In short, the 2020 Easton Ghost Double barrel is an end loaded fastpitch bat that can hit absolute rockets. Still, the bat does have a heavy swing weight. Our 2020 Easton ADV 360 review is glowing. Well, there are a few reasons that I praise this design. Those looking for the Easton Ghost Double in a ASA/High School/NCAA league should look at the 2018 version of the bat. It improves the swinging experience in a noticeable way. No. In fact, they chose it as their favorite power hitter fastpitch bat for 2020. Easton Ghost 2020 Baseball Bat Review The Easton Ghost is coming for the new baseball season, and Baseball Bible asks; is it truly one of the best baseball bats on the market? In BBCOR, behind the Meta, it rates out one of our favorite two piece composite bat for 2020. Finally, the longest barrel that you can get on your Easton Ghost is a 34-inch model that weighs in at 24 oz. The barrel material is, ultimately, Easton’s take on a high end composite built for comprehensibility, durability and the right amount of flexibility. The Blue and Black Easton Ghost Fastpitch bat is an ASA approved (girl's fastpitch) bat. The 30-inch variant weighs in at 20 oz. It also makes it easier to hit the ball on time since you can go from your idle stance to full swing in no time at all. While rather costly, these bats are a major investment as they’ll help you improve your skill and win games for your team. The gold version, which we review here is a USSSA only version. October 5, 2019 | by Bat Digest Review Team | @BatDigest. Easton Sports was incorporated in 1985 by Jim Easton. The hottest bat in the game that is approved for ALL fields, just got hotter with the Easton Ghost Advanced fastpitch bat. I've been a big fan of Baseball since I was a small child; I both play and watch the sport as much as I can. That’s not just a fancy name for a traditional composite bat knob. Easton Ghost 2020 Fastpitch Dual stamp bat review!!!!! Marucci continues to be serious about breaking into the fastpitch market. Of course, switching it out with any other type of grip, like a Lizard Skin, is easy enough. We spent time with the drop 8 and drop 10 Easton Ghost Advanced for 2020. Specifically, it has a long barrel, a great feel on hits and miss-hits as well as noticeable top-end performance. The XTX™ Xtra Tough Resin Matrix technology provides the most durability and flexibility with an extremely low barrel compression. The fact that they don’t flex at all means you won’t lose any power from your swing. But, many players LOVE that about it. respectively. If you want something slightly longer than the shortest option then you could go for the 31-inch variant that weighs 21 oz. The most significant upgrade we found for the Advanced over the Ghost Double Barrel is the Power Boost knob. Overall, we rated the 2020 CF Fastpitch bat as the best fastpitch bat for 2020. This is the Blue/Black version of the bat. If you prefer end-loaded bats then it’s worth noting that this bat has a balanced swing weight. We measured exit speeds, barrel sizes and direct player feedback. the inside barrel controls the performance of the middle parts of the barrel while allowing the outsides of the barrel to get peak performance. Our 2020 Easton Ghost Double Barrel Fastpitch review consists of three hitters feedback over the course of two days and nearly 400 hits. The 2020 Ghost Advanced is unique in its swing weight. Hot - … I’ve reviewed many bats that had amazing performance but a severe shortage of options when it came to barrel length. This doesn’t leave the bat without recommendation. We’ve taken a bit of flack in the comments sections on our swing weight claims. That is, the 2020 Easton Ghost Double Barrel is certified for both ASA (High School Fastpitch, etc) and USSSA fastpitch leagues. As we note above, the certifications of the 2020 Easton Ghost Double Barrel fastpitch bat are in the ASA and USSSA space. The Easton Ghost Double Barrel gets fantastic reviews online. In short, the 2020 Easton Ghost Double barrel is an end loaded fastpitch bat that can hit absolute rockets. The previous year’s bats were only certified in individual leagues. Fortunately, this isn’t one of those bats at the Easton comes in five different barrel lengths. The 2019 version of the Ghost Double Barrel is a USSSA/NSA certified bat. You can find it in a drop 11, 10, 9 and 8 with a varying number of lengths inside each class. But, like last year’s Easton Ghost Double Barrel, the bat just swings heavy. But, we caution, it does swing heavy—nearly 20% heavier than the lightest bats in the same drop space. Still, though, the Ghost Advanced swings 10% heavier than the Xeno, which swings 10% heavier than the LXT. Smaller hitters who prefer more bat speed won’t like it as much–although a drop 11 Ghost Advanced does give them some options. Smaller hitters liked the feel, but could produce better exit speeds (off a tee at least) with lighter bats they could swi… Jump to the full review. As a late-season addition, Easton adds a 2020 fastpitch bat to improve upon the Double Barrel Line called the Ghost Advanced. We review that bat, the Easton Ghost ASA bat below. This would make my muscles sore after just a couple of hours of training, which is a big problem when I’m trying to put in four to five hours to improve swing speed or bat control. The addition of the Power Boost knob (a rubber knob end) and improved composite are all plusses. After all, in the sporting industry, using a bat that was produced by a trusted manufacturer will ensure that you get the level of performance needed to hit those home runs and bring the trophy home for your team. Every level of hitter will experience success with the Ghost due to its unique double-barrel construction, 2-Piece Connexion+™ technology featuring Nitrocell™ foam for a better overall feeling bat. If that isn’t saying enough, we loved the exit speeds, sizing options, swing weight and feel. See the Awards the 2020 Ghost Advanced has Won! We found that stronger hitters that want as much gumption possible yet still want to keep the smooth feel of an expensive two piece will love this bat. This new tech appears to perform at least as good as the previous year’s composites. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. When hitting these two Ghosts side by side it’s ridiculously easy to tell the difference in the feel/comfort. This is mostly why power hitters prefer one-piece bats as they don’t need the whip effect to assist them and would rather just retain the swing power that they generate themselves.

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