Or visit our Learning Center for articles on How To Raise Chickens. now = new Date; Grower Chicken Feed. Dark brown eggs! all i have available from the mill is starter/grower and layer, is it ok to stick with starter/grower till they lay? | I started grower/finisher week 10 and they barely touch it. So we went with the starter for the first 11 weeks. Do Not Sell My Personal Information Changing your store affects your localized pricing. My chickens won’t touch it. If you are still active user then please click "NO". DuMOR Chick Strarter/Grower 20% Feed, 50 lb., 3006317-306. Click HERE! Do you want to change the nearest store as your preferred store? Essentially grower feed contains a protein content that is between 16-18% but has less calcium than regular layer feed. Product Rating is 5. The dietary requirements for a chicken between 6 to 20 weeks old is very different from a baby chick. We give them scraps too. also if my ee starts laying weeks before my rir then what? Purina Animal Nutrition LLC. This 22% protein diet is designed to finish the development of chickens and turkeys to their full genetic potential for shows. | document.write(theYear); This stuff is green in color and smells like grass. Dumor is one of the well-known private label brands on the market. No stores are available for the Zip Code entered. You must log in or register to reply here. This includes the price of items you already have in your shopping cart. Privacy & Terms Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects. You may only compare up to four items at a time. Feb 27, 2015 - DuMOR Poultry Grower/Finisher 15% Feed -- Duck/geese that are layers should be transitioned to DuMOR Poultry Layer 16% at 10 to 18 weeks Birds should never be without feed. Birds may require more or less than 20 lbs of feed each week based on flock size and environmental conditions. USE ONLY AS DIRECTED. Rated 1 out of 5 by Hogges from My chickens won’t eat it Never had a problem with any other feed, Dumor or Purina. Is my brown leghorn not a brown leghorn?? Not a single peck at it from any of the four Isa Browns we have. Grower feed in many ways is like chicken feed for teenage chooks. Error in store localization, please try with store associated Zip Code. JavaScript is disabled. All Rights Reserved. Sold by Tractor Supply farm stores across the country, the feed is comparable to the other major commercial feeds. One of our nutrition experts may be able to help. Are you sure you want to change your store? If possible, learn the manufacturer of the feed being sold under a store label. To check availability of Pickup In Store items and Delivery Services. | For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Easy to Consume for Young Birds Give your young birds everything they need to grow up happy and healthy. Quote:Thanks, that's what I'll do. SMS Terms & Conditions Black Silkie roo and the chicks he fathered with Salmon Faverolle and Austra White hens... Pizza, Pits, Puzzles and Pumpkin Party Animals Play!, Sponsored Content, Contests, and Giveaways. Click OK to extend your time for an additional 30 minutes. My 6 chicks have been on starter/grower for 9 weeks and they ate all I put out down to the dust...especially in the morning even though there was a full feeder in their coop overnight. This 22% protein diet is designed to finish the development of chickens and turkeys to their full genetic potential for shows. Regardless of age, activity level or health status, DuMOR has a delicious and wholesome formula developed specifically to meet your animal's needs. Enter every day to increase your chances of winning! Store Chicken Feed Brands. Your current shopping session will get automatically reset in seconds. she is laying and they are eating and pooping fine.....ronnie. © she just started...i mix it with chick starter cause i have a young turkey and peachick so i guess they are getting what they need. Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Welcome to PoultryDVM's Feed Comparison Tool. The use of High Octane® Champion Drive™ and Power Fuel® supplements can be implemented as follows: Honor Show Chow Poultry Grow-Fin Product PDF. Your session is about to timeout due to inactivity. What I’m I doing wrong when processing my meat birds? They are some in the beginning but now they just look at it. DuMOR Poultry offers a premium line of quality feed and supplements designed to nourish chickens, turkeys, as well as other poultry. We were feeding our what are now 16-week-old chickens Tractor Supply"s Dumor Chick Starter/Grower. if (theYear < 1900); CA Supply Chain Act, A nutritionally complete and balanced ration for growing broilers from 22 days to finish and turkeys from 15 weeks to finish. Join BYC FREE here to see fewer ads, post questions, upload pics, & more! We do not share this information with anyone.For details,please view our. Provides all the essential nutrients to developBroilers from 22 days to finishTurkeys from 15 weeks to finish, Allows birds to achieve their full genetic potentialHelps develop excellent feathering, To provide the energy needed to maintain an increasing body sizeTo improve feed efficiency, Prevents sorting – assures consistent nutrient intakeReduces feed wastage, Feed it with total confidence – backed by Purina’s legendary tradition of fundamental and applied research, Aids in the prevention of coccidiosisNo withdrawal time required. When blended feed runs low, prepare a new batch of feed based on the age of the birds. B) Weeks 10-18 Grower/Finisher 15% Protein C) Weeks 18 on Layer 16% Protein $100 Still up-for-grabs in our TSC / Amazon Giveaway! Caution. SKU: 149673199. They prefer to peck the dirt. Your nearest store doesn't match your preferred store. I'm confused about Dumor feed that I get from Tractor Supply. Save Up To See price at checkout Click here for more details. They seem to be doing fine on it; there are only a few weeks before they start laying, so I might just as well use the almost-full bag until it's gone and hope they're laying by then. Blend the HSC Poultry feeds in 20-lb batches according to the tables below. Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness, performance loss or death. Compare the nutrients of different poultry feeds or search for a specific type of ingredient. Honor. The back of the sack shows three levels: A) Weeks 1-10 Starter/Grower 20% Protein. We have gotten mixed advice about feeding also. 4.5 (31) was save . i also buy my chicken food from the tractor store....i am now using laying crumble as most of my birds are of laying age. theYear=now.getYear(); Do not use in feeds containing bentonite. Find DuMOR Poultry Grower/Finisher 15% Feed, 50 lb., 46444 in the Poultry Feed category at Tractor Supply Co.Healthy Chickens = A Happy Flock theYear=theYear+1900;

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