This function is highly beneficial at low and medium rpm where the engine performance is poorly limited due to more and more restrictive anti-polluting regulations. They are a godsend for the Guzzi community, IMHO. To talk to "Brian" (+39) 348 3109784 Most have been for the newer CARC bikes with the 5 AM ECU, but Mark does seem to have some understanding of the earlier maps. Should anything happen to your ECU, you can pick up any cheap WM15, load your original map in, and be back to functioning in very short order. Some components are designed and built for track use, consequently they are not homologated for a road use; Ghezzi-Brian declines any responsibility for improper use, wrong installation or setting up made by unqualified personnel, - The throttle position sensor works in a similar way. No Comments. see also but he is able to alter the older ones as well. Finally, TunerPro allows users to manipulate their own maps, which some people do out of need, community spirit, or just for fun. Best practice would be that Tommaso Ravaglioli send him an e-mail as Bruno only speaks Italian and see what he can do for us. Proseguendo con la navigazione, acconsenti al loro utilizzo. It sends a low current voltage signal to these temp sensors where it is grounded to a varying amount based on the temp. Based on my understanding of the Quota, the easiest thing to do, if you have a Gen 1 ECU, would be to back up your original map with Reader, and load in the later map with Writer. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. That said, if he does, I would strongly encourage that you provide a reasonable donation to compensate him for his efforts. Moto Guzzi V7 II Stornello . It performs quick-shifting (optional), multiple maps management, RPM limiter raise (up to 1000 additional rpm) and speed limiter removal. Which is what the remap sorts out – 9 out of 10 times with this type of bike we’re adding fuel to let the engine work as it wants to. The existing packages listed are for the newer models (griso, breva, norge and 1200S. Tel: +44 (0) 1733 223377 Please note that Mark has not charged anything for all his hard work, fuel burned, or tools procured to make these tremendous maps. Love 3. For those a little more daring, there are lots of people out there who cam help you understand how to tune your map in a safe, responsible way. Risk is almost non-existent with Guzzidiag and Reader, and Writer is fine if you know what map you are putting in. ECU. The signal from ECU to these sensors is known as reference voltage. Tuning for Moto Guzzi > Stelvio, V7, Breva, Norge > ECU ; ECU. Per negare il consenso o eliminarli dal tuo browser visita Move on to TunerPro if you so desire! The engine simply can’t breathe. You can either ship him your ECU or order a new one. More throttle angle, more voltage. I Cookies vengono usati per fornirti un servizio migliore. Triumph Thunderbird ECU remap – putting the throttle back in the rider’s hand! The V7 is not a big horsepower machine; 55bhp is what you get and stock they splutter toward it. Moto Guzzi V7 Classic ECU remap to sort out a wheezy engine starved of fuel. He also kindly sent me a new map for my 2V Norge, which Phil now has, but we have waited to load it until he gets some seat time on that bike and can evaluate the difference the new map makes. That's where Reader comes in, and a lot of people use it to load maps created by others into their ECUs. The owner of this Guzzi V7 popped in the other day to day he was so pleased with his bike after we’d remapped its ECU he hasn’t stopped riding it! View more topics related to Moto Guzzi Quota. Per maggiori informazioni leggi l'informativa. By Alex 13th April 2018 October 24th, 2018 ECU Remap, Moto Guzzi. In Guy's own words: I've been talking to Bruno Scola last September and he is able to re-program the ECU. And all the emissions interference they use to pass homologation tests means they feel harsh, stuttery (if that’s a word) and simply can’t respond as well as they should. 12a Green Road, Eye, Peterborough, PE6 7YR The injection map becomes a dynamic value in order to match the changing weather conditions and driving style. Guzzi_Quota news group. The additional unit for complete control of carburetion puts in your hands total control of fueling operations as it is directly connected to all stock injectors (up to eight) while managing at the same time the corresponding air/fuel ratio. The electronic control unit (ECU) is the brains of the outfit. A lot users make use of Reader to backup their original ECU map, which I strongly recommend. I was deliriously happy to do so, although he refused to accept anything until after I has, and was completely happy with my Stelvio map. Fax: +44 (0) 1733 223537, Follow us on LinkedIn | Like us on Facebook | © 2018. Many people use just Guzzidiag as a tool to check the health of their machines, and do things like resetting the TPS, on bikes that allow it (the Quota doesn't). Now you’ve got to know that these engines are an old design, albeit one made with modern materials. I have not yet done this, as I was able to obtain maps from others that made my bikes run very well. With this complete power enhancement, your power control chip module breaks free from the stock pre-programmed limitations and unleashes the Moto Guzzi V7 II … Which means they need fuel. The were created by a gentleman named Beard, and are free to use, but I would strongly encourage sending Beard a donation if you find they work for you. Share Tweet Share Pin. The ability to manage stock lambda sensor signal allows performing the exclusive auto-adaptive feature to secure that fueling is constantly adjusted while riding the vehicle. Yes, there is always an element of risk involved, just as there would be in tuning a set of carbs, but if you proceed carefully, with the proper tools, it's certainly possible. When he first brought it in he wasn’t so happy with…. For some earlier bikes that Guzzidiag doesn't work on, I can see that it makes a lot of sense, or as a project just for the fun of it, but you will still need to build a map for that ECU. For twin cylinders engine equipped with double lambda sensors, it is possible to develop a specific injection map as well as an auto-injection remapping set specific for each cylinder.

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