

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