Lost Ruins, behind the temple, Hope Harbor, Native Family, behind open tippi Redpine Town, Mausoleum, chest in lower left corner (only accessible with The Candle, push back the eyes and find a secret passage in the sides), Greenwood Village, Anna’s house, second floor, Mystic Woods, Room left of Greenwood guards Mystic Woods, Room left of Anna’s house What do you think of the new style? Given by Shione in Rapture (must have completed her quest beforehand) Rapture, Fire Orb resting place, near bottom right, Sam’s Quest (Rapture, room right of Slime Cat), Guarded by second Magma Hydra encounter at entrance of Temple of Trials, Akira’s quest (Iron Fortress, Monolith Room, only available after completing Sam’s quest), Rapture, north, then right of Slime Cat room, guarded by War Mammoth, Mausoleum (opened by pushing nearby star-marked grave), push eye-marked walls back, and then one of them to the side to reveal a secret exit (candle required), Rapture, Guarded by Zombie Hydra in Skull Cave (entrance of Skull Cave is in room north of Slime Cat), Deathly Hollows, one in each puzzle room adjacent to main room (puzzles don’t have to be solved to obtain items). This is particularly the case if you dream of putting on make-up. Blue Sapphire... Aids Communication, Boosts Psychic Gifts & Lucid Dreaming. Learn how your comment data is processed. EBF5 Foes Posted by matt-likes-swords - January 3rd, 2016. He has very large eyes with a minuscule dot for pupils. 3. nat nat go to the restuarent and saw lance and matt arguing to eat chicken or ducks! Where Jorma’s quest is (bridge building NPC), near Jorma Gina’s quest (west of westernmost Poseidon Skull resting area) The Rapture, room to south, then left of Slime Cat, chest accessible only with Cloud Boots Creatures that don't sleep, such as elves, can't be contacted by this spell. Given by Aniki in Rapture (must have completed his quest beforehand), Hope Harbor Kitchen (left of equip shop), secret in fridge Sam’s Quest (Rapture, room right of Slime Cat) Epic Battle Fantasy Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Anna’s balcony (rightmost balcony area), in some foliage in the bottom left corner Frozen Valley, King’s tent Rapture, room south of Fire Orb resting place, near bottom center (only accessible with Lava Boots) In EBF5, one of the two cults that formed around the time of the Great Impact is centered around the Sacred Jewels. Possible quote: “I love this! This spell shapes a creature's dreams. Greenwood Village equip shop, secret in Drawer Blue Sapphire crystals may trigger lucid dreaming, and have an excellent energy within the throat chakra to aid your communication ability, including enhancing psychic communication. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It has the standard Steroid, Item and Weapon shops, along with various houses that contain...mildly disturbing and possibly entertaining information about th… To dream of sapphire, is ominous of fortunate gain, and to woman, a wise selection in a lover. Presumably she meant for them to be used to summon her so if Catkind was in dire need of help Godcat could come to their aid. In EBF4, it is stolen by a pack of cats shortly before the party arrives in Whitefall. The Rapture, reward for opening shortcut in room right of Slime Cat They were sometimes mistaken for blue dragons. Then she got up and went to start her first day at her new job. Location: Anywhere, but preferably near a forest or jungle area. The Rapture, room above Slime Cat, behind Skull gate, guarded by Matt Doll Rainbow River, rightmost Poseidon Skull resting area’s rainbow treasure (only accessible with Mega Hammer), Iron Fortress, North of creepy side room, right jail cell Hope Harbor, Native Family, behind open tippi 2. Greenwood Village, Library, Iron Fortress, spooky side room, secret from cardboard box Chest accessible via blue teleporters (accessible from Rapture), Matt’s House Found throughout the Frozen Valley. Rapture, Hidden Switch in room east of fourth dungeon entrance Key items are all still accurate. Greenwood barn (Must complete Pablo’s quest) There's a secret boss in there, as you can imagine. Greenwood Village, Grumpy guy’s house, secret in fridge Chris & Ty Cox - Slots 29,553 views. Product/Service. At the beginning of EBF4, the Greenwood Jewel is stolen by a band of cats trying to bring Godcat back, prompting Anna to embark on a quest to recover it (she initially suspected the party, who by that point had developed a reputation for robbery and was spotted in the area).

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