The clinic was also very clean. Team made the moment special. Offering early pregnancy scans in Watford, Hertfordshire. By agreeing you accept the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy. Includes wellbeing check & prints. (You will not need to attend with a full bladder for this). Can't recommend enough. Our maternity service at West Hertfordshire Hospitals NHS Trust achieved a prestigious Health Service Journal 2017 award for its achievements in improving performance. 15 minute appointment to check the wellbeing of your baby and determine their gender with our exclusive gender reveal lighting. Window to the Womb Scans by experienced sonographers are performed and depending on the result, further examinations and tests such as blood tests are carried out in the Gynaecology Day Assessment Unit. 1000% recommend! 3554 Early Pregnancy Unit, Tel 01923 21 7831 Gynaecology Day Assessment Unit: 01923 217344, 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday With extended appointment times and our exclusive gender reveal lighting, Hey Baby 4D provides you with a professional and relaxed environment in which to bond with your unborn baby. request may be rejected. Viability scan Buntingford, specialist scan Buntingford, private aby scan Buntingford, early pregnancy ultrasound Buntingford, private pregnancy scan Buntingford, internal scan Buntingford, previous ectopic scan Buntingford, previous miscarriage scan Buntingford, pregnancy symptoms scan Buntingford, 6 week scan Buntingford, 7 week scan Buntingford, 8 week scan Buntingford, 9 week scan Buntingford, 10 week scan Buntingford, 11 week scan Buntingford, 12 week scan Buntingford, Early baby scan Baldock, early scan Baldock, early pregnancy scan Baldock, dating scan Baldock, reassurance scan Baldock. 6-12 weeks + 6 days pregnant with vaginal bleeding, 5 weeks + 4 days to 12 weeks + 6 days pregnant with abdominal pain, Previous ectopic pregnancy (from 6 weeks + 3 days to, Two or more previous miscarriages (from 8-12 weeks + 6 days), Previous molar pregnancy (8-12 weeks + 6 days). Very warm and welcoming. ️ ️Today at Hey Baby Watford, we captured this image of baby giving us a Hi five!!!! The Colposcopy service is located at St Albans City Hospital and at Watford General Hospital. Been in few, and this one is definitely the best! Would definitely recommend! We offer maternity care from a number of hospitals and community hubs. The staff were very friendly and caring. Our service won the national workforce award for its successful drive to recruit and retain midwives. Includes prints & FREE 4D preview. Please note, to book a scan with firstScan, a positive pregnancy test result is required. A very tiny and cute little gem with lovely, friendly, professional staff and an amazing experience! Going back soon for the gender reveal scan =D 5*. The experience was so easy and stress-free. For further information on trans-vaginal scanning please click here. Criteria. 15 minute appointment. We can also provide specialist early scans that can be adapted to suit all pregnancy needs. Viability scan Hitchin, specialist scan Hitchin, private aby scan Hitchin, early pregnancy ultrasound Hitchin, private pregnancy scan Hitchin, internal scan Hitchin, previous ectopic scan Hitchin, previous miscarriage scan Hitchin, pregnancy symptoms scan Hitchin, 6 week scan Hitchin, 7 week scan Hitchin, 8 week scan Hitchin, 9 week scan Hitchin, 10 week scan Hitchin, 11 week scan Hitchin, 12 week scan Hitchin, Early baby scan Letchworth, early scan Letchworth, early pregnancy scan Letchworth, dating scan Letchworth, reassurance scan Letchworth. 3554, Gynaecology Day Assessment Unit: 01923 217344, 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday, Fetal Day Assessment Unit, Tel 01923 217851. and explained everything to us. From 10 weeks. The lady who did our scan was very patient with our sleeping baby and allowed me to do some exercise and even go for a walk to get him moving. The department also benefits from an Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU), which provides a comprehensive scanning service performed by a midwife sonographer and review of these scans by an early pregnancy nurse. The most perfect experience. Thank you so much for making us so happy and reassured. Viability scan Hatfield, specialist scan Hatfield, private aby scan Hatfield, early pregnancy ultrasound Hatfield, private pregnancy scan Hatfield, internal scan Hatfield, previous ectopic scan Hatfield, previous miscarriage scan Hatfield, pregnancy symptoms scan Hatfield, 6 week scan Hatfield, 7 week scan Hatfield, 8 week scan Hatfield, 9 week scan Hatfield, 10 week scan Hatfield, 11 week scan Hatfield, 12 week scan Hatfield, Early baby scan Harpenden, early scan Harpenden, early pregnancy scan Harpenden, dating scan Harpenden, reassurance scan Harpenden. Scanning hours: 8.30 - … You’ll see all of their tiny fingers and toes, and you might even be able to tell whose nose baby has. Viability scan St Albans, specialist scan St Albans, private aby scan St Albans, early pregnancy ultrasound St Albans, private pregnancy scan St Albans, internal scan St Albans, previous ectopic scan St Albans, previous miscarriage scan St Albans, pregnancy symptoms scan St Albans, 6 week scan St Albans, 7 week scan St Albans, 8 week scan St Albans, 9 week scan St Albans, 10 week scan St Albans, 11 week scan St Albans, 12 week scan St Albans, Early baby scan Borehamwood, early scan Borehamwood, early pregnancy scan Borehamwood, dating scan Borehamwood, reassurance scan Borehamwood. really calming dimmed lights and big TV on wall to see scan on while you lay down. A positive urine pregnancy test on the day of referral is Includes FREE 4D preview. Our Early pregnancy unit is an appointment-based ultrasound scan unit

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